1. Dotmobile

    Hi to all from Wiltshire.

    Hi all Having been reading through the forum for the past few weeks I thought it was time to say hello. Already picked up some great tips and getting the speakers and subwoofer upgrade from Absolut5 in a couple of weeks time based on the reviews here. picked up new van from Bristol Camper...
  2. Tony Abbott

    Tow bar fitting Wiltshire

    Hi guys and girls, hope this finds you all well? So am a newbie, driving a 2020 T6 (T30) 150 Highline. I am currently planning my first weekend (jubilee) away, but I do need your help. 1, For,s and against of getting a tow bar for a tow bar bike rack? (I have a fin/rear spoiler on the top of...
  3. T

    OBD11 - Swindon

    Hi, I have obd11 now, so if any member in the area needs a scan let me know! I don’t have pro, as I haven’t needed to code (yet), may do soon, but can do unlocks via apps for credits such as needle sweep, auto lock / unlock etc. Thanks, Steve
  4. Wayne196

    Bilstein B12 Pro Kit Fitting Wiltshire

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and have recently had my T5 Transporter converted into a campervan. I've just bought a Bilstein B12 Pro Kit and was wondering what peoples opinions were on fitting costs? I am currently living around the Chippenham area but willing to travel within reason to good...
  5. T

    MFW fitting and coding Wessex area

    Greetings. Would anyone know of someone who can help us to swap steering whee over and add a wire to bcm / code for a basic MFW near any of the following areas please? Bristol Swindon Bath Reading Oxford Thank you :)
  6. Matchyt30

    Cool running campers, Wiltshire (furniture)

    If anyone in the Swindon , Wiltshire area is looking for kitchen units for their van I highly recommend checking out this guy . I Have personally seen these in the flesh and the build quality is second to none. There will be a proper Facebook page soon showing all the different options but for...
  7. Wiltshirejay

    Hello from Wiltshire. Advice needed please

    Hello First post on this forum, first post on any Internet forum actually which is strange as I’m only 32. I’m based in Wiltshire (SN11) and are currently about to sell our family car and buying a T6 as our daily school / leisure ride. We are looking at 8 seats (7 as a minimum) and have...
  8. R

    Discovery Firmware update and Fader decode (Wilts)?

    Newb here so apologies if the answer is in previous posts- I promise I've spent good time searching! My newish-to-me 2016 T6 is having reverse cam issues: "Park Pilot is not available" or similar.R Rear sensors display doesn't always show up after the message too. It MAY be since pop top...
  9. JOG

    Servicing in Wessex

    Anyone know who has a good rep in the Andover, Newbury, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Winchester area for servicing/maintenance work on our vans?
  10. Niknak

    Anyone in Tidworth able to assist?

    Hi all I’m after a double front passenger seat base one on eBay but collection only I wondered if anyone is in or near tidworth that might collect and post to me or do a pass the parcel to me
  11. T

    Wheel Aligment - Wiltshire (or surrounding counties)

    Hi there, Getting a new set of boots from my go-to supplier for ten years for my velle (tying to some falken all season tyres, just because..) , but they are over an hour and halfs drive of twisty somerset a'roads away ('what is a dual carriageway?' said the somerset man..) - needless to say, i...
  12. BoroBoy

    Campsites near Amesbury and Salisbury.

    I am due to visit Absolut5 workshop in August. Anyone have any recommendations for decent campsites near Measburt/ Salisbury?
  13. RyanGerry

    Camp Sites In Wiltshire

    Looking at going camping somewhere close to home (Tidworth/Salisbury) area in a few weeks and wondering if anyone can recommend any sites that have good facilities.
  14. Apretext

    Speaker Rear Balance

    Anyone any idea if I connect rear speakers, whether the standard head unit (Nav version), will allow front/rear balance control?
  15. J

    Autowatch Ghost Wiltshire

    Hi everyone, first post ... be kind ! I’m interested in having the ghost fitted to my van , having a quick glance on here there doesn’t seem to be a recommended installer in Wiltshire so I’ve been in contact with Greg from Autolec who is a mobile fitter and has been recommended on here ...
  16. C

    Service & Garage Advice

    Hi all - looking for a recommended garage near to Devizes area that can complete the following - 2017 model and just over the 40k mark so need to book in soon! DSG Oil and Filter Change - – (Recommended every 40,000 miles). Haldex Oil - (Recommended every 3 years or 40,000 miles). Out of...
  17. RyanGerry

    Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or Vw Van Centre Swindon ???

    So the vans due it’s first service in 500 miles and I have two dealers within the same distance to me. Does anyone have any experience with either garage? Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or VW Van Centre Swindon
  18. J

    Bodyshop recommendation - Dorset

    Hi Some low life bumped into my van yesterday evening while I was sleeping in the van They left before I even had time to get out ( so no idea what car/reg it was!...) At first couldn't see any damage, then saw this bump or rear right door at bottom + scratch on bumper i check the door open and...
  19. Cherokee

    Team South

    Let’s hear it for Team South!!
  20. 8balladdict

    VCDS user - Wiltshire

    Hi All, Just thought I would put this out there, I have a full original Ross-Tech VCDS diag kit so if anyone down south needs/wants anything doing, I'm more than happy to help. Based in Swindon, Wiltshire. :mexican wave: