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  1. D

    VCDS - East Midlands - rear speakers.

    Hi All, I've tried to get my rear speakers coded in a few times to no avail. I'm travelling from East Midlands Airport on Saturday morning to Newcastle to Newcastle. Is there anyone in close proximity to the route (M1/A1/A19) that can code the rear speakers in? Thanks...
  2. M

    Any VCDS users in Norfolk?

    Hi guys I’ve just bought a T6 and would really like to get the large speedo mod done to my instrument cluster. Is there anyone with VCDS in the Norwich area able to help with this please? Cheers!
  3. CamperBadger

    Michael Sims - MFSW fitter

    Recommendation post: New MFSW fitted and cruise (non adaptive) activated to replace my blank 2019 Startline wheel yesterday by Michael Sims. Mike lives in Hayfield in Derbyshire (it's at the foot of Kinder Scout). Took 1.5 hours, great care taken. Knows his stuff, pleasant chap. He's in the...
  4. Clyro

    VCDS HEX-V2 red flashing light!

    Hi can anyone help? I have a hex-v2 and have used it in the past to code in RVC but after trying to update the firmware it started flashing red. It seems to update to the latest version and light starts flashing green but when I do the test I get the message interface not found. It's over a year...
  5. JFWerkstatt

    JF Werkstatt Ltd - Gloucester

    Hi, JF Werkstatt are a small business based in Gloucester. We are ‘family run’, just me (Josh) at the moment with the wife being dragged in directly to help out. The business has been created out of a genuine passion for doing ‘car stuff’ and fixing issues that others can’t or don’t want to -...
  6. 993porky

    Vcds or carista near Sunderland

    Hi anyone with vcds or carista or similar near Sunderland area as I’m after airbag light switching off after doing resistor mod since changing from bench to single front seat thanks Paul
  7. Pauly

    Looking for 6.1 owners with VCDS

    I am after some scans and maps of 6.1s if anyone is able to oblige I am starting to compile more info for 6.1s and am currently working on some retrofits but could really do with some admaps from some vans to assist me If anyone has vcds and a 6.1 and is unsure what im talking about or would...
  8. Bemmy GY

    V.C.D.S. in Lincolnshire

    Evening folks, you've probably heard it before. New to the scene & recently got the camper that we've always wanted, start line, fully converted & we love it to bits, a downside though is not being able to see the mph in big numbers on the display! & I believe you need some electronic/computer...
  9. E

    VCDS - SW Scotland

    A newbie here so be gentle! I have a 2017 DSG T28 and recently retrofitted a Westfalia removeable swan neck tow bar and dedicated electrics supplied by PFJones. The intention was to then take it to my local VW garage to get the trailer module recording I need. This is where I came unstuck...
  10. goldeneye243

    Anyone in Suffolk with VCDS?

    Just wondering if it is worth spending the money on a VCDS system or not? How much does it actually get used by those who have it? There doesn't appear to be anyone local to me with it to have a look (Newmarket).
  11. A

    Anyone in Mid Cheshire area with VCDS

    I checked here But is there anyone in the mid-cheshire (Crewe/Northwich) area with VCDS as need a few changes making to my T5 (2013) - prepared to travel a little way. Thanks
  12. EdS

    VCDS Sussex?

    Hi, I’ve installed a pair of rear speakers in my T6 kombi and looking to activate the fader function. It looks like the VCDS user map is still down, are there any VCDS users around the Brighton area that could help? Thanks in advance!
  13. Yorkyrmcdo

    VCDS / Vagcom - Yorkshire

    Hi all, looking for a vcds guru in york, Yorkshire area, would like dial sweep, teardrop wipe, mph in mfd, locking on drive off and a few oth Could become addictive Or a point in the right direction to get the software and do it my self
  14. R

    Which VCDS cable?

    Hi guys Got a hex can USB cable on order from gendan. Will that work OK on my t6? Cheers
  15. huw169

    VCDS beginner guides

    Hi all I’m looking to do the MFSW mod soon, and need to do some coding. I’m looking to hire the group cable to do this. I know what to code, or have it written down. My issue is navigating the software and not arsing it up. Basics like taking a scan and storing it, then being able to revert it...
  16. S

    Anyone with VCDS in Hampshire?

    Hi can anyone help? I have just wired rear speakers into my T6 and need the rear fader option programming. Is there anyone near Fleet Hampshire with VDCS that can help?
  17. M

    VCDS Derbyshire

    I've just replaced my tow trust fixed tow bar that was on the van when I bought it with a Westfalia detachable. Bought a tow bar bike carrier yesterday and plugged the electrics in. All the lights work as expected, but the reversing sensors still trigger and there isn't a picture of trailer on...
  18. jimmyp

    VCDS in Hertfordshire

    Hi I have a carista with a month left on the subscription I live in st albans if anyone would like to come round and alter any of there settings you are more than welcome. jim
  19. E

    New key remote programming with vcds?

    2017 t6 Hi. Appologies if this has been asked before but, I only have 1 key for my van and before I commit to buying a replacement from VW i wondered if it can be done using VCDS as im thinking of buying it anyway. I've read how it is enabled with different vehicles but curious if this is an...
  20. Teesix

    User location map Oops! We ran into some problems...