step light wiring

  1. M

    Conversion Plug Kombi-Caravelle step lights

    So after fitting my Caravelle steps I have realised my Kombi step light plugs don't fit. Does anyone know of a conversion plug or part numbers for a replacement plug I can fit in its place. Cheers
  2. Ragster13

    Sold LWB Single Slider PV Rubber Load Mat, Step, Lash Downs

    Just removed from a brand new van, Rubber load mat for single slider, comes with the deeper side step with LED lights and lash downs. Located in Leicestershire or Birmingham, I'll add photos tomorrow. £280 OVNO
  3. M

    Steps for steps light?

    Hello everybody, i have now looked thru most of the forum and can't seem to find anywhere which exact steps (part number) I need for retrofitting the steps light. I have already the lights but I can't find the correct steps. with the correct cutouts. Can anybody out here help with this one?
  4. P

    Sold Front steps entry-lights

    Hoping for some help with some entry lights for the driver/passenger steps as I cant find an answer. I have the standard factory footwell lights which work off the courtesy circuit I assume as they go off when you put the ignition on. Can I tap of this and just run a feed directly to the step...
  5. S

    How to Install Side Step Light

    I am currently converting a PV to a Camper and bought a raised step from Kiravans with a light but I have no clue how to connect this light? I am guessing I would need to go from one of the courtesy lights above the passenger side and down the B column under the the step trim. However the light...
  6. Jimm

    Interior lighting delay

    Hi, I think I originally posted this in the wrong place, hence the new thread. I'd be grateful if someone with more knowledge than me on interior lighting could assist please. I am replacing the 2x original load bay lights with LED courtesy lights and a genuine VW step light. I did the step...
  7. Skyliner33

    Help with light plug part number.

    I want to take out a Kombi step that has this light, so will need to take the black plug off: And replace it with a plug that fits the socket on the back of a caravelle light (the OEM light in a Caravelle step): I need a part number for the plug if possible. Thanks in advance.
  8. M

    Door step light fuse location

    Hi does anyone know the location of the sliding door side step light fuse ?? Whilst changing the bulbs to LED's I managed to blow the fuse. Seems I was a bit to eager with my screwdriver !!! Thanks
  9. TheKeymeister

    Footwell / step light - LED conversion

    This may well have been done before, so apologies, but thought I'd show how I eventually fitted LEDs in my step's pretty simple but I tried to do it in a way that I'll be able to finally forget about it without any worries, so thought I'd share :D Originally I bought a full...
  10. F

    Step light staying on. Wiring issue? [Resolved]

    Can anyone help. Have a T6 highline converted. The sliding door step has 2 led micro led lights in. When door opens the led lights shine bright then after door closure and lock the lights dim but don’t go off. Any ideas on how to stop them staying on dimly. I’ve read the threads on timers...
  11. Rob-Harrison1979

    Sliding door step light

    Hi all, the light on the sliding door side step has never worked, (T6) I’ve change the bulb and no luck, how easy is the step to pull up to check the wiring? Has anyone else had this issue, any help would be great, thanks
  12. M

    Sliding-Door Step Light has power but doesn’t work..

    hello all, hope you can help if possible. I have replaced all my internal bulbs for led in my 2015 t6 transporter except the single side step and they all work great. I noticed though after a few months that the side now is no longer working. Bulb gone I say! I have changed for a exact...
  13. 3crispies

    Adding Kombi lights to rear seat-bases.

    Adding extra lighting in front seat bases, is there somewhere local to tap off, our passenger seat has no fused connectors as it was originally a panel van. Or is it a case of soldering off permanent 12v+ (red/black) and timed negative 12v- (brown/red) at original roof lights. thanx in advance
  14. Gareth1

    Caravelle Step-Light LED bulbs

    Hi Having recently converted my interior roof mounted lights to LED lamps, I'm now looking to swap my front driver and passenger step lamps also to LED. These are the ones that have 4 separate warm white lamps currently installed. Does anyone know the lamp type so I can order some replacement...
  15. boopzz

    California Side Step connector

    I had a new floor put in which came with a lovely California step and LED light. However I can't for the life of me find anywhere which sells the connector that would go on the back. I've run cables upto the door light ready to splice in but would rather connect to the step light with the proper...
  16. B

    Kombi step light - turning off and current drain

    The lights on my Kombi step come on when the doors are open (twin slider, one light per side). I can turn off the normal interior lights that are triggered by the doors but can't seem to do the same for the lights in the steps Is there a way to turn them off? Also, anyone know what sort of...
  17. Barley53

    Courtesy light for side door camper

    Hi all, I'd like to to install a courtesy footwell light or side bar lights for the side entrance to my t6 camper, my Highline doesn't have anything in place. Can someone advise where I'd get the feed from? I've installed footwell lights from the glove box, and puddle lights from tge wiring...
  18. L

    T6.1 Kombi Step Lights

    Just a quick question, I’ve bought some of the new 6.1 kombi courtesy lights for the rear passenger and boot area and I was wondering if the kombi step lights have been upgraded to LED units also?
  19. G

    O/S Step with Vent for Night Heater and Courtesy Light part-number?

    Hi, can anybody help me out? Trying to find the step with the night heater vent and the courtesy light. Does anybody know of a part number or does someone have a reg I can give TPS for the part please. thanks in advance!
  20. Skyliner33

    Where To Get Power For Drivers Door Step Light.

    I picked up a new step with a grill to cover my heater install intake. it also has a light. Now where is the best place to take a power feed from. I also bought a plug for the light but it didn’t come with any pins. The plug looks like this but without wires. Is there a part number for...