1. moomin-j

    Flag size

    Right then... I have just purchased a 6m extending flag pole to peg out & wave at everyone at our Forum gatherings. I think a 5' x 3' flag is best. Her 'indoors suggests a 3' x 2' flag will suffice. As a bloke, I think bigger is better. Anybody got any comments?
  2. andy greenwood

    Too Cold For An Awning In March ?

    Is it too cold for an awning in march ? the forecast for north yorkshire is not exactly toasty warm @ the moment so i'm wondering if its still to early in the year for an awning ?
  3. czmate1999

    Nc500 - Itinerary

    Hi All, Thinking about doing the NC500 first/second week of April and was wondering if anyone had worked out a good itinerary for it - campsites / wild camp park-ups, recommended restaurants and sites, etc. Just trying to save myself some leg work. just in the process of browsing the forum...
  4. Lukavell

    Roof Top Tents

    Hi folks, Is anybody in to roof top tenting? I'm thinking about it for my Caravelle as a substitute for an awning. If I bought an awning I'd be spending a bit less but the quality of roof top tents seems to be far better than an awning, plus it frees up interior space when travelling. If...
  5. Teesix

    Looking For A Uv Bug Zapper For The Awning. Anyone Use One?

    As per the title, I'm looking for something decent enough to zap any mosquito/gnat/midge that dares to enter my awning and van. Can anyone recommend a decent light please? preferably rechargeable. It's not being bitten that I don't like, it's that really annoying high pitched buzz they make...
  6. V

    Best Comfiest Compact Camping Chair

    Looking to change our current camping chairs to a more compact space saving style Any recommendations appreciated Thanks
  7. andy greenwood

    Camping Foot Stools

    Whilst chilling with a beer/wine/gin etc... in our camping chairs, it would be nice to be able to put our feet up on a stool. I've looked on the net and can't seem to find something we like. What do the experienced professional campers recommend?
  8. T6downsouth

    Bike Rack Storage Box

    Has anyone of you fine people found a hard lockable box that secures nicely on the t6 bike rack?
  9. GB_Vdub

    Van Friendly Forest Campsites

    Wondering if anyone can recommend a good campsite, preferably southwest UK, with a woodland feel, that's also camper van friendly? I've found lots of woody campsites, but they all seem to have parking at the entrance, i.e. no cars on site. I'm trying to recreate some of the RV experiences I had...
  10. Fish

    Cookie Club.

    I know it has been posted in various threads and post's but thought I would start a dedicated appreciation thread.. @Davenjo @DaveyB @Deaky @StandbyMedic @VDubnewby666 @Pauly @Lord Mfwic
  11. Gavandi

    Tripping campsite electrics

    newbie here so sorry if basic question. Just returned from Spain/France. On a couple of campsites we managed to trip the electric hookup and weren't able to use the site electrics. Only running a fridge/LED lights/water pump/sockets so nothing major. Difficult to work out why our T6 tripped...
  12. Loz

    Today's Kindle daily deal is "Around the coast in a campervan" @ 99p
  13. mhill

    New Business Assistance

    As I mentioned in another thread we have a bit of land, used to run as a livery yard but got fed up with all the small-minded silly horsey twits. At the moment the stables are slowly filling up with mine and my dads accumulations and collections and the paddocks are doing very little. One idea...