1. S

    Tyre Warning light with Duchy wheels how do I fix

    Hi all Need a hand - the TPS light comes on which I believe is because of the wheels not being standard. They are banded duchy 18 wheels. A reset doesn’t last either. How do I get the problem solved correctly am I right in understanding it’s to do with the ABS sensor on the brakes or something?
  2. @

    Traction Control / ESC dash button not working [Resolved]

    Hey All, After a year of owning the van I tried to disable the Traction Control / ESC from the dash button but it didn’t work, never tested it before now so not sure it ever worked. I pressed it, held it etc but no the ESC dash light never lit nor the TPMS light which both illuminate during...
  3. M

    T30 255/40/20 - My Experience

    Hi all, I've spent a lot of time on the forum reading through lots of posts from some amazing members and found lots of valuable information that's helped me make decisions on my own vehicle. I wanted to create this post as a way of giving back to those who are searching for similar answers and...
  4. C4S

    New wheels TPMS in Old Wherls

    Please help, I’m having new tyres fitted tmrw and something just popped into my thoughts, the new wheels are bare as new no valves nothing. The Devinports from the factory presumably have the TPMS sensors in them, What do I need to do to make them work ? Basically I need to get them...
  5. CamperBadger

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring System retrofit to Startline

    My van, a Startline, doesn't have it. How to retrofit? Do I buy the TPMS units for each tyre, buy some kind of bluetooth receiver and then code?
  6. J

    T6: Tyre pressure monitoring unavailable' / 'ABS controller error (ESC) [Resolved]

    Hi, purchased a Highline T6 back in 2016. Sadly it has been an expensive disappointing experience. Will be selling it soon. My main dealer's service is slow. I now have an ABS issue Error messages either approximately state 'Tyre pressure monitoring unavailable' or 'Abs controller error (ESC) I...
  7. WhatsGoingOnHere

    Tyre pressure warnings

    Evening! Over the last couple of days I keep getting tyre pressure warnings on my van. It’s a T6 running 20s. The first time I checked and set the pressures to 41psi although all wheels seemed to be at a similar pressure. I’ve since set them to 41psi and each time the warning comes on I check...
  8. B

    T6.1 Tyre pressure warning [Resolved]

    We are constantly getting tyre pressure warnings on our T6.1 transporter (its really a van t it). We didn’t pay for the TPS system so we assume that ours is based on the rolling circumference of the tyres. Now a bit of background, I have been through the forum and checked various things. Tyre...
  9. chrisinglis23

    T6.1 TPMS sensors

    Hi All, I fitted some TPMS sensors that I got from eBay… but they are not being picked up by the van. Is anyone able to tell me if I have the right ones? And would VCDS help me to programme? It’s a new T6.1… These are the sensors… VW TPMS SENSOR TRANSPORTER TOURAN TOUAREG AMAROK GOLF UP T-ROC...
  10. Mupp3tt

    ABS ESP & Tyres Pressure Warning

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the following errors. I expect the near side ABS sensor, as that is generally the one that gets all the much and crud on it but can someone tell me anything else on these codes please?
  11. Loz

    Faulty wheel speed sensor [Replaced]

    I received a number of warning lights including: Stability Control - ABS - TPMS - Front Assist - ACC Scan showed the following; Address 03: ABS Brakes (J104) Labels: 7E0-907-37x-MK100ESC.clb Part No SW: 7E0 907 379 Q HW: 7E0 907 379 N Component: ESC H06 0133...
  12. T

    New alloys and the effect on TPMS, ABS and more.

    My new '21 Kombi is now finished thanks to Leighton and Slidepods. More details and photos shortly. I'm just wading through the (quite long) list of issues... One thing that worried me is that by fitting larger 20in LV wheels, the TPMS has been deactivated. I wasn't to know as the TPMS factory...
  13. Rislar

    VCDS Adjusting the TPMS variables.

    Is there a definitive answer to adjusting the existing settings in the screen as I'm running on 20" and they are way too overly inflated for me!
  14. TheKeymeister

    Indirect TPMS reset menu on T5.1

    I know this isn't exactly T6 related, so apologies in advance...but this is the forum I'm most active on nowadays so thought best to post here... It's well documented elsewhere on how to enable indirect TPMS, 03-ABS Brakes, coding, then activate byte 12 (for T5.1) or byte 15 (for T6) bit 4. It...
  15. BikerPa

    T6.1 Direct TPMS sensor suppliers? for OE Pt No.2N0907251 in UK (Other than VW CV)

    Has anybody found a reliable supplier (preferably online in UK) of these TPMS sensor valves other than VW CV franchises that charge £90 ea. for them? OE Pt No. 2N0907251 (manufactured by Schrader) I've tried some other after-market Schrader Ez-TPMS sensors which work for a while but then the...
  16. Desmoben

    TPMS: Anyone know how to add additional tyre sizes to MFD?

    Anyone know how to add additional tyre sizes to MFD (like my 245/65 r17 BFG’s? Thanks,
  17. M

    Changing wheels and tyres and TPMS

    Hi, we’ve just bought. T26 2018 to convert to a day van and are looking to change the wheels. I’ve looked at threads on here and looked at the sticker on the van and it is 1500kg/1400kg so I think we are ok with nothing about 750 for the wheels, is that right? I’ve also looked here and think...
  18. Glenn Board

    Can Traffic sign recognition and Tyre pressure monitoring system be turned on with VCDS T6.1

    Hi, do you know if on the T6.1 the two options of: Tyre pressure monitoring system. Visual display of each tyre pressure is shown in the Multi-function display. Traffic Sign Recognition Can be activated in VCDS please?
  19. huw169

    TPMS - how it works

    Hi all Had a read through the other posts on this, but doesn't answer my questions. I can see that the new T6.1 appears to have a 'direct TPMS' so needs the sensors in the wheels, but the T6 is monitored off the ABS. I'm picking up a T6 Jan 2019 model in a week or so, and keen to change the...
  20. M

    TPMS and new wheels..

    Hi - just about to fit some Devonports on to my 2019 Shuttle which came with steel wheels. Quick question - will the new wheels sync / recognize my van re TPMS or will the warning light come on once I’ve fitted them? Clearly I’d check pressures and ‘store’ in the normal way - my question is more...