1. L

    New to this forum and the world of vw transporters.

    Hi all …Looking to install the Ctek to my t6 , does anyone know where I can find the ignition switch live for the smart alternator? Any photos would be great also ideas of routing the cable from under the drivers seat. Thanks I’m new to this world of converting vw transporters so I’m pretty...
  2. P

    Ctek low output voltage from alternator

    Hey gang, first post. Thanks for having me. I have just installed a ctek with 100ah lithium battery but it's only charging at 13.7v Using a multimeter while engine running; At battery 14.7v At ctek input 14.3v Output of ctek 13.7v Is this low? Thanks
  3. Ayjay

    Sold CTEK D250SA - £120 OVNO

    This Ctek D250SA DC / DC charger (with built in MPPT Solar Controller) was removed from my van when I upgraded to a Renogy LifePo4 battery last year. It was installed for three years before I swapped it with the very similar (but Lithium compatible) D250SE. It's in full working order with no...
  4. g4fne

    Ctek 250SE - Does it go into standy if battery fully charged? - Should solar light still be illuminated?

    Hello everyone .... I have read pages and pages of brilliant info on this forum about the CTEK D250se and its answered a few of my questions (thankyou) .... However im trying to find the answer to these questions before I take it back to the place that fitted it all as im struggling to get the...
  5. Matt_camps

    Strange issue with DC-DC charger [Resolved]

    Any help would be greatly appreciated with the below Am just wondering if anyone has come across this issue before with a DC-DC charger. I first thought it was a faulty unit (CTEK 250SE) so changed to the RENOGY DCC50S but am still having the same issue. When the wire from the alternator is...
  6. r00ps

    T6.1 factory aux battery split charge relay upgrade & solar panel install.

    Hi, I had the factory fitted aux battery ( under a single seat with swivel base ) fitted to my T6.1 with the intention of using it as a camper leisure battery. After getting less than impressive performance and reading about how the split charge relay is a pretty bad charging method I wanted to...
  7. Insert Coin

    Bluetti to 12v van socket

    I know Dellboy has done a huge post about solar charging, but I’m hoping this might be an easy workaround for someone less electrically competent. I’m about to have an EB55 delivered, nice and easy way to charge up devices when not on hook-up, I can charge it before we leave and it’ll then give...
  8. O

    LifePO4 battery not charged from alternator

    Hello, Anyone able to provide an explanation for this? Van was at the repair garage for 2 weeks and during this time the leisure battery ran out - understandable as I had two trackers, WiFi router and a camera running and it was parked under trees so no solar! When I picked up the van and...
  9. A

    For Sale CTEK charger for sale

    Hi all, I’m selling my unused CTEK D250SE DC-DC charger. It is with original instructions and not been used at all so condition is as new. I’ve changed my plan with leisure battery so it is now unneeded. These are around £250 new, looking for £175 + relevant postage costs (if not local to Bristol)
  10. D

    CTEK DS250 performance.

    Before setting off a 4 hour motor way trip I took note of the state of charge on my leisure battery, it was at 20% and reported as in perfect health on the app. I thought by the time I got home it would be at least up to 75% or so. To my horror it was at 22%. 2 effing amps in 4 hours, which...
  11. M

    Is my CTEK D250SE dead?

    Hi, no lights on my unit. First the split charge light went out but solar still charging battery. Maybe 2 days later,the solar light went off so no charging of battery at all. All the connections & fuses/circuit breakers seem to be functional. The solar panels are producing current to the unit...
  12. Stayca_steve

    CTEK 250SE gets warm

    Hi, hoping someone can help. Just fitted the Ctech 250se + 120ah AGM battery, to T6.1, everything seems to be working fine but gets very warm when charging, is this normal?
  13. B

    CTEK D250SA Issue

    Hey all. I recently bought a brand new 120aH AGM battery for my second battery in my car. I charged it up to 100% on a battery charger in my house and then put it straight into my car and connected it to my CTEK D250SA. On startup of the car the ctek began charging my battery at 14.7V and a...
  14. J

    Renogy vs CTEK

    So the renogy DC to DC with built in mppt is quite a bit cheaper than the ctek but is it as good ?
  15. W

    CTEK 250SE & strange behaviour

    This is more of an observational post that anything. I got a CTEK 250SE in mid 2020 and it has been problematic since installation. It very often does not charge and it happened one time when I was close to @travelvolts (who supplied it) and he very helpfully took a look at it but could not...
  16. osman

    Starter battery dead

    I hooked up to 240 to give my leisure battery a well needed boost . Made sure it finished (eg settled down at 14v and after a few hours disconnected . Another couple of hours later I went to start the van and the starter motor was dead . Called the AA and they confirmed it was not taking a...
  17. Stuiemc

    EC155 with CTEK

    Just working out my electrics for my camper van build. Pretty new to this stuff so I’m sorry if I’m asking a obvious question. I’ve decided to go with a CTEK DC-DC charger and EC155 unit. Looking at EC155 diagram am I right in thinking I’ll just leave 7,5 and 6 disconnect since I have the...
  18. RikParr73

    High Voltage Issue on CTEK/Sargent EC155

    Hi all Currently running this system on my 2017 T6 Euro 6: CTEK 250SA DC-DC Sargent EC155 Victron Smart Shunt Victron MPPT 75/15 120w Solar Panel System had been running fine, just back from a weekend away without issue, but on the school run yesterday the Sargent panel started alarming, the...
  19. R

    T6.1 switched live pick up (CTEK 250SE) from internal fuse panel, drivers side

    Hi, Having trawled the forum, and probably looking for a simplistic reply, I am struggling to see whether anyone has answered the following question. What is the equivalent fuse position to that quoted for the prior fuse panel in the central position - "5th fuse down on the right hand side"...
  20. Ostrea

    CTEK D250SE not charging LB

    Trawled through past posts but not finding a solution, DC - DC charger not giving out voltage to leisure battery. 2017 T6 102 I have a Ctek 250se charging a Lucas AGM SLA 125ah Battery no Solar power connected. Ignition off, green power light flashes Start the engine, green power light goes...