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    Solar/split charge VSR query

    Hi could any body tell me if this situation is Norman or ami missing something?? During sunlight 1) voltage at leisure battery showing 13.3v 2) 140A Durite VSR closed (LED illuminated) 3) voltage at starter battery showing 13.3v Now obviously the 2 batteries will show same voltage as when relay...
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    Leisure Battery Charging Advice

    OK guys, I've finally managed to repair my solar panel. It's now charging my leisure battery via an MPPT solar controller. While the solar panel was down, my leisure battery went dead due to not charging via the alternator. With my limited knowledge, it looks like a VSR under the drivers seat...
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    Hillside Birchover

    Anyone else have a hillside Birchover van. Have you had any modifications done after purchased and have you had any problems. Had ours since November and so far all good. Would like a light on opening sliding door other than that all is good.