1. Paynewright

    Driving Licence Changes - Towing

    Hi, Not sure if its been posted already (I couldn’t find it) but the licence towing categories are being changed. Basically, those who passed after 1997 no longer need to take an additional test to tow over 750KG...
  2. VioletVW

    Confused N1 or M1

    Could do with some guidance here. I've ordered a T6.1, T30, 150 DSG highline kombi with extra windows in the rear side panels. Speaking with a dealer this morning, he said that I will be liable for £1800 tax in the first year then £500+ each year for the first 5 years after that. All because...
  3. 6

    T6 Tourers

    Anybody on here tow a caravan, we are mid caravan change at the moment so were going new van,new caravan, that was our 5.1.
  4. CarpyT6

    DVLA: Panel Van To Kombi Conversion

    Hi guys, new T6 owner here, I've just got my hands on my new ride, T6 Kombi. Originally a panel van 3 seater. Has been converted to kombi with 2 side windows, tailgate window and now has 6 seats. The place i got it from said i dont need to inform DVLA about the conversion just insurance but...
  5. W

    Log Book Issue

    Noticed when I went to insure the van, it states in the logbook that it has 6 seats, when it clearly only has 5. I suppose I could complain about it being a light goods vehicle also and not an MPV.
  6. cy294

    V5 Query

    I have a 2016 T6 and when I purchased it last year, it had two singles at front and rear bench seat for 3. I went to check my V5 for something today and when looking for the info I needed, I saw that it says it has six seats when I only have 5. Is this right or an error? Anybody know? TIA
  7. Urbanfox

    V5 Documentation - DVLA Rule Change for Motor Caravan Reregistration June 2019

    Hi, a little help required re the V5. I have recently received my V5 from the DVLA for my T6 which was converted to a campervan by a local company. He sent the docs off with photos etc as per changes to the use etc of the vehicle and the returned V5 in my name just states the Van as a VAN/SIDE...
  8. J4son1971

    Advice Please: Shuttle Registered On Dvla As A Caravelle

    I’ve seen a vehicle (shuttle) I like that currently sits on a private plate. I ran the reg number on the MOT check on DVLA but it comes up as a Caravelle. The photos show it’s definitely a shuttle. I’m concerned, should I be?
  9. Skyliner33

    Update V5 Online?

    I have added some rear seat/ bed. Is it possible to update this online on the DVLA website or does it have to be done by post? If by post I can see on the DVLA website there are 2 postcodes. Which one do I send it to? Thanks Change vehicle details on a V5C registration certificate (log book)
  10. bmw222000

    V5 Changing From Pannel Van To Mpv

    hi all a while ago I got a letter template from someone to send to the dvla to change my v5! now I've misplaced the letter would anyone happen to have it? I've added kombi seats (cert from the person who fitted them) and its now got windows in the sides and rear barn doors!
  11. Ronnieb

    What does S-A mean on a V5 doc?

  12. Dieseldonkey

    Diesel hob v DVLA

    Been having a look at the specs required for DVLA to change the classification of my 9 seat shuttle from a car (yip, its cat M1) to a motorcarvan. Had hoped to fit an XC Duo combined diesel heater/hob. However, on the UKGov.uk website, it states.... "consist of a minimum of a 2 ring cooking...