1. T

    Leisure Battery not Charging from VSR

    Hi guys, Hoping you can help. We replaced our leisure battery in July due to the previous being dead - it was tested by our local garage and confirmed so I replaced it. Since then we appear to be having an issue with the split charging system - when on EHU we have endless power which appears...
  2. S

    Euro 6 split charger fitted

    Hi everyone I have just bought my first camper and was told that the battery charges whilst driving, but it dosn't. I have read the post regarding split charge relays on a euro 6, I can see a unit under the seat that says split charge relay, so I think that is causing my stop / start issue as...
  3. D

    2017 Cali Beach split charge system partially missing

    Hi all, first post here but have been lingering for a while. I've had some split charge issues with my 2017 t6 Cali Beach. Purchased it a few months ago. I have the relay with 100 written on it with all associated cables, the 80 amp fuse under the passenger seat, the leisure battery and...
  4. wbuchan

    Swapping VSR for Cyrix-ct

    After a lot of research and a steep learning curve here's my plan and some context. Context: I bought a November 2015 registered T6 t28 Trendline Bluemotion converted to a camper in Jan 2017. It was fitted with Sargent EC155 and a VSR. The VSR is, I'm pretty confident acceptable ( it doesn't...
  5. LimaHotel

    Starter battery and split charge

    My friend has a 2016 T6 from a conversion company. It has a 80ah AGM starter battery and the converter installed a ‘smart battery isolator’ split charge instead of a b2b charger. The alternator was replaced a couple of months ago. The van has been throwing up a stop start error for a while and...
  6. stevieg21

    Replacing Bulk standard relay with victron smart dc dc charger

    Hi All, my T6 has this under drivers seat. I’m thinking that when ever my ignition is on the leisure battery is simply connected to my starter battery. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My Researching is leading me to swap this for victron smart dc dc charger. Quick questions 1. It’s a Straight forward swap and suitable...
  7. Z

    Battery IBS cable

    Is ok to leave the IBS cable disconnected from the battery negative? I have a voltage sensitive relay for charging my secondary battery and the mechanic told me with this cable off I'll have costant voltage (transporter T6 2015). Thanks
  8. Sebnev

    Help with clicking noise under drivers seat

    Hi all. Looking for help on identifying/fixing this issue. When pulling away from stopped sometimes (there doesn’t seem to be an obvious set of circumstances) I can hear a clicking noise coming from under the drivers seat. All I can see under the drivers seat is the leisure battery and the...
  9. R

    Battery(ies) flatten after adding 12volt socket direct to leisure batt

    Hi, I have a 2017 T6 with a factory fit leisure battery under the passenger seat and I recently wired up a combined USB, 12V socket and volt meter with a switch to the rear cabin area. I connected this directly to the leisure battery with an inline fuse (both positive and negative were direct...
  10. Kirky1980

    Vw t6 euro 5 split charging help

    Hi all looking back into putting a battery in my van and wondering what I need etc, is it a basic split charge relay system or because I have a t6 is it an expensive thing to do, my van is only a bmt102 but is a euro 5 not 6 as no as blue, I think it may have start stop but doesn’t work but...
  11. F

    VSR to Ctek DC-DC

    Hi all, I see this topic has been approached a couple of times, but I’m looking for some specific guidance to enable me to replace my existing VSR with a CTEK 250SE. So, I’m aware I need to create a ignition feed and run it to my new charger. The existing VSR says it’s ‘ignition protected’...
  12. D

    Where is the VSR on my Cali?

    Fitting a Ctek B2B unit but having problems locating the VSR. Looked around the leisure and starter battery, without any luck. Before I strip back the dashboard and lift the carpets, any suggestions would be appreciated. I have one of the last T5's, Thanks..
  13. D

    T5 - VSR Split Charge with Battery Monitor - Negative cable and shunt?

    Hi all, In short I have a dual sensing VSR wired up from starter battery to leisure battery. I also have one of those AiLi battery monitors which uses a shunt wired up in series on the ground side. The monitor seems to work fine with my loads on (just a fridge, some lights, usbs) showing a...
  14. N

    Split charge relay mounting under drivers seat query

    I'm just about to install the cabling for the split charge relay from the main battery to the the underside of my drivers seat. I have ordered a proper battery tray for my leisure battery. (the battery is one that will fit height wise ok under the seat). But, the slight confusion I am having is...
  15. B

    Solar/split charge VSR query

    Hi could any body tell me if this situation is Norman or ami missing something?? During sunlight 1) voltage at leisure battery showing 13.3v 2) 140A Durite VSR closed (LED illuminated) 3) voltage at starter battery showing 13.3v Now obviously the 2 batteries will show same voltage as when relay...
  16. Sebnev

    Voltage Split Charge Relay - Sanity Check

    I bought my van already converted over a year ago. After reading tons of threads on the forum I'm not sure the electrics are setup the right way. Mine is setup with a voltage split charge relay (see pic attached), and a flooded acid type battery. Is this the right setup for the way the Euro...
  17. L

    Leisure Battery Charging Advice

    OK guys, I've finally managed to repair my solar panel. It's now charging my leisure battery via an MPPT solar controller. While the solar panel was down, my leisure battery went dead due to not charging via the alternator. With my limited knowledge, it looks like a VSR under the drivers seat...
  18. G

    Hillside Birchover

    Anyone else have a hillside Birchover van. Have you had any modifications done after purchased and have you had any problems. Had ours since November and so far all good. Would like a light on opening sliding door other than that all is good.
  19. Loz

    How to fit a DC-DC / battery-to-battery charger kit

    This guide takes you step by step through fitting DC-DC charging kit for leisure batteries on factory California. Why fit this kit: VW are still installing their standard split charge relay on vehicles fitted with leisure batteries, however, the latest Bluemotion technology has a few...