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  1. F

    ACC retrofit: wiring problem.

    Hi, Could someone tell me please Transporter t6 2.0tdi 110kw 2017. where I connect J428 (acc unit) pin numbers 2 (can high) and 3 (can low)? I have pulled already the wires inside the cabin: -Pin1 -> ground. -Pin8->fusebox slot37. i can't find the j788 relay. or the colors are in a...
  2. A

    For Sale T6 multifunction steering wheel and airbag in great condition

    T6 Caravelle steering wheel and airbag removed from 2020 with 11k miles £250 collected from Devizes (can meet closer if required)
  3. L

    Being charged for ULEZ London but Euro 6

    Hi I’ve got a 2019 150 Highline and when I visited London a few weeks ago I was changed the ULEZ, my log book states mine is a Euro 6 so how come I’m being charged ?
  4. Keri7280

    Found EXPIRED: T6 2016 - 2020 (Euro 6)…. Highline SWB DSG wanted. Cash ready

    Hi Everyone. I'm looking fora euro 6 2016 - 202…. Any colour apart from white or red. Ideally the Highline, comfy dash, DSG under 65000 miles 140bhp (when standard) as a minimum. We won't totally rule out a manual, but it must be the 6-speed box for us to consider. Images of the style we are...
  5. K

    Sold 2016 T28 LWB 102PS Highline Camper. £32000

    For sale. 2016 t28 conversion. Highline blue motion Euro 6. 135357mls full and comprehensive service history Inc new EGR 2022, new water pump and cambelt 2021, new brake pads and front discs reb 22. 3 keys. One previous owner. Fortana Red/Candy White. Vamoose poptop with bed and led lights...
  6. J

    ULEZ: Euro6 or wait for Euro7

    I've got a t6.1 coming but I've already got a euro 6 t6 coming I keep thinking I'm wasting my money on a new van if in a year or so euro 6 becomes the equivalent of a 5 now . I'm pretty close to the proposed ulez expansion and don't want to waste money when I could just keep what I've got...
  7. P

    Is my van ULEZ / Clean Air compatible?

    Hi everyone, I am after a bit of advice, I have aT6 Highline euro6 registered September 2015. But on the tfl site it showers it is not compliment with the ulez. How can I prove the vechile is a Euro 6. Thanks
  8. S

    Euro 5 - 6 speed vs Euro 6 - 5 speed

    Hi all Looking to buy a T6 but just need clarification on the 5 speed & 6 speed gearboxes. Is 5th gear on the 5 speed box about the same final gear ratio as 6th n the 6 speed. Do not want the van to be over revving during motorway miles. Any advice appreciated.
  9. p6raf

    Sold Complete T6 Eu6 MFSW, CC etc.

    In perfect condition, 30k on in. £250 posted sound fair ?
  10. Phillykenny

    Euro 5 to Euro 6 conversion

    It looks like im going to get stung with the greater manchester clean air zone as my T6 is classified as N1,which is going to cost me £9 a day,gutted. Does anyone know of euro 5 to euro 6 conversions,whos doing them and prices etc?? Is it worth doing or is it worth just getting shut of my...
  11. Pauly

    T6 2.0 Diesel EU6 Engine Wiring Diagram 2019

    2L Diesel Engine With Start/Stop Circuit Diagram Covers Euro 6 engines CXEB/CXEC Please check the history/updates tab, first release is for early T6s manufactured from June 2015 with CXEB engine, second release is for vehicles manufactured from August 2018 with CXEB/CXEC engine VIP Membership...
  12. Pauly

    T6 2.0 Diesel EU6 Engine Wiring Diagram 2018

    2L Diesel Engine With Start/Stop Circuit Diagram Covers Euro 6 engines CXFA/CXGA/CXGB/CXHA/CXHB Please check the history/updates tab, first release is for early T6s manufactured from June 2015, second release is for vehicles manufactured from August 2018 onwards VIP Membership is required to...
  13. Pauly

    T6 CCS Cruise Control (EU6) Wiring Diagram 2018

    Cruise Control System Circuit Diagram Covers Euro 6 style cruise control operated from steering wheel buttons VIP Membership is required to download this document
  14. D

    New Van with high miles or Older Van with low miles?

    Hello. I had hoped to have got a van by now but I keep dithering and convincing myself that I need a different option. The main hurdle is whether to get an older van with lower miles or a newer van with higher miles. My budget is 16-20k., so it seems to boil down to a 14/15 EU5 with 50k...
  15. W

    EA288 Euro 6 engine reliability and MPG

    I'm actually looking at a Crafter but from what I read they have the same EA288 NUTZ Euro 6 engine with minor differences. T6.1 Engines 90, 110, 150, 199 (Bi Turbo) Crafter/TGE Engines 102, 122, 140, 177 (Bi Turbo) In the T6.1 world has there been many cases of issues with the 199 Bi Turbo...
  16. Bainsey1695


    Selling the original wheel And air bag of my 2017 T6 , it’s leather and the van does have ACC, looking for £120 cheers Steve
  17. Steve Hales

    T6.1 MPG

    Just wondering what people are getting? I have a T6.1 199bhp dsg and I’m getting around 35-38 mpg and over 500 miles between fill ups, mainly A-roads and motorway driving.
  18. S

    Sold MFSW steering wheel

    Leather MFSW Steering wheel removed from my 2019 caravelle. Wheel is like new as only covered 2000 miles. Only selling due to fitment of flat bottomed wheel. £120 delivered in the UK.
  19. C

    [Guide] How To Retrofit MFSW And Cruise Control To T6 Eu6 2019 Startline - Also Hacking DSG Paddles For CCS

    Disclaimer - use this information at your own peril - I may have got things wrong. I am hoping this "how to" will be a one stop place for all the information, owners of poverty spec, 2019, EU6, T6's need, to fit a multi function steering wheel (MFSW) and to enable the cruise control system...
  20. bullracing

    Eu5 Or Eu6 Shuttle?

    So I am getting mixed messages. I have a 2016 Shuttle SE 150. It has adblue. There is zero mention of it being an EU6 anywhere. On the eurostandards website, it is classed as a 5B. Free Vehicle Emissions Checker So what do I have? Bit gutted to have adblue on a Euro5. Does it mean I can remove...