1. S

    Sunroof motor - supersession not working

    hi everyone. I have an unusual problem and I hope someone has had this issue before that can help me. T6 sunroof motor spindle broke off. the motor still works but cannot drive the frame. the new motor I purchased is a completely different part number. according to Volkswagen it is a...
  2. CamperBadger

    Anyone tell me the purpose of the doormat sized shape in my pop top?

    Anyone tell me the purpose of the doormat sized shape in my pop top?
  3. R

    T6 Convertible

    Spotted this today in Teide National Park on Tenerife. It's used for tours of the volcanic area of the island. Great for sightseeing.
  4. Hoonigan_31

    Sold Factory Sunroof + Headliner front and rear

    I have for sale my factory sunroof.. this has been removed due to the westdubs pop top roof being fitted… Sale includes the following: sunroof Headliner Console Rear roof liner Rear spot lights All items are currently fly sat in storage where some of the pictures where taken. £350 all in ...
  5. zer0byte

    Factory sunroof - Wanted

    Hoi! If anyone's selling a factory sunroof pls get in touch, cheers.
  6. nelo

    Sold T6 factory sunroof

    Hello, Just wondering if there is any interest in a factory sunroof. We are getting a poptop fitted next week and the fitter will remove it and put it in the van for me. But if there is no interest I do not really want to store it. I have seen them for sale for up to £200 plus on eBay but I am...
  7. G

    Sold T6 LWB Kombi Rubber Floor. Folding 3-Seat Bench Seat in Simora. Electric Sunroof. Full Size Bed.

    All genuine VW Original Used Parts from my 2015 LWB Kombi Transporter. Lots more Pictures available... Please contact me for more information. Triple Bench Seat In good working order & tidy condition... comes with all floor Fixings & 2 VW Seat Belts & fixings. £250 Rubber Floor from LWB Kombi...
  8. Bainsey1695

    Body control changes for sunroof retrofit

    Hi guys and girls , looking for some help , I have retro fitted a factory sunroof but struggling to get power to it , I have fitted the oem loom from the donor van , will I need to get the bcm re programmed to allow power to it ? Many thanks Steve
  9. Leigh T6

    Solar sunroof

    Is there such a thing out there as a solar sun roof? I really dont like the look of solar panels stuck on the roof of the van, and I would also like a sunroof, surely the photocells could be in the glass and it looks part of the van rather than an add on. 2 for price of 1 and would look really...
  10. Ali-G

    Factory sunroof and pop top.

    Hi all. I’ve been looking at vans and have seen a few that have factory fitted sunroofs. Does anyone know if it’s possible to fit a pop-top to a van with a sunroof? (not retaining the sunroof obviously) Thanks.
  11. wooly2773

    Water Leaking In Through Sunroof/interior Light Unit

    Hi All, I've just purchased a t32 and after the torrential rain that we've had over the past day or two I noticed I was getting water droplets from the interior light unit in the front. I have a sunroof and on closer inspection (after removing the interior light unit) I believe the water is...
  12. Android

    Sunroof Won’t Close

    Hello all, just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue or similar. I’ve had my 2016 Combi Highline from new and it went out of warranty in May... ..yep, you guessed it, now I have a problem!! the ff sunroof won’t get out of tilt (opened). Moving it to the close position sees the...
  13. D

    Newbie Options

    Hi Folks, Hope all are well, I did say hello on the other thread... I've been pondering a van for a while now (who hasn't :)) but the choice is a bit daunting. I don't need a van for work but I'd like something I can use as a daily driver, move bikes around, move stuff around, maybe the odd...
  14. Lukavell

    Potential New Purchase Ramblings...

    Hi all, It's been a while but I'm back on the forum again now... I've been looking at trading in my Caravelle, currently waiting for a Part Ex quote. I'm thinking about a Highline Kombi base van for a stealth swamper camper build and I'm currently spending far too much time on the...
  15. The Ham

    Folding Mirrors And Sunroof

    I've got a "65 plate and changed code to fold mirrors with remote and it worked great, but now my sunroof no longer shuts with the remote, how comes? easy fix?
  16. Jamie2.0

    Retro-Fit Sunroof

    As the title says really, I see it can be done but just wondered if there any pros and cons with getting an after market one fitted? Anyone with first or second hand experience? Thanks J
  17. Manu

    For Sale Sunroof For Sale

    Hi, I am having a Hilo roof fitted next week. My van came with a factory fitted electric sunroof. It is really neat. A shame loosing that. Anyone would be interested in having it? Do they have any value? Not sure if it is easy to get them retrofitted, but it would be a shame to just through it away!
  18. Cherokee

    Show us your Sunroof

    A small membership here I suspect!!!
  19. Leigh

    My Factory Swivel Heated Driver Seat - Anyone want to swap?

    I have an as new Factory Swivel, Heated Drivers Seat (Simora Trim) with lumbar & armrests. I'm looking to swap for same but without swivel. Anyone interested? I'm in Swansea by the way.....
  20. Pauly

    T6 Sunroof Wiring Diagram 2017

    Circuit Diagram For Sliding And Tilting Sunroof VIP Membership is required to download this document