What Have You Bought Today?


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I am really glad that the comments on here are so favourable.
My dad's comment was: "do you actually NEED a mini bin??"
The obvious answer is yes. Of course we do.

P.S - due to work issues, amazon already gets delivered to my parents' house.


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Save the planet is in vogue so a little bit of recycling today. Koni actives acquired to go with the SL springs



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What’s the deal with these, @Wills?
Alternative to the b14’s / SoLow’s or just a comfier OEM dampener set??
They’re not an alternative to coilovers but a damper upgrade with intelligent variable valve technology. The sales / tech info is impressive.
Rob (@BiTurbo) recommended them to me so here goes.....

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I am allowed daft little things.... the next big thing is an immobiliser. Where is the fun in that.... you can't even see it.
It could be the difference of you losing or keeping your van, the sensible money goes on keeping it. I had the ghost fitted, its very effective.


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Bought these ‘dynamic’ spinners for my Sportline alloys but they don’t seem to fit, even though they appear to be the same size... :thumbsdown:
has anyone else fitted these?

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