carpet lining

  1. V

    Window-fitting on carpet-lined van?

    Looking at a few Kombis with the intention of converting to campers. Only problem is many of the ones that crop up have been carpeted. Has anyone got experience of either cutting through carpet to fit a window and can you still get a decent finish. Alternatively can you remove a carpet...
  2. W

    First time carpeting.

    In the heat of Tuesday, I finally grabbed the adhesive and carpet and went for it. 2 stone lighter at the end of the day, but a result. I then did the other side with the sliding door on Thursday. I found that side more difficult, but it’s not that hard folks - have a go !
  3. N

    Carpet around barn doors edge problem

    Does anyone know of a way to make the edges of the carpet around the barn doors look neater? I've done the usual draw around the the edge of the white part when the doors are closed so as not get the edges wet. And have glued the stretch carpet on up to the line as neat as I can. I've also seen...
  4. cfdave

    Carpet lining around windows

    Me again. I fitted my windows on the weekend. And in the next week or so intended to carpet line. How do I carpet line around the windows? And on the sliding door? I can't see a trim anywhere to edge the window. Or sliding door. Or back doors for that matter. What does everyone do...
  5. J

    Refitting tailgate seal after carpeting

    As the title says, just finished carpet lining, but I cant seem to refit the tailgate seal over the lip now it has extra thickness of the carpet. Is there a special technique? I'd hate to trim the carpet back from the edge because the seal gives the best edge, but running out of options..
  6. Paynewright

    Urgent help - carpeting tomorrow - panel gaps!

    Hi, I’m doing some carpet lining tomorrow and have either foil tape or gaffa tape to cover the round holes to stop dust marking the carpet - which is best to go with the contact adhesive? Also, there are some wide panel gaps at some of the joints around 8 or 9 mm. Will tape be OK on these? I...
  7. S

    T6 Custom Panels.. easy to do it yourself!

    So.. I wanted something different on my carpeted interior.. all that flat space, needs something to break it up. I had the idea of stretching the carpet over a design. I thought about ply, but in the end i bought a sheet of polystyrene and experimented.. drew out my favourite motorbike brand...
  8. K

    Slam Vents..

    Evening all, I'm looking to carpet my van tomorrow. Just taping the holes up and wondered if any are necessary for the slam vents? Or when people ply line do they add holes like the factory pannels to allow the air to pass? Cheers, Kev
  9. osman

    My finished interior

  10. R

    Carpet lining joins advice

    Happy Easter all, On my van on my first attempt of the carpet join at the top near the tailgate. I want to pull this piece off and re-do it. Any advice on how to get a decent join which is hardly noticeable. Thanks
  11. A

    Carpet lining rear barn doors

    I'm after a bit of advice please, currently carpet lining the van and i'm curious what people have done on the rear barn doors. I have glass in the top half and have already carpet lined the board to cover the bottom half access hole but what have people done for covering the metal bodywork of...
  12. R

    Carpet Lining, Have I Ruined It

    Insulated and carpeted my T6 in my Kombi. I was pretty pleased with how it all went overall. Although there's one bit that really bugs me. My OCD is bad as it is. I cut to short around the window and should have left more material over so I can tuck it on the inside. Any ideas on how to tidy...
  13. lucas3232

    Veltrim Or Easy Liner

    Little bit of advice needed on carpet . Looking to carpet the van but never done it before what have you used Veltrim or easy liner Is one better than another All advice welcome
  14. OllieGBR

    Carpet Over Ply Or Attach Ply With Hidden Fixings

    I’m going to be carpeting this weekend. I’m trying to understand the downsides or screwing in 5mm ply to the off-side rear panel and carpeting over vs carpeting and then carpeting the ply to add afterwards. The wardrobe and kitchen fittings will cover this section regardless of which way I...
  15. T6Paul

    Banished The Boom!

    Finally got round to finishing the carpet in the rear of my Kombi. Although I insulted and sound deadened two years ago I never changed the grey panels, I only fitted the carpet this week. It’s taken the van to a completely different level, it’s now so quiet and the boom has gone. It’s almost...
  16. Munqiman

    Carpet Lining...

    I have a lovely new pop top on my van now... cut out the windows today and I'm good to go with the ply and carpet.... just a thought though... how are people finishing off that section just above the tailgate door... where the roof has been cut out?
  17. N

    Plylining Or Use Existing Panels? Which Is Best?

    I’m looking to get my T6 edition soundproofed insulates and carpeted, after a bit of advice please. Is this a diy job or one best left to the pros? what’s the best soundproofing? Is the silent coat extra thick worth going for? Is it worth ply lining replacing existing panels using the...
  18. OllieGBR

    Which Came First, The Carpet Or The Windows?

    I’m led to believe that the best and neatest way to carpet is to first cut the holes for all the windows. Carpet up and over the lip, then add the windows for an ultra neat finish. The challenge is of course the great British weather. I have a window supplier, just need your thoughts on 4 way...
  19. Farnorthsurfer

    Rear Pillar Lining.

    LWB Kombi, heading in to have rear windows and a pop top fitted in January. When the windows are fitted the converter is going to do the carpet lining as it’s best done along with the window I think. Today took the kombi lining out in preparation for making new ply lining for the converter to...
  20. T

    Trim Lining Loc8 Table System

    Hi anyone got any tips on applying carpet trim to a Loc8 table system. Did you use a single piece of trim or cut out sections for the inset area which holds the table in place. Cheers.