1. C

    Tinting to match existing windows

    Hi, New owner of 2016 birch over hillside t6 camper. Rear windows are tinted. Want to add tiny film to tailgate window but would like it to match the rest. Anyone know how I can fathom what current % is? many thanks, Chris
  2. T

    Tinting Options

    Hi There, New to the VW world and looking for some advice. We have a 2019 Shuttle SWB and unsure what to do for the windows, currently standard glazing but looking to add a tint for security and also to keep the van cool (temp :-) ) Based in scotland and happy to get recommendations of...
  3. T5SUG

    Tint Tech Nottingham

    If your looking for window tinting in the Nottingham area then i can highly recommend these guys. Just had the rear 3/4 tinted on my Caravelle, great service, great price, really happy with the results.
  4. Jason Kew

    Thermal window film?

    Hi everyone.. Insulation questions.. I sleep out in my van each week and it's cold! I have a diesel heater planned and have the van well insulated.. but has anyone used convection thermal film on the front and rear side windows?.. if so was it any good and which product did you get I'm...
  5. Sharpe

    Sold SWB film tinted windows x4

    Set of windows removed from a 2015 shuttle SWB. They are genuine VW glass with film tint applied, not sure what % but it’s pretty dark. They still have the remains of the original bonding around the edges of the windows. One of the panels has a scratch to the tint film on the inside. Collection...
  6. LambethBoy

    Are the T6.1 side windows a darker tint that the T6s?

    Are the T6.1 side windows a darker tint that the T6s??
  7. Base1388

    Tailgate Window Tinting

    Im after getting my OEM rear window tinted limo black Any recomendations please ? Where not to go ! What not to do ? Im considering Tint R in Nottingham Many Thanks Romany....
  8. I

    Are sliding-windows tinted?

    Hi, I have a leaking side door window on my 2019 highline kombi. Local dealer is saying that VW do not supply windows with a tint on any van. So cannot replace it. So my question is is it possible to check what my van came with from factory? Do VW do tinted windows? Would it be possible that...
  9. david173

    Window tinting south wales?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for window tinting for my factory Kombi in South Wales area? Thanks!
  10. VinylArchie

    Rear quarter windows to match Kombi sliding windows

    So from what I have read already I need to get OEM glass to match the Kombi windows. Few questions relating. Do I have to go to VW to buy this glass? Do you think I need to go OEM with the tailgate? Still undecided if I need an additional tint to the glass, don't want it to be too dark looking...
  11. Schoey

    T6.1 rear window replacement - not the same dark tint as before.

    My T6.1 rear windows were both leaking in from the sliding window gutter channel. Had the full window replaced with new ones but with a new designed gutter so the VW centre told me. Hopefully this will fix the problem. But on inspection I noticed that the privacy glass is not as dark as before...
  12. A

    T6.1 genuine LED rear lights - tinted??

    Hi guys can anyone tell me if there is 2 variants or t6.1 led rear lights in tailgate fitment, normal and a darker tinted? Are these both genuine factory lights and anyone got any images showing the differences between them? Want to fit them to my t6, but not sure if the tinted will be...
  13. L

    Privacy glass - why do I need it?

    Hi We are in the process of getting a conversion. The converter we are speaking to does untinted windows with no sliding window as standard. He says the tint makes the van gloomy and it doesn't really add much in terms of security. I see where he's coming from, if you are willing to steal a...
  14. Andyf

    White marks on tinted windows

    Hi, Got a camper with tinted glass They have like white marks on them even when washed possibly lime scale What are you using to clean your Thanks in advance Andy
  15. S

    For Sale Tinted Halogen Tailgate Tail Lights. £50

    Professionally tinted by local firm, all bulbs included £50 posted ono
  16. cgtmiles

    Smoked Rear Reflectors

    Hello I’m looking to replace the rear lights with the thq smoked LEDs and have a smoked third brake light so to finish off the look from the rear I want smoked (not red) rear reflectors. I wonder whether anyone has seen any reflectors with a smoked/tinted effect that still function adequately...
  17. Sharpe

    Removing Tailgate Glass

    I’ve got a PV with non tinted heated glass. I want it in limo tint privacy glass, but don’t like the effect of tinting with the little gaps around the heater elements and dots around the edge. How easy is it to remove the factory glass and install aftermarket limo tint glass? Any special tools...
  18. D

    OEM Tailgate Glass options

    VW OEM tailgate privacy glass (to match Kombi sides) - available with wiper hole and HRW only or are there versions without either/both?
  19. T

    Replacing Standard Rear Windows For Tinted Privacy Glass

    Hi all.... 2016 T6 Shuttle LWB I'm looking to replace my standard rear windows for Tinted Privacy Glass and wondered if anyone had advice, come across a thread or videos on best way to remove existing glass ? I'm ok with installing new glass, viewed a couple of videos online about fitting new...
  20. Ian28

    Limo Tinting My T6 Kombi

    My Kombi has the VW privacy glass and I want to get it fully limo tinted including the rear window which has heated screen & wiper. Looks like there’s a decent outfit near me - do I just ask them to apply a ‘limo tint’ or will they bamboozle me with percentages and visual light details etc.?