1. #53

    20" alloys and snow chains?

    Hi, Just planning a van and was hoping someone could share their experience. Looking at fitting 20" Wolfrace Wolfsburgs (20x8.5J et42) with 255/40 tyres to a SWB 4Motion T6.1 that will be lowered on -30mm Eibach springs. The question is has anyone with a similar setup fitted snow chains and did...
  2. H

    Eibach Sport Comfort Coilbound?

    Just had the Eibach Sport Comfort 35-40mm lowering springs fitted to our T6 T28 camper as it had the 'high at the front' syndrome. Big improvement in handling on the drive home, and the van now sits level. It's not noticeably lower at the back, and I didn't want it to be - just wanted it level...
  3. N

    Eibach comfort 1 t6.1 lowering springs problem .

    Hi, five months ago I fitted some Eibach comfort 1 lowering springs from chilli jam vans for my vw t6.1 van, they are advertised as 35mm to 40mm front drop but I’ve only got a 25mm drop, I was hoping for 40mm, apparently Eibach allow a extra 10mm +/- on ride heights. Can anyone recommend some...
  4. SouthLondonT6

    Eibach Springs pictures - 30 or 50mm?

    Hi folks Considering Eibach springs but undecided between 30mm or the 50mm drop. Fairly heavy T6 camper on 20s with the rear end sag and up at front. Anyone got photos of theirs done and please say if they’re 30mm or 50mm dropped Thanks
  5. G

    Sold Eibach Raceline -50mm springs - Lime Green

    Hi, A friend went to coilovers last year and is now selling his raceline eibachs in lime green. we’re on his T32 from new for only a few thousand miles. £170 ono If anyone’s interested I’ll pass on his number
  6. J

    Eibach Pro 50mm springs sag when towing

    Hi I have the eibach pro 50mm springs from custom vanz and standard dampers. The van sits great but if I hook my bike trailer or put a bit of weight in the rear it sits lower than the front. Is this because the standard dampers are not sufficient , if so do I go for a B8 Bilstein? Cheers James
  7. Schoey

    Chilli Jam Vans - T6.1 Eibach lowering springs

    After some great advice from Brett at Chilli Jam Vans I've ordered a set of T6.1 Eibach Adjustable lowering springs comfort 2 from them. I wanted to lower my van but retain some of the riding comfort so didn't want to opt for a full sports suspension pack. After reading several threads on the...
  8. S

    Sold Eibach lift springs (new)

    These where bought last year when I was living and working on a country estate so had planned a tramper van. Change of job recently and change of van plans has left these gathering dust! The box is a tad worn after moving it around a few times but the springs are fine Please DM or post here...
  9. Buzznitro

    Transporter Hq Suspension Vid

    Just for some good info saw this today gives some interesting guides.
  10. P

    Eibach Pro-street-s Ride Height Adjustable Coilovers On A T6.1 T32

    Hi all, I'm really struggling to find any coilover kits for a T6.1 T32. I had B14's on my T6 and thought the ride was pretty crashy. Has anyone had the eibach coilover kit fitted. I do like the idea of them being VW approved. Thanks Paul
  11. K

    Raising The Rear, Lowering The Front

    I think my new van is threatening to make me bankrupt! Given that I've had a T6 VW camper conversion before I've become aware that the steering on my new van is slightly 'skittish', it feels lighter and during recent poor weather the traction has been poor, the van looks rear heavy as well. I...
  12. Coradia63

    Twin-Adjust-Projekt-Sensitiv comfort coilovers?

    Interesting... NEW comfort coilovers for VW Transporter | Chilli Jam Vans
  13. B

    Eibach Suspension Advise

    Hi, I am this week pushing the button on the order for my new T32 Kombi (black) and would like to know if anyone has had the Eibach coilover suspension kit fitted direct from VW factory. If so have you any photos and at what height is your suspension setup. I am going to be running the 20"...
  14. Matt174

    Eibach Springs

    Hi all, Can anyone confirm that these eibach vw 677 springs are the 30mm sportline springs?
  15. R

    Are These Sportline Springs

    Morning all I was just wondering if someone could tell me if these are Sportline lowering springs. I ordered a set of Eibach springs from a friend of a friend and I received in a plain box a set of genuine VW T5 Caravelle Lowering springs, part no. ZGB 7H0 071 677 also stamped on the springs is...
  16. O

    B14 Vs B16 - T32

    Yes, I am all new to these vans, and even more so when it comes to all things coilovers. In my case I see there is much mention of B14s here even when talking about fitting them on heavy 4wd T32s. Looking up the van I have on order only the B16 shows up as compatible. Guess my question is...
  17. Shredder

    Eibach Pro-Street-S Ride-Height Adjustable Coilovers now available [Post 49 onwards]

    Just found these on a bit of Google research : https://www.eibachshop.co.uk/eibach-prostreets-ride-height-adjustable-coilovers_p32342086.htm#.XClOblX7T3g So, do the usual and check on here first to see what's been posted. Very interestingly, there is nothing on here. That's very surprising for...
  18. C

    Eibach Springs Part No.?

    Hi all, I have a T30 150ps DSG and going to lower 30mm on the Eibach springs all refer to. There is alot of talk of Caravelle and 4Motion lowering and part no. ZGB 7H0 071677A, but could anyone tell me if this is the number suitable for mine please? Also is there a heavy or a soft version...
  19. Dannywilds

    Van Slam coilovers

    Hi everyone. Has anybody used Van Slam coilovers? Can get some for my t6 t32 for £650 and wondered how much it would cost for someone to fit them?