1. M

    Recommend me a Toilet Tent

    As per the title - suggestions appreciated for a quality toilet tent please. We got this as part of a package recently, and it is utterly dire! MP9515 Shower/Utility Tent - Maypole A pole sleeve tore while it was being "test pitched" in the garden, it's almost transparent and I doubt it'd...
  2. monkey66

    quality loo, clearly.

    not sure they will have shifted many of these... T5/6 Variotech Swb Rails 3000 - UK Leisure Parts
  3. True Romance

    French campsite toilets with no seat? How do you poo!

    So been watching a few youtubers travelling through France and most sites they stop at don't have seats on the campsites toilets? Do understand this is some weird French hygiene rule but for anyone who's used these toilets how do you go for a nunber two? Is it a case of just hovering, do you...
  4. JasonW

    Thetford 335 storage compartment

    I've searched through many threads but not found the answer to this... In the base of the thetford 335 portaloo is a handy storage compartment... measuring 16cm x 7cm x 7cm it is meant to be used for storing a dose of aqua chem blue and aqua rinse chemicals... instead of carrying the full 1.5...
  5. C

    Loo... It has to be asked, sorry

    Hi We are almost ready to buy our camper! The one thing I’m really worrying about it the loo. I am absolootly one of those ladies that needs the loo in the night. Now my problem is I have a disability which means I am not going to be able to go outdoors and squat due to leg weakness. Even a...
  6. True Romance

    2 Room Shower Toilet Tent?

    After a bigger and better toilet tent and like the idea of a 2 room one with separate shower and toilet rooms. Plenty on the web but buggered if I can find any for sale in the UK? Anyone own/use such a thing and if so where did you get it? What are you guys using?? Something like this, "ozark...
  7. CJ_T6-red

    Portaloo — Solved

    One of my priority solutions was to have the loo to be able to slide under the seat. Was not wanting to go outside and pick up the loo from the back of the van. And was getting fed up will lifting two tons of wee wee over the seat when folded out. I stopped off on my travels to EvoDesigns and...
  8. Sabre

    Eye Kettelby, Leicestershire
  9. Andrew Wilkinson

    Thetford Porta

    Hi guys, We prefer where we can to wild camp rather than staying on sites with hook ups. As a result we decided that it was worth having a portable toilet in the van for VERY limited use! Anyway, we bought a thetford 345 thinking that it was the smallest one which, when split into its two...
  10. HotandCold

    T6 LWB White (for now) Camper Build

    This is my second camper build, I did a T4 conversion a few years ago and really enjoyed it, both the build and the camping. So on to number 2... Details keep changing as ideas come and go, but basics are a full camper with rear kitchen, side mounted, slide out bed (not travelling seats) behind...
  11. F

    Camping loo...

    Slightly grim subject but hey ho! We free camped a bit on our last trip to Spain/Galicia in our old camper. Most areas have some form of loo but not all; and as seasoned as we think we are, hole digging is just grim. We've decided a porta potti thing takes up too much space so thinking...