1. Ploots

    PSB polyurethane bushes

    Hi, has anyone used psb bushes before, my t6 has a few worn bushes so I'm looking to replace all of them with poly bushes but powerflex works out quite expensive,I did read in an old VW bus magazine an article where they replaced all the bushes with these on a t6, any advice is appreciated
  2. davek

    poly bush set for rear H&R anti roll bar

    Hi think i might need to replace the bushes that came with my rear H&R ARB a couple of years ago as there is a slight knocking when the van rocks from side to side. Does any one know where i can buy the set of 4 in 30mm diameter Thanks
  3. J

    £300 wishbone bushes ?

    Hi. Sorry if this has been answered before but I can’t find it in similar threads. I've a 2016 California 150 Ocean with 18k on the clock. It’s just failed it’s mot because of the front wishbone brushes. The garage have bee told by the parts suppliers that the bushes cannot be bought separately...
  4. BobbyDoughnut

    Van slam bushes to replace

    The Van has just failed its MoT because the bushes on the van slams it came with are none existent. Are the bushes alone available or what other alternatives are there?
  5. DaveF

    B14's - rear shocks need replacing....what can I use?

    Hi all, My rear B14's have decided to part company with their bushes and they'll need to be replaced. I believe you can't buy just the rear shocks for these so I'd have to buy a full new set!!! Has anyone else managed to solve this with use different rear coilovers? MOT due in 2 weeks!!!
  6. Dave Lawson

    ARB bush torque settings

    Can anyone help me out with these?
  7. Mistuk

    MOT Passed but front bush warn advisory

    Hi there, Van passed it's first MOT yesterday, but with an advisory that both front bushes were worn but not resulting in excessive movement. Can someone let me know if this is something I need to get done quickly (about to have new set of tyres if that makes a difference)? The van is not...
  8. MBA77

    Stance+ Ultra front knocking on T6. Bushes?

    Hi Everyone, I know that there are a few threads on here mentioning this very problem but I cannot find an answer. Fitted Stance + Ultras to my 2017 T6 Multivan and have experienced a minor knocking noise in the front ever since (mainly at low speeds and also when turning into carparks...
  9. davek


    Hi guys, Just acquired 67 plate converted camper T6, not quite 2 years old, 28000 on the clock, I've noticed when I let the clutch out quickly, and especially when clutch let out in reverse, there is a clunk/knock, keeping the revs up a bit and letting clutch out slowly it seems fine, any ideas...
  10. C

    Adjustment Of Rear Camber

    Having had my camper lowered etc I have just had a laser alignment check. All was OK apart from the rear camber. Both wheels are -1.5 degrees which is excessive and I suspect will lead to accelerated tyre wear. Is there a mod that can be purchased to allow adjustment? Thanks
  11. catfood12

    Worn Front Bushes And Poly Replacements

    Mates I've been struggling to get the alignment consistent on my van. T6 lowered with adjustable VMaxx suspension. The front lower arm bushes - specifically rear bushes (that's rear bushes on the front TCAs) seem to have voids anyway, but are split at the ends of the voids. There's clearly...
  12. Tony Smith

    T6 2018 4 motion Bilstein B14 Coil Over Noise (Rear Rattle)

    Took Deliver of the above van and decided to go for the top of the top level coil over kit all round, the van is a 4 motion Knowing the kits are already a problem as you have to the correct kit for that van I made sure all the boxes were ticked and every thing was bound to be correct. we...