1. A

    Crank seal

    Hi I picked up a VW T6 with 45K mileage. It had dual mass flywheel and clutch and cambelt done back in October '21 and it's done less than 5k since then. Thought I'd see about a VW all-in-one package but when they checked the car they said the oil level was way too high, and there was an leak...
  2. D

    Crank Seals

    Hi my 70 plate 11k t6 has a crank seal leak , my previous van did as well , is this a common fault
  3. BlayneKinley

    P0016 - crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor correlation error

    Evening all, I’ve had a search and not really found anything relatable to my issue. I’ll start with some van details below (forgive me for owning a T5.1 on the T6 forum but this forum offers much more valuable information and is a lot easier to navigate). Transporter T5.1 2015 High line spec...
  4. G

    Harmonic balancer removal

    Anyone with any experience removing the harmonic balancer on the crank shaft? Looked at a tool online but mine doesn't appear to have the thread on the inside of the pulley to accept the tool Late 2016 model if that helps? Need to replace the cambelt but now stuck with this TIA
  5. T6world

    102bhp CAAB Noise

    Hello everyone, I have a Transporter T6 2.0 TDI Eu5 2016, 5 speed gearbox, engine code CAAB. The clutch was gone and the van start doing this noise YouTube video and we change it with new one including the DMF and the noise is still there. We bought a new clutch kit (2nd) OEM from Vw dealer...
  6. W

    Cambelt + front crankshaft oil seal

    Hello all. My T6 102 has gone into a VW approved service center in South London with a tapping noise coming from the engine. The noise was identified to be coming from the cambelt so they've reccomended to have a new one, there is also a leak coming from the front crankshaft oil seal. My...
  7. L

    Sump seal leaking ??

    Hi All I have noticed this appearing during a service the other day, I have not seen anyone else with this problem on line. What do you think about it. Its booked in at Listers for investigation. To me it looks like the sump seal is weeping and maybe quiet a job. 2018 T6 30,000 miles 102
  8. flyingging

    Crankshaft seal no 2 has gone.

    Bloody crankcase seal gone twice in a few days and garage shut until the 4th ! Oil pissing out. Chewing gum ? F....
  9. Mick

    Warranty issues with crankcase seal

    Hi all, just thought I’d post this. I put my T6 in for a final warranty inspection 44k miles and a DSG oil change They came back with a couple of issues. Crank case seal leaking, rear discs worn and pitted, door seal drivers side defective. When I had my tyres changed last week the guy warned...