1. H

    Alternator light flashing on ctek d250se after adding solar panel

    Hi folks. First Post, I've been scouring the forums/internet but can't find my specific problem. I've had a ctek d250se on my van for about a year all running great. I finally added a renogy 175w flexible solar panel to my van yesterday and hooked it up to the ctek today. Connected positive...
  2. Roberts

    Sold CTEK D250SE - Brand New

    I have a spare CTEK D250SE for sale. Brand new in box with manual. £180 delivered or collected from Staffordshire WS7
  3. Captain Rick

    Solar Panel selection

    I want to fix a solar panel to the roof of my 2016 Caravelle to complement the 120aH AGM leisure battery which is connected to a Ctek D250SE. Ctek say the max power can be 200watts with no more than 23VOC. I would like a permanent installation and thought that a 200watt semi-flexible panel...
  4. phoenixfc7

    Main battery dead despite ctek and solar

    Main battery is completely flat, I am perplexed as I have a ctek and a solar panel so how has it run flat? I’m going to try jump start it tomorrow. Set up is 140 solar with Victron MPPT15/75 a ctek 250se and a agm leisure battery. I thought the starter battery would be charged first. Any ideas...
  5. T6DSGChris

    Ctek 250se question.. small black earth

    I have just fitted the ctek and she works a treat, sat there relooking at the instructions.. page 7 got me a little.. i have smart alternator in the new t6.. but im using my 110ah old leisure from my t5 conversion... Small black wire.. i initially earthed.. Now.. i'm not convinced.. see...
  6. Alanmh

    CTEK doesn't fit

    So annoyed with myself. Rejigged all the electrics under the drivers seat. Put the drivers seat back on and the 2 wires out the top of the ctek foul a bar under the seat. Any thoughts as to cutting away the insulation on the ctek sense wires and making god with hot glue or do I need to move the...
  7. W

    CTEK D250SE - Still having dramas, despite the very helpful forums!

    Hi, Hoping someone can shed some light on my issues below please... hoping to go away soon! DC-DC CTEK D250SE New charger (with NO smartpass). 2x 100ah AGMs, 2x 100W (19v) Solar in series. My solar is intermittent every 70 seconds or so, but the correct lights are showing. It seems like this...
  8. Bargy62

    Ctek charger

    I have a ctek mxs 7.0 with power supply mode and want to connect the ctek comfort connect cigarette lighter outlet as a 12volt outlet BUT both the charger and the cigarette lighter outlet have the same female connections so wont join any ideas on what is the correct part with Male connector or...
  9. A2dczealous

    How to fit a solar panel video tutorial

    Hi fellow Dubbers. This weeks video is a solar install using the Skyline Roofs 150W solar panel kit and CTEK SE connection. A little geeky chat about PWM and MPPT too Also going to give away the PWM controller to one viewer, so check out the video and see what you think
  10. Andytay

    CTEK 250se power light flashing

    Hi all, just installed a ctek 250se and leisure battery into my t6. All working fine but noticed when engine is turned off all the lights on the ctek go out as normal and then every few minutes the green power light flashes a few times. Was just wondering if anyone knew if that's normal or not...
  11. W

    CTEK 250SE Solar problem

    Hi All, First post so please go easy. I have searched the forum but I haven't found any other posts on this. I fitted my CTEK 250SE DC to DC charger around 2 months ago and all was working as expected , I would start the engine and after a few seconds the CTEK would start up and charge the...
  12. 8o8

    Solar fault (ctek d250)

    Connected up my solar last night, so from panel down through the van to mc4 connectors under the passenger seat (with 200a power analyser) to a Ctek d250 under the driver seat. Tested this morning and have 21v to under passenger seat, nothing on the power analyser?? And across the ctek 3v...
  13. R

    Screen shot of bmv712, voltage high?

    Hi, I’ve got my ctek 250 set for agm battery which as I understand should be 14.7v the bmv says 14.99v and has fluctuatedto just over 15v When charging with engine running. is this ok or is something amiss? Thanks rob.
  14. Tim Sparkes

    Is this normal - Battery charging.

    Yesterday I noticed something that I hadn't seen before. Probably because I have the drivers seat out for another job and noticed it but thought I'd check. I had EHU connected which was powering a Victron Energy IP22 12\15. This was charging the leisure battery. I also had a Victron Energy...
  15. hoggle

    Charging starter and leisure batteries via solar panel.

    Hi All, I was experiencing that my starter battery was going flat due to not being used during this lock down. So, with help from @Dellmassive. He suggested that i bought a 50w solar panel and to connect it to one of the 12v sockets in the dashboard. I also bought 2 x BM2 battery monitors and...
  16. Big.mac

    Ctek 250se Function Indication

    Hi guys, hoping someone can point me to what the various led combinations on the CTEK mean. I can't find what I'm looking for in the manual so don't know if it is correct or not. The CTEK has just been installed (not by me) and as it is under the drivers seat it is quite hard to get to to...
  17. M

    Ctek D250se Problems

    Hi Guys Hope someone can help. Im just wiring in aCtek d250SE to my 2017 Vw T6 (Euro 6 Start stop engine). Think I've done it right but the green light comes on the ctek but nothing else so it doesn't look that its charging my leisure battery. Where am I going wrong??Any ideas
  18. Mr blue

    CBE PC180 and CTEK 250SE

    If I buy the cbe pc180 distribution system do I also need a ctek 250se to charge the leisure battery from the alternator ?? Thks
  19. mackmaya

    CTEK Question

    Hi all, the alternator light on my ctek 250 is flashing, any ideas please....cheers.
  20. 8o8

    Recommendations DC/DC With Solar Control

    Hi I'll be getting myself a DC/DC charger to replace the current smart relay set up soon. As the first step before i go solar, ideally i'd want one with a built in MPPT solar controller, so was wondering if any one has any recommendations as to what to get? Been looking at the CTEK D250sE (or...