reversing feed

  1. P

    T5.1/T6 DSG reversing switch location

    Anyone know we’re the 7 speed Dsg reverse switch is or were wires are ?
  2. Steve1978

    Which cable is the reversing live

    I know variations of this question have been asked but I can’t seem to find my variation! I have bought one of those rear view mirrors with a front facing camera and a rear camera. It all works fine but it has a cable at the camera end that you are supposed to tap into the reverse live cable...
  3. R

    Reverse input signal fault

    I have a fault where the reverse light and sensors do not work when reverse gear is selected. When I monitor parking aid input signal on VCDS the state does not change when I select reverse. The reverse lights and parking sensors do work when I try them on the output test on VCDS. After...
  4. O

    Light issue but all lights working

    We just got the tow bar programmed in and they told me at the time that if the light-bulb error lamp comes on the dash and the indicator clicks at double speed then there is a bulb fault, but all the lights seem to be working fine!? Only light not coming on is reversing off side (driver) but...
  5. Vdubster

    Is the Reverse Light Cable the same as the door sensor cable?

    Hello everybody, Not so long ago ( transporter t6 2019 barn door ) the little van on my dash kept telling me the back door was open ( it wasn't ) sent to vw, they said cable from front to back has got damaged, installed the new one at the front, and told me where to connect at the rear ( yet to...
  6. SAF1981

    Wiring reverse cam in a T6 tailgate camper???

    I have a Road Angel reverse camera that centers between the number plate lights. I have drilled this point and placed the cam and leads through. Now I need to access the +reverse light wire from this point. Has anyone installed a rev cam in a T6 tailgate camper???
  7. p6raf

    Reversing feed around dash area?

    Can any suggest where I could find a reverse live somewhere behind the dash?
  8. VesselPal

    Reversing beeper

    Looking for a genuine reversing beeper part number and location where they mount it in the factory. I mean the one that beeps continuously when in reverse on the outside of the van. Anybody?
  9. Bluemerlin

    Installing Aftermarket reversing camera to an OEM head unit.

    Good morning all, first post on here but have been using this forum for guidance for some time now, and thank you to @Pauly for accepting me. So he is where I am, I’m looking to install a wired aftermarket camera from ADT and fit it to my OEM composition media head unit. However finding it...
  10. T

    Reverse and brake lights not working after camera install

    Hi - just been fitting a reversing camera (Autovox V5 Pro) to my 2018 T6. While doing this I've removed part of the roof paneling and disconnected one of the rear interior lights (not sure if this is relevant). When I've tried to find the reverse cable to connect the reversing camera, I've found...
  11. J

    Reversing Sensor open circuit after pop-top roof fitted [RESOLVED]

    I’ve had a new pop top roof fitted but developed a reversing sensor fault in the process! VCDS says 2 faults - Rear right parking aid sensor short to plus and also rear right parking aid sensor open or short to ground. First thought is screw going through cable or cable sliced at some point. I...
  12. S

    Feed for reversing camera

    Looking for best place to take the feed for a reversing camera - I've seen the thread below so know the green/black is the one to use (and identified this going into the light cluster) but would rather take from behind the rear barn door panel assuming it routes that way? @Deaky is the photo...
  13. Mocko1962

    Reverse signal for dashcam rear view

    Where can i connect the rear camera activate ( 12V reversing light ??) Signal for rear view mirror type dashcam.
  14. NickPr

    Reversing Lights And Rear Camera Power Problem

    I've been trying to fix this myself / with our converter, but could do with some advice, please. I'm stuck! T6 LWB 4motion 18' plate DSG. Rear camera, rear parking sensors. I've also read this thread, though my problem is different. My fuse is not blowing. Rear Camera Oem Cable...
  15. D

    Motormax Vw T6 Rvc Woes Please Help!

    I’m hoping one of you technically minded gurus can help me out as I've spent 3 days trying to get this reversing camera installed with no joy! So here goes, bought s VW T6 RVC from Motormax a few weeks ago in the hope of fitting it to my T6. I have the Discovery +Navi head unit so it should be...
  16. O

    Reverse Camera / separate monitor

    Hi. Looking for some help and pointers. I'd like to fit a camera pointing rearward. Mainly for reversing but if it can act as a rear view mirror then great. Happy to have an over the mirror screen. So are there any suggestions? Oh and easiest way to power it. I guess if it's rear view linking...
  17. Buzznitro

    Retrofit Rear Camera BCM Live

    Hi guys been reading and I have bought a fleabay 360 degree camera kit, more on that later, I have read that @Pauly has quoted saying reverse live from BCM can anyone advise me on how to choose connection from BCM please.
  18. 9

    [Guide] Reversing Camera OEM Cable Routing

    Hi, Currently installing a pioneer ND-BC8 reversing camera to my T6 Transporter, Looking for advise on picking up a reversing feed in the cab area Regards Jon
  19. A

    Reverse Canbus Signal

    Is there any way of fooling my new RCD330 that I've put the van in reverse (without putting the reversing light on!)? I've hit a bit of a stumbling block, the view from the reversing camera works fine, but I'm unable to use the screen to view the front/surround cameras as the camera screen is...
  20. A

    360° camera (Area view 2) - retrofit

    Anyone fitted one of these? I like a project to fiddle about with and after fitting my dashcams and door speakers next weekend I fancy having a go with one of these rather than a reversing camera. This is the sort of thing I mean 360° Cam Bird View 4 Camera Car DVR Panorama Parking Security...