1. John Rayne

    240/12v Control panel help

    a quick one on this, does anyone know the make and model of this control panel and also if it should light up? I've hooked up on 240v and had power to sockets etc but it is also connected to 12v but I'm not getting power. I'll create a further thread later with the messed up wiring it has to...
  2. Glennpea123

    Flat Vehicle battery [Resolved]

    Transporter T6 Hi all, my battery has gone flat again. It was new a few weeks ago because old one was old and kept going flat, now this new one has. Put on charge this morning and alarm came on and i couldn't turn it off..eventually stopped. Am i doing something wrong with how I leave the PMS...
  3. C

    Override PMS in order to use LB sockets whilst engine running

    Hi, I noticed that my usb ports normally powered by the leisure battery don’t work when the engine is running. I think this is pretty common as a few other friends who have converted vans have said the same. Is there an easy way to override this? I know the leisure battery can provide power...
  4. C

    Autohaus control panel dead

    Hello All, hope you are all keeping well. I am new here today in hope that i might get some advice please. We have a Autohaus VW T6 Conversion 2019. In a nut shell my control panel is dead, I cannot turn on the fridge, the lights or the water pump. Whats worse is i have water struck in the...
  5. B

    Advice needed: PMS or not?

    Hi guys. I’d like some advice. I’m about to start the conversion of a 2017 T6 and am scratching my head over the many options for my electrical system. I have ordered a Renogy DC50S battery to battery charger with MPPT controller. I had this in my last van and was pleased with it. I have also...
  6. A

    PMS 3H not working on Car setting since main battery replaced

    Hi guys and girls, I’m pretty new to all this and have just brought my first van a couple of months ago. i have a pms3h power controller that I am having a problem with. Since having the van battery replaced it will now no longer switch to ‘car’ setting. When i switch it to this I get no lights...
  7. C

    Night-heater not working off grid [Resolved]

    Hello newbie here had my t6 for a couple of years and have used my webasto heater a couple of times only on electric hook up, tried to use it off grid and can’t seem to get it started. When I try to turn it on on the smart control it doesn’t turn on and seems to have no power am I missing...
  8. S

    Alarm help (flat battery?)

    Hi all, So stupid me left the switch on my PMS split charger thing to 'car' for the past couple of days so my battery just went flat and alarm started sounding (this is normal according to the VW manual?). Tried to stop it with the key fob but nothing... Alarm stopped after a few minutes so I...
  9. J

    PMS won’t allow fridge to run whilst driving

    Hi I have a T5 campervan and the current power management system won't allow me to have my fridge runing while im driving. As you can imagine, this is massively inconvenient. I'm thinking about running a wire, fuse and switch from my leisure battery to the fridge so I can turn it on and off at...
  10. Pexell

    Best place to mount a PMS for access and ventilation

    I am about to embark on the electrics and plan to install something like the Sargent EC155. The furniture will be the 'standard' LWB layout, kitchen units down the drivers side with a wardrobe at the back on the same side. Where should the PMS be positioned that will provide the necessary...
  11. Niknak

    Switch panel

    Finally got round to doing an actual cut for my switch panel on my newish toy, if turns out ok will be happy to help anyone that might want panels made
  12. V18DJT

    Power Management Systems

    Hi Looking at purchasing one of the following power management systems to keep every thing tidy and in one place, either the Sargent EC155/ec50 CBE PC180 Kit To power my camper conversion has anyone got any feed back on either of the two units or am I best to buy individual elements and build...
  13. marksmithuk

    Switch panel

    has anyone come across a switch panel that looks half decent? I've found a few but they don't allow the feeds to be individually fused.
  14. S

    Has Anyone Used A Non-sargent Control Panel??

    Not much to add really. I quite like a control panel with a built in USB and plug sockets (it's smaller looking and less intrusive) but have only ever known people to use Sargent control panels with their conversions. Has anyone used a different one and had no issues?? I know what a Sargent...
  15. C

    Sold Power Management System

    Brand new Bonus Power Management System (PMS) 3H (horizontal), unused in original box. Bought in anticipation of a build but went for different install so this is surplus to requirements. Will manage 240v in and 240/12v inside the vehicle, including fridge, taps, lights etc. Cash on...
  16. E

    Ec51 Control Panel

    Hi All, I’ve recently bought a T6 LWB which has been professionally converted. This is the first campervan I have owned so I’m new to all this. It has an EC155 Control System with an EC51 Control Panel. I have filled up the 30 ltr on board water tank but when I press the pump button it alarms...
  17. Kramsdog

    Redarc Manager30 (bms1230s2-uk)

    Is this the most desirable/ lusted after power management system available? Redarc Manager 30 It's a case what it does not do..... That's make coffee...but it will power one REDARC Battery Management System | Manager30 | BMS1230S2-UK Price... If you have to ask, you can't afford it!
  18. T6Hippo

    Sargent System pricing?

    A question for the experienced from a conversion newbie, "how much should it be costing me to have a Sargent 155 system supplied & fitted?" rough estimate will do, also because its a T6 I'm told I also need a Ablemail B2B charger?? Thanks in advance gents......
  19. andy greenwood

    PMS 3h - Power Management System

    Hi Everyone, i have the above in my T6 with a split charger relay but to be honest i'm not 100% sure how it works. I understand that if the "battery selector" rocker switch is set to "car" then the 12v power for the lights etc.. will come from the car battery. When the same switch is in the...
  20. Smikas

    T6 Electrics Install Help

    Hi All I am new to the forum and to the Transporter range! I have been doing a fair bit of reading and need a little advice. In 3 weeks time I will be putting the van in the garage and starting stage 1 of a 3 year, 3 stage process: Stage 1 - Insulation, lining and electrics (fitted inside an...