cambelt change

  1. sipep

    Advice needed VW dealer. Cambelt dilemma..

    Hi all. I've just purchased a T6 from a VW branch. 2017, 33k miles. Highline I wanted to get a cambelt as part of the purchase, as I am still on the mindset of 5 years.. they will offer a cambelt change for £599 instead of the £699. I could go a local garage and I think they would charge...
  2. O

    Timing belt change

    we have a 2019 150bhp T6 and I believe it’s due a timing belt change every 120000 miles or 4 years. We’ve only got 37000 on the clock but I presume we should still make sure they change the belt yes? Thanks.
  3. T

    Timing belt change CXHA

    Hi all I have a t6 150bhp transporter engine code : CXHA It's time to have its timing belt and water pump changed. I was wondering is there anything else I should ask the mechanic to change or have a look at as the work is getting done?
  4. C

    Water pump fault code after cambelt change

    Hi guys and girls just after some information please if anyone could help me my t6 has just had cambelt water pump and crank seal changed. There is a fault code for the intercooler waterpump. Can someone tell me if this is the same waterpump that's just been changed that's driven by the cambelt...
  5. J

    Replace cambelt even with little mileage?

    I have a 68 plate T6. Because of illness and past covid restrictions, I have only just reached 13,000 miles on the clock. The major service is due in October 22 (this year) I have read that cam belt has to be replaced at 4 years old. Given my low mileage for the vehicle age should I still get...
  6. True Romance

    My boy is going in for a major operation today

    So the day I've been dreading for so long as finally arrived. Today my boy goes in for a major operation. Like all parents I'm extremely anxious of how it will go. I've not slept for a number of nights with worry. Hopefully Midland VW will take good care of big red while he has a cam belt...
  7. bullracing

    What Brand Cambelt kit and how do I know if I need an electric water pump?

    So I've had a bit of a read through the cambelt threads, pretty much most saying the same thing 4 or 5 years.... What brand belt kit can I use as I noticed the recall with Gates, have they sorted the problem out or are they still worth avoiding? I've usually always gone for a gates belt powergrip...
  8. R

    Cam Belt Changed - Now multiple errors including Stop Start

    Recently had my Cam belt changed and when I picked up the van it failed to start first time. Put it down to a low battery after being in the garage all day. For the following week the van refused to start first time often taking several goes at cranking over before it starts (2 - 3 minutes)...
  9. N

    Cambelt/water pump and DSG oil change - 5 year change?!

    Hi Guys just booked my 2018 T6 150 DSG in for service and Mot as it's 4 years old in January I was expecting to replace cambelt / water pump and DSG gear box oil... VM service informed me that according to the chassis number my engine and DSG box are on 5 year schedule!
  10. M

    Redesigned water-pump

    Hi all looking for a bit help. Just stripped timing belt of my van with engine code CXHA. The water pump I removed was just a simple pump. But the new one supplied has a sensor and small look fitted. Can this be fitted and simple left unplugged? It’s a SKF kit I have bought. Here is a picture...
  11. G

    Harmonic balancer removal

    Anyone with any experience removing the harmonic balancer on the crank shaft? Looked at a tool online but mine doesn't appear to have the thread on the inside of the pulley to accept the tool Late 2016 model if that helps? Need to replace the cambelt but now stuck with this TIA
  12. Socopoc

    Cam Belt Change requirement

    Hi everyone just joined as i have just purchased a T6 2016 plate. I have a question, i spoke to VW and asked about the cam belt renew, they told me it needs replacing either at 120k miles or 4 years. It had a service at 74k it now has 77k should i renew the cambelt yet.
  13. S

    T6 4 motion (140) v T6 2wd (102) Cambelt & waterpump change

    Just trying to get an idea if the cost between these two would be similar or more costly for the 4 motion. Anyone know?
  14. Tourershine

    Cam & Aux Belt Tensioner Noise, Recorded.

    So it's been widely reported that VW are aware of an issue with certain year/vin number Transporters that are developing noisy tensioners. I noticed a while ago that mine was starting to sound a bit noisy on start up when cold, but the noise would slowly disappear as the engine warmed up. The...
  15. cy294

    Genuine Vw Parts?

    Evening all, as has been discussed in detail in various threads, my Timing belt will be due soon. As the prices vary, it got me thinking about the parts. Some garages use genuine VW parts or you can source the parts from different motor factors. Those parts differ in makes and prices and...
  16. alter

    Timing Belt Cover

    .... I have received the reference regarding the Gates belt ... I would like to check for myself whether my Cali has this belt or not .... how can I remove the plastic cover that protects the belt? .... thank you
  17. phil_n

    Timing Belt - dealer disagrees with VWUK

    I was under the impression timing belts on the 140 were every 4 years. I have put a deposit down on a van from a VW dealer which is just over 4 years old expecting the belt to have been done. He has now told me it is 5 years 120k and as such has not been done Has anyone got any literature...
  18. toonaroon

    Cam Belt Re-call

    Having had my 2017 t32 150ps kombi in for a re call last week, I was told that the cam belt that is fitted is OK, THIS BELT IS A DAYCO BELT, the other one which apparently is at fault I do not know, they were a bit reluctant to tell me!!! It was only by chance that I phoned them and they told...
  19. Cham13

    Cambelt + Water Pump Replacement - Official guidance

    I'm new to T6's but owned a T5 and T25's. What mileage do you change the cambelt and water pump on a VW 2.0 TDI 102PS Bluemotion T6? I'm considering purchasing one with 85K on the clock.
  20. S

    Noisey T6 Engine - squeaking

    I have a 67 plate 23k mile's 102 bhp and it got a squeaking sound coming from the os of engine when running, sound loud when outside van and can hear inside. Sounds from cam cover side, does anyone has anyone an idea what it can be or similar experience?