caffeine and machine

  1. Fish

    Caffeine & Machine - June 2020

    Edited post - Caffeine & Machine - July 18th 2019. This is surely to be the event of the year?:thumbsup: I hope this will become a nice little annual meet for T6F! I require 15-20 T6F member vans to be 'Front of House', No I don't want all show vans or trick van, I would like a sample of...
  2. Fish

    Caffeine & Machine - February 2020

    Right, I am alittle excited about these little beauties....(1 of 2) I have booked two dates for 2020(2019 fully booked!!) The first date is in February, nothing much happening during this month, weather can be hit nn miss but worth a go. This will be a trial run for the main event in...