1. J

    B pillar vent

    Hi guys I'm after fitting a diesel heater and running it through the b pillar .its prob been covered before so I apologise. Does anyone know where I can get the bits I'll need to do the job? Found allot on ebay but wondered if there's somewhere I can get the lot from in one hit. Cheers guys
  2. DazT

    Retro fit electric tailgate

    Hi There Newbie post. How do you go about getting electric tailgate retro fitted. many thanks
  3. J

    V5 logbook change to camper

    Hi. I've recently tried to Change my v5 from a van to a camper. My T6 has been professionally converted inside and out. It has a pop top and windows all round. The DVLA has said the inside of the van is fine but the outside still looks like a van and needs caravan style graphics. Does anyone...
  4. P

    T6.1 rear lights

    Hi anyone just purchased a t6.1 tailgate model and it has rear standard lights have bought some t6.1 led replacements just wondered if anyone has the pin out layout of existing lights thanks
  5. scunny nige

    auxiliary switches ??

    I've fitted a LED reversing light under the bumper are switches available to fit in the blanks on the dash i would like to use the blanks rather than having to find somewhere to locate a small sitch any suggestion,s gratefully received cheers nige
  6. Alexzeat

    Which lift suspension?

    Hi to all. Im locking for new suspension for my multivan T6 SWB. I wanna up 35 / 45 mm . Which kit you recomend? blistein? Thanks in advance Alex
  7. R

    Looking for windscreen cover non thermo.

    Hi there can any you guy's recommend a windscreen and door window covers as belive or not the sun is out in Scotland yippee. My van is in the works carpark from sometimes 6am til 6pm. What are the better quality one's. Thanks.
  8. t6 steve

    Side window tint matching

    hi every one looking for some advice please if anyone can help me. iv got rear side dark windows but im not happy with the outside rear iv been looking at the fake ones but bit concerned do they match or will they change bit colour over time. or could I just put the glass ones over the panels...
  9. Tezzzhead

    Programming a retro fit steering wheel

    Hello I'm about to wire my steering wheel into the van following a YouTube video. All seems straightforward enough. The wheel has already been fitted but I'm just wiring in to the computer and to the power. My question is... Do I have to disconnect the battery before doing this. Incase...
  10. Gweedo

    Solar panel tips Suffolk?

    Afternoon, I’m thinking about getting a solar panel fitted to the pop top roof on my T6, does anyone have any tips or recommendations near Ipswich? Cheers Giles
  11. T

    changing the headlights

    Good afternoon,I have recently purchased a 2018 T28,i will be doing a few upgrades on it and, a common gripe seems to be about how dull the main lights are,can I simply purchase some white light bulbs or does it need a bit more doing than that. It may seem a daft question to most but I am...
  12. cbrblade

    Multi function steering wheel wiring help

    Hi all just fitted this wheel in place of my standard wheel how can i get buttons to work
  13. R

    I want to fit a Leisure Battery

    Hello Just bought my T6, already soundproofed etc. I want to fit a leisure battery system so what i want is 6 led pin light s in the roof, the narrow round lights, then on each a and b pillar i want flexible reading lights, and in the tailgate 4 led down lights. Any issues, any recommendations...
  14. Glennpea123

    Which Insulation Is Recommended

    Hello all, just started sound deadening my T6 and wondering which insulation is adequate enough to use before carpet lining. Deadening used is 4mm silent coat. Sooo foam (and what thickness) or the recycled plastic roll that b&q sell? Cheers Glenn
  15. Killo

    Front Splitter Recommendations Please

    Hi guys and girls recommendations on front splitter please. Thanks in advance
  16. G

    O/S Step with Vent for Night Heater and Courtesy Light part-number?

    Hi, can anybody help me out? Trying to find the step with the night heater vent and the courtesy light. Does anybody know of a part number or does someone have a reg I can give TPS for the part please. thanks in advance!
  17. Jason Williams

    Rear Sliding Door Not Locking/unlocking Properly

    Hi, Has anyone had any issues with the rear sliding door not locking/unlocking properly? My T6 has been havingrthat problem for a couple of weeks now. The doors are supposed to lock automatically after pulling off, but it very often fails. This results in it trying every time I slowdown and...
  18. C

    How Do I Fit Footwell Lighting

    Putting in footwell lights in t6 2018 , want them to come on when door is unlocked
  19. Stay Frosty

    Can't Be Bothered To Read All Those Replies...

    Is the internet not quite fast enough for some people? Just watching my H4 LED thread disappear South mired in people, bless them, who confuse light quantity with light colour. I don't understand a lot of Dell Massives lithium ion and p.v. posts but similarly I don't then post a reply and...
  20. jason robinsonuk

    T6.1 LED tail lamp compatibility?

    I have seen the new t6.1 rear led lights being fitted and was wondering how easy they would be to fit to me t6