vcds user

  1. Bemmy GY

    V.C.D.S. in Lincolnshire

    Evening folks, you've probably heard it before. New to the scene & recently got the camper that we've always wanted, start line, fully converted & we love it to bits, a downside though is not being able to see the mph in big numbers on the display! & I believe you need some electronic/computer...
  2. EdS

    Any VCDS users around Brighton or East Sussex?

    Hi, I’ve installed a pair of rear speakers in my T6 kombi and looking to activate the fader function. It looks like the VCDS user map is still down, are there any VCDS users around the Brighton area that could help? Thanks in advance!
  3. S

    VCDS near Bristol

    Hi folks. New to this forum. Having rear speakers put in when we get our T6 conversion done in a couple weeks. Need help with fade to the back. Anyone local? Also saw something about wing mirror function on remote? That would be
  4. cgw

    VCDS-VagCom user near Birmingham

    Hi, i have a problem with the central locking on my T6 Highline. Using the key fob it works fine, but when i press the internal lock button on the drivers door, it locks & then immediately unlocks. I did take the van back to VW (before the warranty ran out) re this issue & they said they had...
  5. andy greenwood

    VCDS / Vagcom - Yorkshire

    Is there anyone near me with me VCDS please ? ( keighley, west yorkshire ). @Depron Donkey
  6. tommy_t6.1

    What VCDS cable?

    I've just spent 40 minutes sat in my van freezing my arse off waiting for vcds to update on my laptop, only to be told that my van isn't supported by my current cable! I've currently got an unlimited vin HEX+CAN cable, but what cable do I need to upgrade to that will work with my T6.1?
  7. huw169

    VCDS beginner guides

    Hi all I’m looking to do the MFSW mod soon, and need to do some coding. I’m looking to hire the group cable to do this. I know what to code, or have it written down. My issue is navigating the software and not arsing it up. Basics like taking a scan and storing it, then being able to revert it...
  8. T

    Anyone with VCDS in Hampshire?

    Good evening! I have just finished the electrical installation of my tow bar, reverse camera and rear speakers. None of them currently work fully so I am hoping that someone in the Portsmouth area could help please? The van is a 2016 Euro 5 Highline 140 LWB if that matters? Please let me...
  9. M

    VCDS Derbyshire

    I've just replaced my tow trust fixed tow bar that was on the van when I bought it with a Westfalia detachable. Bought a tow bar bike carrier yesterday and plugged the electrics in. All the lights work as expected, but the reversing sensors still trigger and there isn't a picture of trailer on...
  10. M

    Anyone in the Hertfordshire area (Hoddesdon) who can read error code on T6?

    I have a catalytic converter warning light appear and wonder if a code check will reveal exactly what it is so I can try to drive home and then get local guy to look at it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Teesix

    User location map

    I was trying to see if there was a VCDS user in my neighbourhood. Has the map been taken down now?
  12. Mark Howkins

    VCDS - Bristol/west England area

    Hi, I'd like to switch on the 'Power Folding Windows on Vehicle Lock' option. I have 180 Euro 6 model. Can anyone in the Bristol/Windsor/Leicester areas help? it would be much appreciated.
  13. OllieGBR

    Newbie VCDS user - MK

    Hello guys I've followed the forum advice and run a scan on my T6, apart from the airbag error, (which is of my own making) I have 5 engine warnings. Are the fuel related ones because the engine isn't running? The MAF sensor is listed an 'intermittent' and the barometric sensor as 'malfunction'...
  14. Bob w

    VCDS help in Surrey

    I believe if I had vcds I’d be able to program my mirrors to fold on locking ?? 2016 t6 , does this sound correct ? Thanks
  15. R

    Vcds Beginner Advice - which system?

    Evening guys, I work on vehicles but have never used VCDS and currently don't have it. Where is the best place to get it? Does it work on Windows 10 fine? Is it easy enough to use? I have always seen things about coding for retrofits which I would like to do but sounds complicated. Anywhere I...
  16. coding


  17. The Ham

    Which VCDS?

    which version vcds do think I should get? currently have a snide one but am worried I might bugger something up, I would like to get the proper rosstech lead. have looked on their site and they do a few different ones, along with the obvious fault finding I'd like to do adaptions as well...
  18. markob

    Vcds Connection Problems

    Having some really strange connection problems with VCDS Essentially everything works fine until I try to work on module 09 (Cent. Elec.) As soon as I go into Adaptation and then try to select something in the drop down list to modify it disconnects with the following messages ...
  19. A

    VCDS user near Nottingham

    Hi guys, is there anyone near the Lincoln/Newark area with vag-com who can help me out with disabling the light sensors (I have the Philips LEDs in my THQ after market lights), and can also set dip beam and high beam on at the same time?
  20. Lukavell

    New VCDS User - Italy

    I just bought a VCDS kit from Rosstech. I'm very much looking forward to it arriving and getting to grips with it. I've done what I can with Carista but have a list of stuff I'd like to change with VCDS including but probably not limited to: Tailgate close with Key High Beam Assist Towbar...