1. G

    [RESOLVED] Interior light and sidelights after lining

    Hi, New to the forum today I own a 65 plate T6 LWB Combi and have just been sound proofing and insulating the rear side & ceiling panels in preperation to start a slow DIY day van/Camper conversion.. I've not moved or touched any wiring at all EXCEPT one of the original ceiling light internal...
  2. P

    Bulb fail light on but not with lights switch set to auto

    Got an interesting fault, with the lights switch set to "auto" all works fine no errors. But if set the lights switch to '0' or lights on eg side lights I get the bulb fail light error on the dash. Had a careful check round all the lights, they are all okay. Its a t6 highline 17 plate with...
  3. simonnwt6

    THQ v3 no dip LED on sidelight pos?

    Hi all, Just noticed on the new install that when I turn lights on pos 1 , sidelights, as I sometimes drive with tears in as well that the front LED dim. Seems weird to me if I’m switching from DRL to sidelights they go darker :/ Have Carista but I doubt thats going to help. Anyone know if...
  4. 8

    Near-Side Side-Lights Out

    Guys I have front and rear near side side lights out and bulb warning light on dash, I have no feed to front or rear , any one know which fuse it is many thanks
  5. A

    No Side Lights Or Interior Lights

    Chaps, Hope someone can help with this. About 2 years ago I got a detachable tow-bar fitted with 7-pin electrics socket. Tested it out with a light board at the time of purchase and everything was sweet. I didn't actually end up using a trailer until the other day. Last Weds I went to purchase a...
  6. M

    Side Lights /fuse Issues.

    Hi I’ve just joined as I have a problem with my 2018 T6 van. I had a towbar fitted and all was well whilst I towed a trailer with led lights but towing with normal bulbs appears to have overloaded a fuse. It would appear that they’ve wired both left and right hand trailer lights together at...
  7. T6180

    Side Light Bulbs - Vcds Coding

    Can the side light bulb canbus error be coded out by VCDS?
  8. G

    Side Lights And Interior Cab Lights Not Working

    Hi, Can anyone help please, I have no side or cab lights. I have replaced fuse as it was blown, and disconnected and reconnected the battery, as advised. Still have no lights on either, any help would be appreciated.
  9. walnuts

    Lighting Madness

    I've been suffering from some really weird problems with my lights, details below, anyone got any idea what the hell is going here? I'll try and keep it short.... So a few weeks ago I noticed that my interior lights had packed up, thanks to the info here I was able to find the relevant fuse and...
  10. GONA66

    fuse blew knocking out the interior and side lights

    OK ,the 7.5 amp fuse blew knocking out the interior lights , front side lights and the rear lights ( the norm ) ! Now then I've changed the fuse , I've checked every single bulb ( yes stripped the rear light assemblies ! ) I've disconnected the battery to re-set things , and I've played with...
  11. APEX

    Interior and sidelights out - can’t find fuse

    Can someone please help I have blown the interior light on my T6 I can’t find the correct fuse to replace I have also noticed my back lights don’t work and the puddle lights don’t work either :(
  12. M

    Ceiling light short has taken our rear lights

    Ok guys I hope someone can help me please. I had a blown fuse from where I took the rear interior light off to get the ceiling cards off for carpeting and whilst looking for the blown fuse I managed to drop one of them and it has disappeared somewhere below the fuse box. I put a replacement fuse...