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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Loz, 13 Jan 2017.

  1. Loz

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    New users may find it useful to search for their question in case it has already been asked, which it probably has..

    There are 2 ways to do this;
    The first is to use the search box at the top of the page, this uses the forum's internal database that is indexed regularly but has a restriction of 3 or more letters, please remember the search will default to the topic area you are in so make sure you are at the top level of the forum when you enter your search.

    The second way is just use a normal Google search but restrict the Google search to this forum. You do this by proceeding your search with the following; so your search in your browser would look like [ led drl] if you want to find all topics discussing LED DRL's.
    This will bring back a list of all the topics that Google has indexed that contain your word(s).

    If you search this forum regularly you may find it easier to create a search shortcut.
    To do this you open Google settings and click the button labelled [Manage Search engines...] If you scroll to the bottom you will see three blank fields where you can add your own.

    Enter the following into the three fields;
    [add a new search engine]
    [keyword] t6 (or anything you like but keep it short)
    [url with %s as query]

    Now you have a custom search, all you do is open a new browser window and in the search bar at the top type t6 (or whatever you used for the keyword) followed by your search words, you will see that as soon as you type your keyword and press space your custom search is swapped in for you and your search is restricted to our forum.
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  2. Fish

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    For me the key to the search on the forum is to be in the 'forum menu' or 'new posts' tabs, rather than a sub menu..i.e The Pub.. this then searches the whole forum, I think!
  3. Pauly

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    Since this post was originally made I have added a much better search platform (elasticsearch) into the forum software so the forums native search engine is much better than it was but as mentioned above if you are in a particular sub forum or your conversations it will by default try to only search that particular area but searching from the forum home page will give good results
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  4. Fish

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    Bump! For new members
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  5. Loz

    Loz California 204 DSG 4Motion MY17 VCDS User Admin Moderator VIP Member

    It is a sticky already..

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