1. M

    T6 You Tube

    Hiya found your You Tube page last night i Stumbled across it by chance... did't know you had one. it put some faces to names, at the meet up you had ... so thought id put a mention to the new members joining ... i also stream the V Dub radio when i can, they sure play a whole...
  2. Dellmassive

    Solar PWM & MPPT Controllers - How I Done It -

    Solar PWM & MPPT controllers - How I Done It - There is a lot of talk about Solar at the moment, and with spring not to far away i wanted to go over the whole Solar controller thing. The main components are the Panels themselves, the charge controller (whether that be stand alone or...
  3. Dellmassive

    T6 Service Intervals & Inspection, Flexible & Longlife

    T6 Service intervals & inspections , Flexible & Longlife : Im just posting this here to make it easier to refer back to in future . . . source: Volkswagen Flexible Service Regimes (Longlife) | Volkswagen...
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  5. Murdoch

    Comfort Dash - Usb Port Below Radio Screen

    Does anyone else experience problems with their USB port disconnecting when going over bumps. .... it’s driving me mad! Thoughts ?