1. T

    My search bar wont work

    I am trying to use the search facility but it just keeps coming up with error.Its never worked for me since I joined the forum....any ideas what the issue could be
  2. Fish

    Search, Search, Search!

    Moderators , please feel free to delete this!.... However... Ladies, Gents, Members and guests. Please, please try to navigate the search feature before posting questions! If you feel that your questions is not within the searched areas, keywords or threads then by all means post your...
  3. Loz

    Searching The Forum

    New users may find it useful to search for their question in case it has already been asked, which it probably has.. There are 2 ways to do this; The first is to use the search box at the top of the page, this uses the forum's internal database that is indexed regularly but has a restriction of...