1. osman

    Idle speed randomly increased to 1000 for no apparent reason

    Hi my van has suddenly decided to increase idle speed warm (up to temperature )or cold after a a lot of miles and even when first started there is no pattern .. but it’s increased to around 1000 often restarting the engine cures it but not always . Any ideas ?
  2. U

    Engine light glow plug light

    Hi I have a 2007 Vw crafter the engine light on when am driving glow plug light come on and it goes to limp mood each time I clear it come back on is there anyone can help Thanks
  3. teamfly

    Regen whilst in the red

    Coming home tonight & fuel light came on .... Got home and noticed part way through a regen .. weird
  4. Jongall

    Crying! DPF light

    Just listed for sale and this light has just come up! Garage job?
  5. Steve Hales

    Carista app DPF regen

    Had an email from Carista support today regarding beta testing a new feature - DPF regen on my T6.1. I've not had chance to try it yet but could be very useful for the those who mainly do short journeys. Will give it a try tomorrow and report back.
  6. S

    MPG has just fallen of a cliff after service

    Last week I had my T6 serviced, new brakes all round but nothing else special was done to it. On Saturday and Sunday I drove to Leicester for work, down the M1, foggy so took it easy, no head wind, no rush, and the week before same journey, 41mpg, and I would have expected the same or better...
  7. S

    Regen after regen... actually stressing me out

    This T6 is my 6th VW after 5 caddy’s which all had DPF My last caddy was a 2018, like my T6 but regens where 15 min max and maybe every 100-150 miles This T6 is 60-70 miles and can be 3/4 times a tank always lasting 25-30 mins and they just won’t give up if I stop at any poinT I’m getting so...
  8. cfdave

    Regen and fuel consumption joys.

    Just wondering if my car is actually doing a regen all the time. When I stop, a lot of the time the fans are still going etc. Even after a long drive. I've heard some engines are prone to regen issues? Anything I, or vw can do? Also, I can't get over 32/34 mpg. Even on a long motorway...
  9. RattyMcClelland

    Is there a way to turn off regen without a map after DPF delete?

    I'm getting sick of 27mpg. After 65k miles I can get 35mpg easily but as soon as it starts regens the fuel level drops and mpg drops off a cliff and it lasts for a good 35miles 3 times per tank. VW cannot find anything wrong. Don't get me started on the lumpy throttle driving during a regen...
  10. S

    DPF Regen - LED to show you it’s starting?

    DPF Regeneration T28 Highline 150ps 2018 I think it’s poor that you don’t get some sort of warning light as to when the regen process starts. Yes the tickover revs rise to 1000, sometimes you get a smell, fan comes on and sometimes a performance change in the engine. My experience is only the...
  11. D

    Regen Light Avoidance

    Only had my T6 150 for a few weeks and only covered around 250 miles. (20k on the clock) Most of my distance is short journeys. Annual mileage is always around 3 -4k as I work away a lot. Not yet had the experience of the Regen light. I did once hear the fan working after I switched her off, I...
  12. MDS

    Regen - completes after engine shut down?

    Just wondered if anyone else had noticed it? Van temperature gauges all read normal but 50% of the time after you stop, the fan cuts in. Sometimes it actually smells quite hot! Is this a new vehicle thing? All part of running in etc? Thinking about it, the wife's 1 year old Yeti's fan quite...
  13. BognorMotors

    T6.1 Specification And Prices

    So this got released on friday. Available to pre-order now for March delivery apparently. I've just quoted a like for like spec that we typically have on fleet; T28 150PS Highline, metallic, App connect, Composition media, Electric folding mirrors and LED lights. This comes out £200 cheaper...
  14. L

    Regen: Is This Normal?

    last two full tanks it has regen at less than quarter of a tank? I mainly do about 15 miles per journey The last tank I’ve just done completed 3 full regen’s Where normally it does only two. Normally on the second regen which is just under half a tank that normally doesn’t regen anymore and...
  15. PukkaT6

    Looks Like Someone Was Being Tight With Fuel Again

    Forced regen number 2
  16. Dellmassive

    DPF Regen, Yellow Light & Adblue - Whats It All About? -

    DPF Regen, Yellow light & AdBlue - Whats it all about? - The DFP light is becoming a more apparent issue with modern diesel vans, unfortunately, it’s a fact of modern diesel life. what is a DPF? Diesel particulate filters (DPF) are very effective in cutting emissions, trapping even the...
  17. Westy78

    Dpf Regen & Dsg Coasting

    I’ve started to use the coasting function to try and get a few more mpg. However with the engine dropping to idle every time I’m off the throttle will this interfere with the regen? Surely a good blat at a constant of over 2000rpm will favour a complete regen cycle over interruptions from...
  18. B

    DPF Regen Frequency / Issues / Force discussion.

    Dear members, I'm about to collect a new Shuttle t6 from a main dealer on Saturday and I'm a bit worried about's a 66plate with only 17k miles on the clock. When I looked at it last week the DPF light was on (yellow warning light). The salesman explained that it hadn't had a run for a...
  19. G

    Regeneration Cause Fire.

    Is there any chance of a regeneration causing a grass fire when parking on long dry grass. Smells extremely hot when fan is cooling on ignition turn off. Have avoided parking on the longer grass at moment just in case but where is the filter is there any risk?
  20. RattyMcClelland

    Holy Regeneration Batman

    Long euro 6 rant warning. Well i always know when the van is regenerating. The throttle goes lumpy at low revs/speed due to the retarded timing and turbo boost threshold takes that bit longer to come it. Then the gale force winds when the engine turns off mid way through a regen and the high...