1. secretK9agent

    Sold Eibach 50mm Lowering Springs

    Taken from a VanHaven TTR - turned van into a lifted swamper hence no longer need. 18000 miles max £120 - collection from RG4 or postage £20
  2. G

    Any photos of -50mm or -45mm drops on 20’s?

    I'm looking to lower my t6.1, looking at the eibach Racine 50mm or eibach so low 45mm. I've got new wheels to put on with 275/40/20 tyres, anyone got photos of either springs fitted and should I expect rubbing??
  3. AndyAK66

    Eibach adjustable lowering springs

    I'm struggling fit new Eibach adjustable springs to the rear of my 6.1, has anyone fitted the same need a bit of advice please
  4. 0

    Bilstein/Eibach liftkit +35

    Morning everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my 2018 Transporter 4motion 150cv suspension with the Bilstein/Eibach liftkit +35mm. I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this process before and has any suggestions on how it works in the long run and whats the feedback in general. Also, I would like...
  5. G

    Sold Eibach -30mm Springs £85 Pictures Added

    Hi, I will have a set of eibach-30mm springs that are being removed next Tuesday. So available Tuesday eve onwards 677A is the code on the front 677 is the code on the rear- from my t32 £125- collection preferred - West Yorkshire
  6. T

    Suspension dampers and springs from a T32 Kombi T6. Help with identification please?

    Greetings and many thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to help me with identifying the suspension my T32 Kombi T6 has from the photo attached. I recently had a Bilstein B14 “Komfort” suspension fitted to try and smooth out the rough roads where I live and was left with the...
  7. L

    Eibach 30mm Lowering Springs

    Has anyone got any opinions on the Eibach 30mm lowering springs as a cheaper way to drop the van? Can't stretch the B14's yet. I've read that the sport line is actually factory fitted with the 30mm Eibach's so surely worries about stressing drive shafts don't exist and with such a relatively...
  8. M

    Sold Uberbus Eibach 50mm Lowering Springs and Adjusters

    I have for sale a set of Uberbus Eibach 50mm lowering springs and adjusters that were fitted to my T6 T32 LWB Kombi. The springs were used when I purchased them and were about 6 months old and I had them on my van for about 6 months. They have the usual marks on them where they contact the...
  9. Reedspeed46

    T6.1 B14 Komfort or Eibach ProStreet?

    HI Guys I am the like the rest of you patiently awaiting my 2022 6.1 Kombi, thing is, I'm in a bit of a dilema re the suspenders, do I go the Bilstein Komfort route, or the Eibach Prostreet coilovers?. I know Bilstein & Eibach are both great Co's & been around a long time, I will be using this...
  10. L

    Sold Sportline Eibach 30mm lowering springs T6

    A set of the VW OEM Sportline Eibach 30mm lowering springs - the heavy duty version for DSG/Biturbo models. Just swapped my suspension to STX so now have these taking up room in the shed. Had on the van for 20K. £100 o.n.o Near Truro, Cornwall. Ideally buyer collect but could courier.
  11. C

    Sold T6 T30 UB -50mm Eibach Adjustable Lowering Springs £110

    Set of UBERBUS Eibach Adjustable 50mm Lowering Springs. Were fitted to my van early 2017 by Uberbus as part of camper conversion. Have done 21000 miles. I have now replaced for coilovers. Some of the paint has chipped off the springs in places, hopefully this is shown in the photos. Also have...
  12. #53

    20" alloys and snow chains?

    Hi, Just planning a van and was hoping someone could share their experience. Looking at fitting 20" Wolfrace Wolfsburgs (20x8.5J et42) with 255/40 tyres to a SWB 4Motion T6.1 that will be lowered on -30mm Eibach springs. The question is has anyone with a similar setup fitted snow chains and did...
  13. H

    Eibach Sport Comfort Coilbound?

    Just had the Eibach Sport Comfort 35-40mm lowering springs fitted to our T6 T28 camper as it had the 'high at the front' syndrome. Big improvement in handling on the drive home, and the van now sits level. It's not noticeably lower at the back, and I didn't want it to be - just wanted it level...
  14. N

    Eibach comfort 1 t6.1 lowering springs problem .

    Hi, five months ago I fitted some Eibach comfort 1 lowering springs from chilli jam vans for my vw t6.1 van, they are advertised as 35mm to 40mm front drop but I’ve only got a 25mm drop, I was hoping for 40mm, apparently Eibach allow a extra 10mm +/- on ride heights. Can anyone recommend some...
  15. SouthLondonT6

    Eibach Springs pictures - 30 or 50mm?

    Hi folks Considering Eibach springs but undecided between 30mm or the 50mm drop. Fairly heavy T6 camper on 20s with the rear end sag and up at front. Anyone got photos of theirs done and please say if they’re 30mm or 50mm dropped Thanks
  16. G

    Sold Eibach Raceline -50mm springs - Lime Green

    Hi, A friend went to coilovers last year and is now selling his raceline eibachs in lime green. we’re on his T32 from new for only a few thousand miles. £170 ono If anyone’s interested I’ll pass on his number
  17. J

    Eibach Pro 50mm springs sag when towing

    Hi I have the eibach pro 50mm springs from custom vanz and standard dampers. The van sits great but if I hook my bike trailer or put a bit of weight in the rear it sits lower than the front. Is this because the standard dampers are not sufficient , if so do I go for a B8 Bilstein? Cheers James
  18. Schoey

    Chilli Jam Vans - T6.1 Eibach lowering springs

    After some great advice from Brett at Chilli Jam Vans I've ordered a set of T6.1 Eibach Adjustable lowering springs comfort 2 from them. I wanted to lower my van but retain some of the riding comfort so didn't want to opt for a full sports suspension pack. After reading several threads on the...
  19. S

    Sold Eibach lift springs (new)

    These where bought last year when I was living and working on a country estate so had planned a tramper van. Change of job recently and change of van plans has left these gathering dust! The box is a tad worn after moving it around a few times but the springs are fine Please DM or post here...
  20. Buzznitro

    Transporter Hq Suspension Vid

    Just for some good info saw this today gives some interesting guides.