1. A

    T6 Transporter TDI250 (110PS) -> TDI340 (150PS) retrofit/conversion

    Hi All, Looking to pick up a second hand T6 Transporter to convert into a camper while also towing, so will be pushing the GVM limits of the van. There's a really nice TDI250 near me I'm interested in, but I'm worried that it really won't have the power to do what I need it to and ill regret...
  2. G

    Sold 2015 T26 84PS Startline P/V, detachable tow bar, 90000 miles. £16k

    T6 in excellent condition full service history has some nice extras for more information ring on 07943333964 £16000 no vat
  3. Russell Arnold

    What makes a CAAB engine more powerfull than a CAAA?

    What makes a CAAB engine more powerfull than a CAAA? I'm in Australia. My CAAB 103kw engine broke its crank. It has been replaced with a long motor and some of the bits from a 75kw engined short wheel base T6. E.g. the turbo and inlet manifold complete. Its still my Intercooler, rad and ECU and...
  4. X

    Has anyone had a 84ps remap?

    Has anyone had this map on this engine? How did you find it? I’m thinking about potentially remapping my measly 84ps t6. from shopping around it appears most predict large gains from around 83bhp to around 175bhp, including Pendle who predict 155bhp, From research they all mention that it...
  5. W

    Skin off a rice pudding: T6.1 84PS

    I have the low (very low?) output engine 89BHP on a 2020 T6.1. Has any of you had the engine chipped for more power and if I decide to go ahead what BHP can this feeble engine be lifted to? Mine has been converted to a camper van so I acknowledge that there is a lot of extra weight in the van...
  6. C

    Would a Remap with 20” affect my MPG?

    Hi, I have a 2016 vw t6, I was after it getting remapped, hopefully to the 150bhp and 330 torque. But I'm running on 20inch wheels, 265/40/20. Would it make any difference to my mpg as I've went bigger in tyres, and will the drive be as smooth increasing the bhp on bigger wheels. Might sound...
  7. S

    84PS... underpowered for a conversion?

    Hi everyone please can I have some advice and some Help, please take it easy as new to this forum . I have been scouring the Internet for two months and thought I’d found the perfect T6 I was looking for the 102PS just realised the vehicle that I thought was perfect is only 84 PS I am going...
  8. N

    5 Or 6 Speed Gearbox??

    Quite new to the T5 scene and looking to buy a SWB van, but really need the 6 speed gearbox. How from adverts on Autotrader Ebay etc do I know what gearbox is in there? Is there a specific vehicle model number? As it is now I am having to delve through photos trying to spot the gearknob. Or...
  9. N

    Remap Pros And Cons for 84PS

    We are looking at buying a 2013 t28 van, but its only 83bhp. I've been told they are as slow as a snail and quite thirsty as you have to hammer them to keep them moving at a pace. So a remap is the answer, as this is going to be our family bus it won't be driven like its stolen. We aren't after...
  10. K

    Remaps Drinking My Fuel.

    Hi all I got my 2018, 84bhp t6 remapped ( to 155bhp ish - 160ps) not long ago and now our fuel consumption is shockingly poor.. so poor its 30 miles to quarter of a tank. Even when driven upto 2k rpm you can still watch the fuel gauge move. We are thinking of getting the original map put back...
  11. Dellmassive

    T6 Service Intervals & Inspection, Flexible & Longlife

    T6 Service intervals & inspections , Flexible & Longlife : Im just posting this here to make it easier to refer back to in future . . . source: Volkswagen Flexible Service Regimes (Longlife) | Volkswagen...
  12. T

    ADS Revo Preston

    Afternoon folks. Has anyone used ADS Preston. Booked in Friday for a remap on my 84ps t6 euro 5, I believe these tuners can get it up to the 165-170 bhp and keep the NM under the 350 to save later problems with the DMF and gearbox. Has anyone got a Revo print out of there 84-102ps so I can see a...
  13. S

    Fuel Economy, 102ps Or 84ps

    So, lots of folk aren't happy about their mpg in the larger output engines, but what about the the 102 and 84ps? There're keeping quiet don't you think? Are they similarly annoyed, or do they hide a secret? Are they getting amazing mpg, and does anyone remember the Bluemotion 114ps T5.1 that was...
  14. A

    Just about to Buy...

    Hi Guys, Just joined the site and already finding it very useful. I am literally just about to buy a T6, looking to sign the paperwork in the next couple of days :) , it would be really helpful to get your opinions on the cost. The price of T6 & T5 seems to vary enormously and can't make...
  15. StudleyGlass

    Euro 6 remap

    Is this the first euro 6 remap ?
  16. Mark Howkins

    Power Upgrade

    Keen to look at pushing up the power output of a T6 180 DSG 4 Motion but want to be able to remove any evidence in case of warranty issues. What's the best option?