cruise control retrofit

  1. C

    Retrofitted cruise-control to my T6.1

    Today I fix my cruisecontrol original in VW T6.1 2.0 (CXGD) It was not easy job, wiring Gateway soft... but it is working!! yes I dit it first T6,1 in Europe with retrofit original cruisecontrol! I,am happy!
  2. M

    Professional Retrofits

    Today I’ve had cruise retrofitted by Professional Retrofits - can’t speak highly enough about them. Brilliant job done in less than an hour and a half using genuine VW stalk - ‘enabled’ my display (even though this is a base ‘S’ Shuttle) - so all the lights, displays and read outs for cruise are...
  3. B

    Cruise control retrofit euro 6

    Help! I am trying to fit stalk Cruise control to my Euro 6, I have fitted the stalks and wired the harness up to the BCM but I am stuck with what to to with the 12v fuse connector? The instruction are for a T5 and hand marked up to say connect to +15 ignition. I can’t work out what I am looking...
  4. J

    Van wont start after fitting MFSW!

    HELP!! Fitted a MFSW and now my van wont start!! 2015 T6 startline. Fitted new cables to port behind wheel pins 9 and 10. 9 went to light switch - was meant to go in pin 15 but I only had 10 pins so i spliced with red and black wire. 10 went to pin 17 (spliced) in BCM. But now i am...
  5. C

    How To Retrofit MFSW And Cruise Control To T6 Eu6 2019 Startline - Also Hacking DSG Paddles For CCS

    Disclaimer - use this information at your own peril - I may have got things wrong. I am hoping this "how to" will be a one stop place for all the information, owners of poverty spec, 2019, EU6, T6's need, to fit a multi function steering wheel (MFSW) and to enable the cruise control system...
  6. Adam_T6

    Multi Function Steering Wheel Retrofit Mfsw - Photos Inside

    Hello all, I own a 2016 EU5 Trendline with cruise control on the stalk - I would like to fit a MFSW. I think I’m almost there but just wanted to confirm. Original wheel: Steering wheel: From looking at ETKA, there are 3 options, with each in black or grey? Can anyone confirm the correct...
  7. Daniel2929

    T6 Cruise Control Retro Fit

    Hi people i have a t6 startline and unfortunately it didn't come with cruise control is there anyway to retro fit this? its a euro 5 so from what i understand it will be on the stalk i did this on a golf once and only had to fit the stalk is this the same case on the t6? Thanks
  8. C

    What Can Get Cruise Control Working On 2019 T6?

    Hi - just joined the forum and already looking for help. I have fitted a genuine VW cruise control kit (stalks and loom) for a T5 to my diesel T6 with the required modifications. I now need to get the BCM & ECU setup to use it. The kit seller can do this but he is the other side of the country...
  9. Tanzi

    Retrofit Cruise Control To T6 Euro6 Adblue

    Advise please, Looking at buying a kit to retrofit cruise control to my 17 plate shuttle. The kit I looked at on Ebay says it cannot currently be coded with VCDS or ODIS to engines with adblue but they have a "new" software that can do it. Has anybody got this to work? Does anyone have any...
  10. R

    Retrofit Cruise Control To 2017 T6 - Been Told Can't Do It!!??

    Hi, I'm desperately hoping that someone here will tell me that this is not true! Just bought a VW T6 Transporter Shuttle, booked in for B14's, wheels on order...everything lined up. Just had a call from local VW garage saying that they can't do the retrofit cruise control I booked the van in...
  11. Eddie Sutherland

    Cruise Control Part Number

    Hi guys, Does anyone know,if this is the correct part number for T6 euro5 kit 7E0 998 527 E says it’s for LHD. Thanks in advance
  12. Allan Smith

    T6 cruise control retrofit

    Morning every one As a new member I apologise if I am posting this one in the wrong place but I thought it was right. I have recently got myself a camper based on the T6 Startline. It hasn't got cruise control and I was wondering if it is possible to retrofit it myself? I'm not too bad on the...