bike rack - internal.

  1. M

    Reimo Variotech Rails Bike Fittings

    Hi, I had the cardio Trex bed installed on the rails and wanted to know if anybody had come up with a way to secure bikes into them or if there is anything available to buy ?
  2. R

    Bike beside Bed dilemma

    Looking to install a slim bed in my kombi that will allow me to fit a MTB down the side. Narrowed it down to either the van furniture sliding bed or the infinity customs slim bed. Just wondered if there were any other options I've missed?
  3. Taylorm

    My DIY sliding MTB tray

    Decided to build my own sliding tray to carry 3 MTB's in the back of my SWB Kombi, as didn't want to fork out £700-900+ for the ones sold online. Mine is made up from 18mm hardwood ply and a mixture of fixings from B&Q and Toolstation approx £60. Heavy duty 1400mm lockable Vadania sliders...
  4. dErZ

    My Shuttle Day-Van Conversion

    I purchased a 2018 LWB SE shuttle a couple of months ago and began modifying it straight away. We have always dreamed of having a van so basically sold my motorbikes and purchased this shuttle from Scotland. Drove my car up there traded it in and drove this home. 4 hours after collecting it I...
  5. Village

    Matt Jones' "Ultimate MTB Van Build"

    Matt Jones' Van Haven build. I'm not sure i'm quite there with this being the "sickest thing ever", but it's definitely worth a watch for a MTBing van lover, or vanning MTB lover. I do like the bike tray, but it isn't overly space efficient. And, speaking from experience, a nice cabin and...
  6. Kisha

    T6 for transporting motorcycle & road trips

    Dear all, For about half a year now, we've been looking at vans, mostly VW Transporter (T6) and are considering trading our every day car in for it. We'd like to use it for: - Daily commute - Groceries, shopping, larger purchases - Road trips & vacations - Road trips with our motorcycles...
  7. S

    Bikes below bed; Could this work?

    Am seeing if there is a way to convert my LWB Kombi to be able to sleep and store MTBs securely at the same time . Was thinking about some sort of platform bed raised up under which I could clamp the bikes to the floor by the front wheels with droppers lowered (or outposts out) to save height...
  8. F

    Thoughts on my layout ?

    I’m thinking of converting a LWB Kombi and wondered if anyone can see any snags or issues with my plan! (I’ve attached my scribbled design ) I plan to use the van as my main vehicle so need 4 seats minium. I need to cart about a large dog and several bikes daily. I also want to be able to do...
  9. K

    Forty Winks internal bike rack

    Forty Winks Internal Bike Rack Anyone any experience with these? I only use/take my bike very occasionally so it seems a cheaper and more secure way of carting the bike to the hills than the standard external bike racks. I've standard SWB two single cab seats and a rear seat/RnR bed which sits...
  10. M

    LWB internal bike storage solutions

    I’m looking for a storage solution for up to 4 MTB bikes in the back of a LWB Kombi. Has anyone found an off the shelf solution or has anyone fabricated something they’d be prepared to share. looking for something that can be removed easily and doesn’t require wheels to be removed. Thanks
  11. Paynewright

    Bikes in the back

    So, we might be going to France in mid July in the van. Caravan at Eurocamp subject to restrictions being lifted. I’ll be taking the rear (3rd) row of seats out of our SWB and want to get 4 bikes in the back. If I remove front wheels, pedals and twist handle bars 90 degrees is it feasible to...
  12. Tony Smith

    For Sale T6 Internal Bike Rack SWB & LWB

    Internal bike Rack, this rack is adjustable and bolts down to the floor of any T5-T6 van SWB or LWB We have had it a few months Comes complete with mounting bolts etc Located either in Woking or Winchester areas £125 cash or Postage and Bank payment is an option but postage will be...
  13. Yzfr1

    Loading Ramp/motorbike Ramp

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with ramps specifically for a motorbike.(Road Sports Bike) I'm looking to buy one but I'm clueless as which brand or type are any good and practical. Also looking for a foldable one if there are any good ones out there. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  14. simonnwt6

    Securing Mtb’s ? Delta Bike Hitch Pro.

    Looking at bolting a few Delta Bike Hitch Pro to a piece of wood that I can put in and out of the van. Anyone done the same with any pointers? Carabiners to tie down point to secure wood? Or something more fancy out there? Thanks much S
  15. Onetimeonly

    Bike Inside Camper ?

    Has anyone managed to get a push bike inside a fully converted T6 camper ? If so please let me know how and where it goes. I really don’t fancy leaving a decent bike on the bike rack overnight.
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  17. Yzfr1

    New Tie Down Points

    Hi all, Would anyone please be able to identify the tie down solution in the pics below. It looks super clean and just what i need for putting in my wheel chock. I want a nice stock look to the van floor when the chock is removed. I've emailed the place i found these pics but no answer. I've...
  18. Brennanpj

    Tie Down Point

    I want to add a small tie point to the side panel of my LWB Kombi. So I can tie my MTB to the side of the van . My panels are carpeted and realise that screwing to the panel alone would not be man enough. So I should screw through the panel into metal work . Anyone able to advise on...
  19. Vache

    Risk Racing Lock N Load System Install?

    Hi Was wondering if anyone has installed a risk racing lock n load system for dirt bikes in the back of a T5 and how easy it is/was? Also looking for recommendations for someone to go to to fit. this is one: Lock-N-Load Pro many thanks in advance....
  20. IMG_20190629_080104825