1. JaySal

    What are your best ‘Cool’ mods you’ve done

    So I was thinking today how many others have crazy mods for their Vans.... .... and what is mildly crazy to down right bonkers ... Any one put underfloor heating? Or a wood burner in? What about shower tray and curtain... or even a bath? A few years ago someone wanting to unzip their...
  2. Deaky

    Tomorrow I Ar Be Mostly.........

    Painting my callipers. What have you got planned tomorrow?
  3. Lukavell

    New VCDS User - Italy

    I just bought a VCDS kit from Rosstech. I'm very much looking forward to it arriving and getting to grips with it. I've done what I can with Carista but have a list of stuff I'd like to change with VCDS including but probably not limited to: Tailgate close with Key High Beam Assist Towbar...
  4. toonaroon

    What Was Yours!!

    Hi guys, just wondering when you first bought your T6, what was the first accessory or mod you bought? mine was door window wind deflectors, and the list goes on... photos if you have one...
  5. James1000

    What Option Could You Not Have Ordered?

    As the option list on the conversion is growing and growing along with telephone number budget! I am interested to know what people got carried away on ordering but on reflection wasn’t needed? And vice versa - what is a must?
  6. T6180

    What Have You Bought Today?

    So there are threads for what have you done today, one for where have you been today but not one for what have you bought today? I must admit I've bought loads of parts, detailing products and other bits that I haven't got round to fitting or mentioning or I've bought a product and then...
  7. Tourershine

    Then And Now.

    I just realised it's been almost 1 year to the day that I started this whole T6 project. I dread to think how much money I've spent on my van getting it to how she looks today. There's been a lot of lessons learnt, and a lot of education added in here. Am I happy with the finished look? Kind...
  8. ei-aprilia

    What Have You Done To Your Van Today?

    I stripped the old burnt stinky carpet off the woodwork from my old van and then covered it in new carpet for my new van! (yet to arrive). My lovely girlfriend also picked up a parcel from the post office for me (again stuff for the van I don't have yet).