1. J

    Help - fans going and revs sitting high [Resolved]

    Good evening you lovely people I am in need of some help , I have a MY 2018 t6 lwb 2.0tdi chxa engine code ,, I purchased the van about a month ago all good drive fine , since then the speed limiter has been upped bar that nothing , the issue I’m having is I I did a 70 mile journey no warning...
  2. stupot

    How noisy should a regen be?

    Hi all, after much head scratching with the help of the forum I established the annoying noise at idle was in fact a regen. However, it’s making a fair old whistling type noise when the regen is happening, it’s a bit intermittent but for the most part it sounds like wind in a tunnel (not...
  3. E

    Regen help

    Hi Just needed help on the regen side of things. Had a new egr replacement and also cleaned dpf, the problem I am getting now is every time it regen it does not get up to the temperature to regen. It throws up code of bank 1 sensor 2 which I have replaced. Every time it’s on regen now I have to...
  4. osman

    Re - gen happening too often

    Hi I’m getting regens happening too often .. like three times in one week ! It seems worse since a recent visit to the garage . The revs the hideous stink it’s so annoying … I’m doing a lot of short journeys yes but as it’s getting on my nerves so much I’m taking longer routes where I can get...
  5. Magpie1832

    Living in Wales with 20mph limit #regen

    Having had the speed limit now for a few weeks. I wasn't too bothered as I only drive slow anyhow. I was getting around 38mpg before the change then it went up to 45mpg I though Bonus.. UNTIL!!!!! The T6 went into a regeneration. Driving at 20mph while regen is ongoing isn't good. I have the...
  6. WalshyR32

    Sounds Like A Washing Machine.......

    Hi All, Got a 2021 T6.1 Kombi and done 65,000 KM to date. Recently I've noticed a strange noise when I'm driving which I can only describe as sounding like a washing machine as it's getting up to full spin speed. When I'm sat on the motorway it's almost like a constant deep bass humming and...
  7. T

    Voltage 15Volt charging

    Hello all I Got these codes coming up Anyone can tell me what it is ? Van is 2019 with 120k miles on It seems like fans are coming on quiet often even after short journeys sometimes Plus alternator is charging at 15 volt when engine running and when not running battery showing 11.9 volt...
  8. Foofighter25

    Forced regen with Carista

    Hi all Sorry If this is a daft question. Can you be driving when doing a forced regen on Carista or do you need to be stationery?
  9. K

    DPF - Regeneration duration error

    Hi. Got a faultcode on my car today. 23967 - diesel particulate filter P2458 00 - Regeneration duration. have just changed the engine over for a new one, and only driven about 150km. i have tried a service regeneration, it goes like normal, revs up and keeps revving while it says running in...
  10. Carlwaynie

    New T6.1 “Parked Re-gen” option?

    Hi all, anyone ordered a new T6.1 with the option of “Parked Re-gen”? Is it a good option, with some of the problems stated on this forum eg adblue, egr etc What’s your thoughts folks
  11. S

    How often are your vans doing a regen?

    This T6 is my 6th VW after 5 caddy’s which all had DPF My last caddy was a 2018, like my T6 but regens where 15 min max and maybe every 100-150 miles This T6 is 60-70 miles and can be 3/4 times a tank always lasting 25-30 mins and they just won’t give up if I stop at any poinT I’m getting so...
  12. Jack02

    Oil sludge filler pipe, burning smell & oil spots in wheel arches T6.1 150ps 10k miles

    Hey Guys & Girls, wondered if you might be able to help, I’ve got a T6.1 150ps which has covered about 10k miles now and just coming up to a year old, noticed a really bad smell while accelerating up the motorway yesterday and just thought it was either a car up the road or someone having a...
  13. M

    Surely that ain’t right? [Regen]

    Firstly excuse my ignorance. My T6.1 spends most of its time parked up on the drive. I do try and get out for a run at least once a week, although this will soon be changing to regular jaunts now the better weather is approaching. However. It seems every time I go on a journey I get a rather...
  14. S

    Erratic idle

    Today while the van was idling it started making a funny noise like it was missing ticking (if you get me), could smell some sort of fumes when I open the door to hear it warning lights or change in revs. Van had only been started up a couple of mins before as we were moving our...
  15. M

    Stop/Start and Regen algorithms?

    Hi folks, I'd like to know the algorithm for the Stop/Start feature and the Regen. My Stop/Start is so random I can't work out why it seldom cuts in. It also regens 3 or 4 times per tank. It would be nice to know why. Can anyone shed some light please? T6 2016 140 DSG camper conversion with...
  16. AussieMick

    Do Eu5’s ReGen?

    I have read many posts about regens but have a question. Do euro 5 engines do regens. The reason I ask is I have a 2016 euro 5 140bhp and have owned it from new. Have now done over 76000km and as far as I can tell it has never done a regen. 99% of my journeys are fairly long so engine always...
  17. X

    2017 204 - DPF Filter at 60g soot above 50g forced regen limit

    I have just purchased a 2017 transporter 204 t32 with 45k miles on it The engine light is on and the coil light is flashing when i purchased it, i was aware there are issues to fix on it, so got is for a good deal I did scan it before purchase and it came back DPF issues and EGR issues as...
  18. osman

    Idle speed randomly increased to 1000 for no apparent reason

    Hi my van has suddenly decided to increase idle speed warm (up to temperature )or cold after a a lot of miles and even when first started there is no pattern .. but it’s increased to around 1000 often restarting the engine cures it but not always . Any ideas ?
  19. U

    Engine light glow plug light

    Hi I have a 2007 Vw crafter the engine light on when am driving glow plug light come on and it goes to limp mood each time I clear it come back on is there anyone can help Thanks
  20. mattbryson

    DPF active regeneration frequency

    Hi all, First time owning a T6 and the joy of DPF that comes with it. It's an 18 plate 204, but has a revo stage 1 map if that makes a difference? Just wanted to check if this sounds right... I do one motorway trip a week ( 30 mins each way), and then some start stop town driving under...