1. Bigsidavies

    Tyre speed rating for 204 4motion t32

    My original Devonports are shod with 215/60/r17 c tyres. My 20’s that are currently on the van have 275/40/20 106y I’m replacing the fronts this week and due to the staggered width and the front being 8.5j I’m going to fit 245/45/20 (identical rolling radius) Question is do they need to be...
  2. B

    Spacers question 275/40/20

    Hi everyone, I noticed today that my front wheels come out further in the arch than my rear wheels do. I'm on 275/40/20 but moving to 245/45/20 which will give me 20mm further poke out than currently but I'm guessing that obv the rears will still look further in than the fronts. Is this where...
  3. T

    Sold x4 Continental Cross Contact 245/45/20

    4x continental uhp cross contacts 103 load rated as new condition tyres still on wheels £300
  4. The Van Cave

    For Sale 4 X Falken Azenis Fk510 For 20" Wheels. 100 Miles Only

    Hi All, Selling an almost brand new set of these tyres with only 100 miles on them. I'll post some pics when I get the chance, but I don't think that'll be until Friday. 2 x 245/45 R20 103Y XL 2 x 275/40 R20 106Y XL Selling all four for £400. Sensible offers considered. They'll suit all...
  5. BeePee

    Tyre Sizes !

    My Kombi came with 20s, 8.5j front 10j rear, both front and rear came with 275x40x20 and the front tyres always looked under inflated. Handling was a bit vague at times and steering, well, heavy and tyres rubbing the inner wheel arches at full lock. T6 T32 4Motion Now running 245x45x20 on the...
  6. G

    Anyone Running 245/45/r20

    Looking for some pics of the above size on some alloys? Anyone run them on a 40mm lowered T32? Regards Giles
  7. Leehoops

    Choosing Correct Wheel With Vb Air

    hi guys , I’m hoping someone can help me on choosing the correct wheel and tyre choice for my van which has had vb 4c air suspension fitted , it’s taken me ages to find the 20inch wheels I would like and they come in two sizes so this is what I’m thinking :- 20x 8.5 offset 35 on the front and...
  8. S

    Lowering My T6 T30 Kombi

    I'm looking at lowering my T6 T30 Kombi, it's running on 20's with 245/45/20 tyres. It's my daily driver and also use it at the weekend loaded with the kids and bikes, but other that going on holiday there won't be a substantial load in the rear. I'm not going to drop it too far, I'd say 40mm...
  9. Keaney

    For Sale 2 New Tyres Nankang As-2 245/45/20 103y

    Bought these but they don’t fit on the setup I’m running. They are brand new and only have the stickers off them... never been on the road! I have only two but also selling a set of 265/40/20 as I was looking to run a staggered setup Price £160 collection preferred