speed limit

  1. goldeneye243

    Motor Caravan Internal Features - Minimum install to meet speed limit requirements

    Current build is a T32 highline with full width rib bed and pop top roof - No table, or cooking facilities. Double front seat, so that should cover storage?? Are there any space efficient (and cost efficient) ways of making it qualify as a motor caravan? It would be handy to be out of the grey...
  2. vwski

    T6.1 Deactivate speed limit warning message...?

    Hi, I've looked in the manual but can't seem to find anything relating to this... I'm trying to deactivate the warning message that pops up on the dash every time the speed limit is exceeded. Not that I do that of course ;) But if someone did, is there a way to stop that from happening? TIA
  3. S

    Unsure of speed limits

    I am due to pick up my 2018 T6 today and it has been professionally fully converted from a TRANSPORTER SHUTTLE 2.0 T32 TDI to a campervan. I have been told that it is down as a Transporter shuttle on the V5 and not down as a campervan. So can you guys tell me what bracket I will be in when it...
  4. K

    Tyre speed rating vs van top speed.

    Hi guys, new here and looking for some help. Ordered a SWB DSG T32 204ps, build is week 16. Looking to put KMC hole shots with BFG tyres on it. As the tyres are R rated, 106mph and the vehicle max speed is stated at 123mph, is this permissible?
  5. Samro

    4Motion - Dual Purpose Vehicle?

    I know that this has been covered before on this forum, but I remain confused on speed restrictions that apply to 4Motion vans. From reading previous posts, it is clear that there is agreement that if a vehicle falls into the scope of "Dual Purpose" then the legal speed that it may drive...
  6. O

    Would you let the van speed limit put you off buying a T32 LWB Kombi vs a Shuttle?

    Hi all. About to purchase a van, narrowed it down to a LWB T32 Kombi for £29k or a Shuttle for £26k. Same age (2019), both DSG and similar miles and spec. Kombi advantages to me would be the number of larger choice of mods, camping pods, converters, roofs etc and this particular one has a few...
  7. sebastian747

    Speeding “Class of vehicle” (Kombi 2040kg)

    This may help someone else - My VW is a SWB T30 I got clocked going 62mph on the A39 in Cornwall. The ticket says EXCEEDED SPEED LIMIT CLASS OF VEHICLE! Here are the facts for those that do not know them. If your van meets certain criteria then it has the same speed limit as a normal Car. Here...
  8. Urbanfox

    V5 Documentation - DVLA Rule Change for Motor Caravan Reregistration June 2019

    Hi, a little help required re the V5. I have recently received my V5 from the DVLA for my T6 which was converted to a campervan by a local company. He sent the docs off with photos etc as per changes to the use etc of the vehicle and the returned V5 in my name just states the Van as a VAN/SIDE...
  9. GB_Vdub

    Vw T6 Kombi Vehicle Classification And Speed Limits

    I'm trying to work out what vehicle class a new VW T6 Kombi would fall into ... This has been discussed previously here I see (Kombi speed limit ?), but information I have found elsewhere seems as though it might contradict this. According to these links, and if I am correct, a VW Kombi could...
  10. andythom188

    Van Speed Limit?

    what are the speed limits for a factory built kombi as I'm not 100% sure , had this conversation in work today. It's a commercial vehicle derived car