1. M

    TPMS and new wheels..

    Hi - just about to fit some Devonports on to my 2019 Shuttle which came with steel wheels. Quick question - will the new wheels sync / recognize my van re TPMS or will the warning light come on once I’ve fitted them? Clearly I’d check pressures and ‘store’ in the normal way - my question is more...
  2. Pauly

    T6 Running Gear / Suspension Workshop Manual 2019

    Workshop manual covering running gear, axles, steering, suspension This document covers removal/installation/repair of subframe, suspension, wheel bearings, drive shafts, anti roll bars, self levelling suspension, wheels/tyres/geometry, TPMS, ACC, steering wheel, steering rack, power steering...
  3. M

    T6.1 TPMS, with reading in display.

    Hi I just bought a new Transporter T6.1. Of course, the car has TPMS, but not with direct reading of what the pressure is in each wheel, in the display. Is it possible to code it to display it with VSDS connectors, or do you need extra hardware? - Mads
  4. A

    T6.1 Direct Tpms, Two Sets Of Wheels

    My T6.1 Direct TPMS. I'm planning on buying another set of wheels (with TPMS valves) so I have a dedicated summer and winter setup. Does anyone know the process for swapping wheel sets and pairing different sets of TPMS valves? Will this require a visit to the VW dealer ? I've ploughed through...
  5. C

    Tyre Pressure Indicator

    Just fitted new Eibach lowering springs and 18” Wolfrace alloys to my high line T6 kombi and my tyre pressure warning light is illuminated. Is it easy to get rid of it.
  6. Deaky

    Direct TPMS ODIS-E xml file for 3AA907273F Module 2020-02-12

    If you've retrofitted direct TPMS it's likely that the tyre sizes and pressures stored on your module do not relate to your T6. This file contains all the standard tyres/pressure combinations
  7. czmate1999

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring

    Hi Guys, Have a 69 T32 Kombi, just in conversion at the moment. Just wondered if anyone could tell me if it has TPMS or if it is something that can be enabled? Had a quick search but nothing jumped out at me. Cheers CZ.
  8. Simo1198

    Pressure Sensors With Banded Steels

    Hi all I've got new 18" banded steels Should i fit the tyre pressure sensors from my standed wheels (Do they come out?) to my T6 Kombi or not worry? If i dont fit im sure the tyre warning light comes on. Can i turn this off without VAG unit or just leave it on ? Cheers
  9. Robert

    Direct TPMS Retrofit

    This is possible on PQ25 platform so why not put it on T6:sneaky:
  10. kiter

    Black Rhino And Tpms

    I was supposed to be getting kmc holeshot with bf goodrich tyres but been a bit of a c*ck up and the order is being cancelled and getting a refund. Back to the drawing board and considering black rhino warlord and on the lk website they are suggesting I need to add tpms at another £140. Is this...
  11. Mr blue

    T5 Sportlines and big brakes

    will these sportline wheels fit on a t6 t32 kombi ? I can’t remember which one will and which won’t because of the larger brakes thanks
  12. B

    Driver Controls

    New to camping just purchased new VW Kepler 6 westfalia. So many driver controls. Anyone know how to set tyre pressure controls on dashboard.
  13. Gillon Johnstone

    Tyre Pressure Sensor

    Today I put on 4 new winter tyres and after dricdri about 25miles the tyre pressure warning light came on. 1) Is this ok? 2) Can someone please tell me how to reset it Thanks in advance
  14. Shaun Witts

    Can Tpms Be Enabled On A Panel Van With Carista Or Is Vcds Needed?

    I’ve just collected my Highline 204 TSI panel van and am preparing a list of what Carista can do for me. The list is as follows, but can it enable the TPMS as well or can this only be done with VCDS? Tear drop wiper sweep 5 instead of 3 indicator flashes Drive away locking DRL wink option 1...
  15. A

    Abs Long Coding, Hill Descent Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring

    Here is a couple of nuggets for everyone: How to active Tyre pressure monitoring TPM (PR 7K9) How to active Hill descent control on 4Motion vehicles (PR UG5) Of course with UG5 the hill descent switch must be installed and wired to the ABS CU to activate. TPM activation is purely just software...
  16. M

    Panel van Tyre pressure monitor enable.

    Can't believe that Panel vans don't come with the flat tyre warning enabled- its surly a good safety feature with no downside at all. Kombis come with this as standard the Panel vans don't as VW charge £60 as an option !! Considering that all the hardware is already fitted Its £60 to change...