carpet lining

  1. T6Gary

    Exeter area insulation and carpet fitting recommendation

    Bear with me as new to me T6 owner. I have a 2017 Kombi/Combi? And want to get my rear load area and roof lined and carpeted, was after recommendations who can do it in the Exeter/Devon area? Thanks in advance Gary.
  2. Tiggy1955

    Loc8 Table Carpeting

    Has anyone successfully covered the Loc8 Table case with 4-way stretch carpet? If so could you post some photos of you work? One concern I have is that the thickness of the carpet might push it outwards and cause the table to rub on the wheel arch. Thanks
  3. sipep

    Poptop - trim canvas before carpeting

    Hi. Anyone know how much I trim off before carpeting?
  4. T6ChrisO

    Carpet Lining - How hard actually is it?

    Im almost at the stage where im ready to buy ply panels and carpet line the van BUT it begs the question....... Is it really a DIY job or should it be left to the professionals? Im on a really tight budget at the minute so its obviously cheaper to do it myself but is it a difficult task? Has...
  5. A

    How much of tailgate to carpet

    I have already carpet lined walls and all plywood panels including the ceiling, so there is no bare metal on walls, wheel arches etc. Have come to the tailgate now, and not sure how much of it I should be carpeting. (I've done the plywood panel, but the rest is still bare metal.) I have a...
  6. C

    Carpet Lining

    Hi, Newbie here...just got myself a t6.1 kombi and am getting round to the carpet lining.... Has anyone used this company before, the product looks identical to most of the usual suspects but considerably cheaper LiningDirect Cheers, Ben
  7. J19WMK

    DIY Carpeting

    Just an update on the Van, carpeting all done. Panels individually done, carpet not tucked into drivers window yet. Van shades will complete the look.
  8. p6raf

    window edge carpet lining

    After getting my rear side windows fitted I'm left with a messy finish around the inside. Other than trying to match the felt is there any better options? Does anyone make surrounds for them?
  9. Sparkyis

    Carpet lining trim clip holes: can I use an electric soldering iron in the van?

    Hi folks just wondering if anyone can answer this question- I’m hoping the response will be “go ahead, there are no risks to the van and it’s electrics” LOL! So, carpet lining is going very well, the soldering iron is perfect for burning holes in the carpeted panels but is it ok to use it to...
  10. P

    Factory panels or new ply

    Hi Guys, I just received my new VW T6.1. It is my first transporter and I already love it! The goal is to sound deaden and isolate the rear, then carpet the sides and ceiling. The van came with 12mm plywood with some holes in it to secure cargo. This is not ideal to carpet. So my plan is to...
  11. W

    Windows with no seal

    Hi All, did try searching for posts relevant but had no luck (m sure someone who has been around longer will share a link) I've been watching a lot of videos about carpet lining windows with no seals and this is the route i would prefer, however all the videos i found have a U or J seal on the...
  12. L

    Altro or OEM floor??

    Hi all getting my kombi lined / carpeted in the back. Is it best to get the floor done with Altro or just leave the black rubber floor as it is ? Cheers
  13. R

    Anybody used Leighton Vans for carpet lining?

    Hi I have been looking at getting my T6.1 kombi interior done (carpet lining) and have seen some good things from Leighton vans. Was wondering if anybody has used then and if they would recommend? Only thing I can see is they don't hide the panel clips, or is that me just being fussy lol?
  14. timthetinyhorse

    New ply for carpet lining

    I have ordered all of the materials to fit my windows and then insulate and carpet my T6 SWB. At the moment it still has the basic ply from when it was a hire van with the box arch covers etc. Can anyone tell me where i can get good quality ply lining from that isnt going to break the banks and...
  15. Bazaboy66

    Best option to sort out this slightly shoddy workmanship

    Best option to sort out this slightly shoddy workmanship on the left and right side of the pop up sliding hatch from a skyline LWB install
  16. Dazcooper

    carpet lining with rear heater option?

    Has anybody with a T6.1 with rear heating option had there van rear carpet lined , not sure of the options because of the additional panel covering the rear heater thanks
  17. C

    Carpet lining- how long does it take?

    I've done most of the insulation etc of our Kombi van now and need to bite the bullet and actually carpet line the metalwork. Only issue is time. Everyone says it's not too hard, just take your time but how much time are we talking here? If I were to strip out the van on a Friday night, would I...
  18. PatrickG1969

    Carpet Lining Midlands

    Good afternoon all, Can anyone recommend a reputable company in the West Midlands area, for insulating and carpet lining a T6 please? Many thanks! Patrick.
  19. W

    Carpet-lining in the north-west?

    I have my new kombi lwb coming next month ( can’t wait :) ) job number one if sound deadening, isolation and carpeting. Any recommendations for a company local to Liverpool ? thanks
  20. andy greenwood

    Carpet not stuck in a few places

    I have a few small areas in the van where the carpet is not stuck down properly. Whats the best method of repairing it please ? I've got some high temperature trim adhesive but i cant use that on small areas as the stuff sprays everywhere, many thanks.