1. LambethBoy

    DMF replacement quote seems really high

    I have this noise/rattle when revving to 2500 from cold. Have been told i need a replacement DMF, not 100 percent sure tbh. It goes away when warm and i have been driving it for 1-2hrs straight with work with no issues. Only thing concerning me is i have a road trip to the south of France In...
  2. A

    DPF remap - MOT risks?

    Hi, T32 204 ps, DSG 4motion. Vehicle seems to be regenerating a DPF clean pretty regularly (the fan cones on when I turn the engine off) even though I do 20 mile trip and get engine plenty warm enough. This happens several times a week. If I get the DPF and EGR and ADBlue mapped out, are there...
  3. T

    T6 DSG engine/ gearbox sound

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2017 DSG T6 340, with 90,000km (56000miles) on it. I just wanted to get some opinions on the engine / gearbox sound, I have a couple of concerns. I think there might be a slight DMF noise going on although not as loud as others I have heard online, and also the...
  4. W

    Reoccurring AdBlue Level Fault / EML / P204F00 / P20EE00

    Im a total novice and new to Transporters so bear with... Since buying my van (T28/2018/150bhp/panel van) it has had 6 occurrences in past 6 months of ad blue level jumping around (from down to 650 miles) and/or the EML light coming on. Same codes each time - P204F00 / P20EE00 Its under an...
  5. N

    Noise when changing gears

    Hello, My transporter t6 5spd manual 84kw makes this weird gurgling noise when changing gears. It has new dualmass flywheel and clutch fitted at vw dealer. Its coming under my feet and i can hear it in cabin. What could it be? Youtube link Up
  6. J88arv

    3rd clutch and DMF but still grinding noise!! Help

    Hi all. I’m on my third clutch and flywheel this time fitted by a head tech for LUK yet I’m still getting a slow grinding noise when driving slow in first and also when I engage the clutch. Any help appreciated as it’s sooo annoying
  7. bencoleman1988

    Clunky Gear Change

    Hi All I'm getting a clunk going into first gear, and most of the time gear changing is a bit jumpy when going up through the gears. All the gears select seemingly perfectly, clutch point is perfect and no slipping. No DMF rattle or strange noises. One this I've noticed just recently - if I'm...
  8. Wc04los

    Dmf+clutch kit recommendation

    Dmf on my transporter is chattering its tits off (2017 and 48k miles) which I think is p!Ss poor. Its a dsg if that has any influence on what to get. Any recommendations on what brand to get? Also having the timing belt and water pump done the same time, so same question applies regarding them...
  9. Stockwell Camper

    Engine Noise ID

    Van has been in for an MOT this morning, passed with no issues. They have however said that they can hear a knocking noise coming from the sump/gearbox area when the van is up on the ramp. Bit of background; T6 EU6 102 Bhp with 62k on the clock, had a new key programmed by VW 4 weeks ago during...
  10. J88arv

    HELP!!! DMF and clutch rattle after new one fitted??

    I’m now on my second new DMF and clutch yet still getting the odd rattle. is it my driving style as aposed to the DMF?? Any help welcome??
  11. RunDSG

    Diagnosing a DMF (dual mass flywheel) failure

    I’m still quite new to my T6. It’s my first Transporter. I’m hearing so much about failing DMFs and I’d like to know what to listen for. is it just the sort of rattling sound, as described here? (Not specific to the T6.) Or is there more to it?
  12. S

    How many with a T6 dsg have had a dmf flywheel failure before 50k, 100k and after 100k?

    Thought it would be interesting to see the numbers after viewing a t6 at the weekend! It clearly has a dmf issue at 122k, it also had a new one fitted at 53k by VW in 2017 under warranty was wondering the number of people who have had the same issue? VW just says its normal :rolleyes: I...
  13. DaveF

    Fitting new DMF - what else should I replace?

    I'm going to replace my dual mass flywheel soon....should I replace anything else while I'm at it? My van is a 2017 204 T32 at 47000 miles. I was wondering about the clutch, timing belt, water pump?
  14. J

    Dmf Replacement Cost T5 Dsg

    Hi I have a 150,000 mile T5 in lovely condition but its rattling badly and I know from hearing the sound online its the Dual Mass Flywheel, Does anybody have a rough idea of cost to replace being a non warranty job . Im based nr Preston Lancs.
  15. Weeked

    Fly Wheel?

    I Have booked the van for some Warranty repairs on the 21'st and I need to make sure I address one of the issues correctly. There are 3 problems ( Reverse sensors, passenger seat belt and a weird noise at 1900-2100 rpm while in gear). It makes a weird noise in any gear between 1900rpm and...
  16. D

    Juddering in upper gears

    any one fixed the issue with T6 highline 102 juddering doing about 30mph in 3rd 4th gear I’d just come back from a 30mile journey up the A1 so had a good run. Vans done 4K I’ve done 2k since I’ve had it
  17. andy greenwood

    Dual Mass Flywheel Gone After 52k

    I took our van to the local VW comercial centre on monday to get the sliding door fixed under warranty, I also mentioned to them about a knocking noise from the engine. Turns out its the Dual mass flywheel that has gone, i'm glad its happened whilst still under warranty otherwise it would have...
  18. H

    Advice And Service Recommendations Please

    Hi all after a bit of advice. My 2017 150hp T6 Campervan was serviced on 24/5/18 at 5k miles before I bought it . It now has 7.5k miles on it and the service indicator shows it needing an inspection service in 33 days. Am I interpreting that correctly ? I don’t want to invalidate the warranty...
  19. M

    Work Under Warranty

    hi, Has anyone else had problems getting diagnosis and work done under warranty?
  20. H

    Engine Rattle Noise?!!

    Hi All new here. Have owned my t6 highline for a week now, lovely van but a couple things I thought I would ask before I mention it to the dealer. From outside the van on idle I can hear a rattling noise seems to be coming from the front area of the engine. When reved up this seems to go away...