1. J

    Dmf Replacement Cost T5 Dsg

    Hi I have a 150,000 mile T5 in lovely condition but its rattling badly and I know from hearing the sound online its the Dual Mass Flywheel, Does anybody have a rough idea of cost to replace being a non warranty job . Im based nr Preston Lancs.
  2. Weeked

    Fly Wheel?

    I Have booked the van for some Warranty repairs on the 21'st and I need to make sure I address one of the issues correctly. There are 3 problems ( Reverse sensors, passenger seat belt and a weird noise at 1900-2100 rpm while in gear). It makes a weird noise in any gear between 1900rpm and...
  3. R

    Juddering In 5th And 6th

    Hi I wonder if anyone can confirm my suspicions please. My lightly driven 2015 T6 has an occasional issue whereby it 'judders' particularly in 5th gear and occasionally in 6th. This occurs when under very gentle acceleration as it goes up the gears. If I'm driving a little more aggressively...
  4. andy greenwood

    Dual Mass Flywheel Gone After 52k

    I took our van to the local VW comercial centre on monday to get the sliding door fixed under warranty, I also mentioned to them about a knocking noise from the engine. Turns out its the Dual mass flywheel that has gone, i'm glad its happened whilst still under warranty otherwise it would have...
  5. H

    Advice And Service Recommendations Please

    Hi all after a bit of advice. My 2017 150hp T6 Campervan was serviced on 24/5/18 at 5k miles before I bought it . It now has 7.5k miles on it and the service indicator shows it needing an inspection service in 33 days. Am I interpreting that correctly ? I don’t want to invalidate the warranty...
  6. M

    Work Under Warranty

    hi, Has anyone else had problems getting diagnosis and work done under warranty?
  7. H

    Engine Rattle Noise?!!

    Hi All new here. Have owned my t6 highline for a week now, lovely van but a couple things I thought I would ask before I mention it to the dealer. From outside the van on idle I can hear a rattling noise seems to be coming from the front area of the engine. When reved up this seems to go away...
  8. G

    Dual Mass Fly Wheel Failure

    Dual mass fly wheel failure on my T6 with 30k on the clock, 16 days after warranty ran out. I’ve rang VW customer services and they don’t want to know. Can anybody offer any advice please
  9. Dilbert

    Clanking Noise From Dsg Gearbox In Park And Neutral

    My MY2016 T6 140PS 7 speed DSG has started making a clanking noise from the engine/gearbox when cold. Please listen to the attached mp3 file recorded from the front under the bumper below the engine/gearbox. :( It appears to be coming from the DSG gearbox and only occurs when in Park or...
  10. AlexT6

    New 2018 In Vw Workshop For 13 Days For Catlatic Converter And Flywheel

    Can anyone advise me if there is a VW uk senior customer service where I can raise the issue of my van being held without a release date at Guildford VW service centre. I am entitled to compensation or a replacement vehicle? The service desk didn't even want to give me a lift to the train...
  11. Da Moose

    Clutch Slipping Question!!

    Hi all, Recently noticed my clutch is slipping, mainly in 4th gear during normal acceleration?? T32 150ps 6 spd manual with only 19763 miles completed. Has anyone else heard of or experienced this??
  12. A

    Remap 102PS

    Hi All, I'm new to the Transporter world. I've just signed up to get a T6 Highline 102bhp (Euro5) for a campervan conversion. I was thinking of getting a 140bhp remap for the extra torque and economy. I'd even seen Celtic tuning were offering a 187bhp stage 2 remap but surely that's putting too...
  13. Andy Power

    Service And A Possible Problem ‘hydraulic Tappets’

    booked my T6 in for its first major service next week - they told me it will cost £375 inc parts and labour. I get a tapping sound when i start the vehicle from cold- someone on this foru said they had a unilateral thing and it was the tappers in which his garage fixed. I mentioned to my garage...
  14. P

    Flywheel bolts leaking!

    My van went for its first service at the dealers last Friday, they phoned me and said I had an oil leak from between the engine and gearbox. They’ve taken the gearbox out now and told me that I have oil leaking from the flywheel bolts and from an oil cooler seal above the gearbox, has anyone...
  15. P

    Judder from cold when reversing!

    Hi All Just thought I would ask quick question as I'm guessing will need to goto stealer but when using the van after being left parked during the week and I reverse out my drive it judders! Not noticed it doing this when warm but always from cold start up. Any ideas? Thank you Nick
  16. karl brierley

    dash vibration/rattle noise

    hi all a few days after taking collection of the T6 I noticed a slight vibration/rattle noise coming from the dash. it does it around 2k-2.5k revs in every gear. I though it would have gone on its own but its now getting worse and louder. I find myself turning the radio up to try distract it...
  17. mopardave

    Dual mass flywheels

    From what I'm told, these things are the work of the devil.....a cheap solution to the problem of engine vibration? Now I'm sure I once read that it is not a good idea to release the clutch whilst the engine is ticking over......always dial in a few revs prior to releasing the clutch pedal? Now...