1. J

    Renogy vs CTEK

    So the renogy DC to DC with built in mppt is quite a bit cheaper than the ctek but is it as good ?
  2. W

    CTEK 250SE & strange behaviour

    This is more of an observational post that anything. I got a CTEK 250SE in mid 2020 and it has been problematic since installation. It very often does not charge and it happened one time when I was close to @travelvolts (who supplied it) and he very helpfully took a look at it but could not...
  3. osman

    Starter battery dead

    I hooked up to 240 to give my leisure battery a well needed boost . Made sure it finished (eg settled down at 14v and after a few hours disconnected . Another couple of hours later I went to start the van and the starter motor was dead . Called the AA and they confirmed it was not taking a...
  4. Stuiemc

    EC155 with CTEK

    Just working out my electrics for my camper van build. Pretty new to this stuff so I’m sorry if I’m asking a obvious question. I’ve decided to go with a CTEK DC-DC charger and EC155 unit. Looking at EC155 diagram am I right in thinking I’ll just leave 7,5 and 6 disconnect since I have the...
  5. RikParr73

    High Voltage Issue on CTEK/Sargent EC155

    Hi all Currently running this system on my 2017 T6 Euro 6: CTEK 250SA DC-DC Sargent EC155 Victron Smart Shunt Victron MPPT 75/15 120w Solar Panel System had been running fine, just back from a weekend away without issue, but on the school run yesterday the Sargent panel started alarming, the...
  6. R

    T6.1 switched live pick up (CTEK 250SE) from internal fuse panel, drivers side

    Hi, Having trawled the forum, and probably looking for a simplistic reply, I am struggling to see whether anyone has answered the following question. What is the equivalent fuse position to that quoted for the prior fuse panel in the central position - "5th fuse down on the right hand side"...
  7. Ostrea

    CTEK D250SE not charging LB

    Trawled through past posts but not finding a solution, DC - DC charger not giving out voltage to leisure battery. 2017 T6 102 I have a Ctek 250se charging a Lucas AGM SLA 125ah Battery no Solar power connected. Ignition off, green power light flashes Start the engine, green power light goes...
  8. J

    Sold CTEK D250SE DC DC charger (20A)

    £150, paypal, will ship within UK new, never out of the box for Lead-Acid and Lithium ordered in case there wasn't space to fit the Victron equipemnt not needed in the end
  9. J

    Sold SOLD used CTEK D250SA DC DC charger

    £100, paypal, will ship within UK 2 year old, works great please note, as on the picture, the out cables have been chopped, you will need to splice them to make longer not needed anymore as i upgraded to lithium
  10. RikParr73

    Solar Power Monitor - CTEK250SA

    Hi I have a 120w solar panel running to my CTEK250-SA. I have just bought the Victron SmartShunt (Not installed yet) and would like to see what power I am getting from the solar panel. Not sure the shunt does that, so what would be the best kit to install to monitor solar output please along...
  11. kn0bby

    CTEK 250SA - not charging starter battery

    So it was my understanding that the 250SA should charge the starter battery as well as the leisure battery when the leisure battery is full. Current demand on the leisure battery is dash cam on all the time, Wi-Fi modem and GSM module for my Webasto heater Right now the leisure battery is...
  12. A


    Hi guys, A little question about my CTEK D250 SE. Is it necessary to connect the red/black cable to the negative pole of my CTEK if I use a GEL battery (not AGM). I have a little problem cause there is only the "A" lighted and the Alternator seems not give energy to the leisure battery. The...
  13. RikParr73

    How to add 2nd (portable) leisure battery to current Euro 6/CTEK 250 System

    I currently have a Euro 6 engine with CTEK 250SA set up, using a single 110ah LB and 110w solar panel. All is working fine. I want to add a second leisure battery that I will house in a portable tool box that I can connect to the system in the van to either simply charge it or to add additional...
  14. V

    CTEK and Sargent EC155 switched live

    Hi, so installing the CTEK DC-DC charger and Sargent EC155 this week. I am aware the CTEK needs to be attached to a switched live in fuse Board and have for a piggy back to do this. I believe middle row 3 Down? my question is the Sargent also needs a connection for running signal.... could I...
  15. F

    VSR to Ctek DC-DC

    Hi all, I see this topic has been approached a couple of times, but I’m looking for some specific guidance to enable me to replace my existing VSR with a CTEK 250SE. So, I’m aware I need to create a ignition feed and run it to my new charger. The existing VSR says it’s ‘ignition protected’...
  16. G

    CTE D250SE ignition cables

    Hi all, I am currently trying to fit the CTEK D250SE to my T6 and I’m hoping for some clarity on the ignition cables. I have a dual purpose flooded lead-acid leisure battery and am wondering do I fit the black ignition cable to ground and the red to the fuse board or is that only for AGM...
  17. H

    Alternator light flashing on ctek d250se after adding solar panel

    Hi folks. First Post, I've been scouring the forums/internet but can't find my specific problem. I've had a ctek d250se on my van for about a year all running great. I finally added a renogy 175w flexible solar panel to my van yesterday and hooked it up to the ctek today. Connected positive...
  18. Roberts

    Sold CTEK D250SE - Brand New

    I have a spare CTEK D250SE for sale. Brand new in box with manual. £180 delivered or collected from Staffordshire WS7
  19. Captain Rick

    Solar Panel selection

    I want to fix a solar panel to the roof of my 2016 Caravelle to complement the 120aH AGM leisure battery which is connected to a Ctek D250SE. Ctek say the max power can be 200watts with no more than 23VOC. I would like a permanent installation and thought that a 200watt semi-flexible panel...
  20. phoenixfc7

    Main battery dead despite ctek and solar

    Main battery is completely flat, I am perplexed as I have a ctek and a solar panel so how has it run flat? I’m going to try jump start it tomorrow. Set up is 140 solar with Victron MPPT15/75 a ctek 250se and a agm leisure battery. I thought the starter battery would be charged first. Any ideas...