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  1. A

    why have i got an auxillary heater?

    Hi, been chasinga fuse blowing fault on my 21 plate panel van fuse in question was identified on wiring diagrams as being the auxilary heater, i thought cant be true i havent got one. thats were i was wrong i do have one, but i dont know why. found the fault - once i found the aux heater and...
  2. AdL

    Webasto Thermo & Comfort

    Hello My Van has a sticker which says 'Webasto Thermo & Comfort' on the door pillar. I understand that this is something to do with pre-heating or rapidly heating the engine cooling circuit in cold weather. But can anyone explain (in simple terms) what / why VW installed this? I don't want to...
  3. P

    Retrofit Telestart T90 on T5GP ThermoTopC: recognized, but does not start

    I have added a T90 telestart to my T5.1 (2011) with Climatronic to enable warm starts in winter :). However it does not actually start the ThermoTopC coolant heater... What did I do: I bought a used T90, and connected it according to VW drawings: pin1 to +12V pin2 (W-bus) to T6au/1 of heater...
  4. AdL

    No air.. Getting at the Night-Heater

    Having had our van for just a couple of months I turned on the heater for the first time in anger the first time this week. Lots of air blowing noises, a very slight smell of diesel, no warnings or errors shown on the controller - but NO heat. The heater seems to be underneath the floor below...
  5. 0

    OEM Thermo heating to parking-heater adaptation?

    Hi Everyone, I'm a proud owner of a T6 2.0 150cv SWB 4motion 2018. The car comes standard with auxiliary water heating (see attached picture) overhead control panel, remote and climatic. I'm looking to retrofit the aux heater to parking heater since I'm converting the car to a campervan. I went...
  6. M

    Hot water using heat exchanger??

    Hi All Hello from Northern Ireland. I am relatively new to all this so learning as I go along. We do a lot of mountain biking and surfing so I was hoping to install an outside shower to wash down the bikes and ourselves etc. I had considered the portable showers with an underslung gas tank but...
  7. C

    Webasto Thermotop coolant type

    Can anyone confirm if the Flomasta 0623 Concentrated Central Heating Inhibited I bought today is the correct antifreeze,mid so what dilution do I use? thanks
  8. O

    Webasto Thermo Top Evo: good for 2-4 days trip?

    Hi I bought Volkswagen Multivan Generation Six 2016. This model is factory equipped in Wbasto coolant heater (Thermo Top Evo) with programator. I would like use my T6 on short windsurfing trip (2-4 days early autumn and spring). So I have a qestion if this heater will be good to heat cabin at...
  9. Ian28

    Thermocall TC4 Issue

    Hi, every 6 months I need to replace the SIM in my ThermoCall because every 6 months I forget to top it up & it deactivates. Replaced it and put the new details in the App 3-4 hours ago but it’s not working. The green indicator light on the dash button gives 2 flashes every second or so - the...
  10. K

    Factory Options for Auxiliary/Parking Heaters on T6.1

    When I got my T6 Kombi there were multiple combinations of parking heaters. Coolant-based, Air, both, with/without remote. I specified the most expensive option, everything: Programmable parking heater (air) with radio remote control, auxiliary heater (coolant-based) and second battery I did...
  11. T

    Aux Heater coding - 2020 Caravelle

    Please forgive me, I have read the two main threads on aux heaters (Link1, Link2). I have the same questions as most. How to get my aux coolant heater to heat the engine \ cabin without the engine running. My vehicle, Caravelle Exec build date July 2020, has factory fitted Aux heater...
  12. Robert

    OEM Webasto Auxiliary Heater To Parking Heater Upgrade

    All required components are already purchased, tested and ready for the installation. Well invested €58=£49 :thumbsup: My ODIS-E is also ready to upload new(better) firmware ;)
  13. M

    Has Anyone Fitted At Webasto Thermo Top Evo Water Heater?

    Be really interested if anyone has any experience of this unit as a hot water source for an external shower... currently getting a van converted as debating whether it’s worth the premium and can’t seem to find any reviews!! Any feedback would be appreciated!
  14. diamond_dog

    Fuse Layout Under Nsf Seat

    '16 Multivan. I've bought an additional T91R remote for my Webasto, and in order to synch it to the receiver I need to power cycle the control unit.. I'm having a hard time finding a layout map of the fuses under the drivers seat (Left FWD on my vehicle), so I'm hoping one of you guys might be...
  15. bullracing

    All Webasto Control And Power Options

    This is to coincide with turning the webasto into a hot water source which can be found here Webasto Thermo Top To Heat Exchanger I am wanting to find the numerous ways to control the heater. A little complex of a post but hopefully will give us a good understanding of the options avaiable. I...
  16. S

    Webasto Thermo Connect

    Anyone using this at all? My ThermoConnect It has GPS with SIM card and it appears you can also track the vehicle with a smart phone app. Twisting over the hob and sink has made by back ache setting the timers etc. with the Webasto SMART selector module. I set a timer at 20c for early Monday...
  17. bullracing

    Webasto Thermo Top To Heat Exchanger

    I am converting my shuttle to a camper. I will have no need for the rear heater or roof vents so I was going to whip the motor and rear rad out etc. I do however have a plate heat exchanger which I brought for a Veg conversion years ago which never happened. My question here is, could I use this...
  18. R

    Webasto Heater fitted - surprise!

    HI, I had my 2017 T6 Caravelle exec up on the ramp this week and I noticed a webaso heater fitted next to the tank, I had no idea it had one and it certainly wasn’t specced as an option. On further investigation is seems they are standard on the exec model... but I can’t work out how to use...
  19. X

    Label Details

    Please can someone explain the Wabasto label on my door. Thanks IMG_20190907_102605 by XZO posted 7 Sep 2019 at 11:13
  20. F

    Factory Auxiliary Coolant And Cabin Heater Owners!

    I wasn't sure which forum to put this in tbh. For those of you that have the factory fitted auxiliary heating system that heats the coolant AND the cabin with the overhead control panel.... If its been set for 30 mins on medium heat and now switched off. If you turn the key to get dash...