plastic painting

  1. U

    Hidden flap compartment painting

    I'm part way through doing the hidden compartment mod (+ adding back up lights so I can actually see where I'm going at night). I don't have colour coded panels, but I could paint them while they're off. I got some matching spray paint for camouflaging the cable entry for the solar panels/light...
  2. nicktrst

    Shuttle Roof Switches in black?

    Hi, I have a 2017 Shuttle and I'm wanting to to the roof lining, A pillars etc in Suede. But all my switches for the AC, lights etc are cream in the rear. Has anyone done this and changed them to black, and if so where do I get the parts from.
  3. T6 Owl

    Black-colour sun-visors, console and grab handles

    Hi all, I have just had my T6 lined including the headlining in the front, and I wondered if it’s possible to get black sun visors, grab handles and the sunglasses holder. I know there are black handles available for the Golf but wasn’t sure if they are compatible with the T6. Any help would...
  4. Andpopse

    How to Paint your front plastic grilles.

    I thought I’d explain how I’m doing it, just in case it helps someone. I bought a spare set of T6.1 upper and lower front grilles from a highline, from eBay at a reasonable cost. There are plenty for sale from converters who replace them with aftermarket ones. ( I didn’t want to go aftermarket...
  5. DubHaus

    Dub Haus Build Thread

    Hi All Took the plunge and today the Indium Grey T32 Highline arrived. One year old next week, 9000 on the clock and fairly tidy She’s got two captains chairs with arm rests up front and a 2+1 in the rear. She’s had the roof rails, side bars and 30mm springs added by the dealer. Planned...
  6. Texxaco

    Spraying plastic - How would you do this?

    In am in the middle of spraying the convenience lighting Console that is housed in the headlining in black however I have a small issue. See image, how do I spray the buttons but keep the icons clear? Using masking tape looks like an impossible option due to the size of the icons. Any help...
  7. B

    How to paint plastics (grille, trims)?

    Hi, I've purchased some front Grille Trims (ABS) and also some Wing Mirror Trim Lines (powder coated stainless steel) from Vanstyle, see links below: Grill Trims (ABS) Gloss Red ABS Lower Grille Trim Insert Set - VW T6 2015 - Vanstyle Wing Mirror Trims (Powder Coated Stainless Steel) Red...
  8. D

    Painting Davenport plastic centre-caps

    I have just powder coated my Devonports gloss black and pleased with the look. I would like either to paint the grey plastic caps gloss black or change the caps for something better. Any suggestions on a paint to use or after market cap? These will just be for winter so can hand paint every...
  9. Rich Green

    Trim stains

    Hi guys. Any suggestions on how I can get rid of these stains/wear rather than replacing? Is there anything that could be painted on etc? I’ve really tried cleaning etc but nothing is shifting the previous owners sweaty knee stains lol
  10. Kips

    Front cab fixtures re-colour

    My next planned job is to line the cab roof in the same suede effect as the rear roof panel. I’ve chosen charcoal (I know. . . maybe a bit dark) which will mean the light beige/cream visors, grab handles etc will look out of place (I think) question is has anybody got any tips on how to...
  11. S

    Black and White T6 or is it White and Black

    Hi, Slowly transforming my T6 thought id share some pics. Lots to do yet and money to spend !!!
  12. K

    Plastic Trim Painting

    I bought some Buzzweld Pio last week to test on the interior plastic trim in my van. I painted the interior light control last night and thought I'd share the results. Once it had dried for 15 minutes i tried to scratch off the over spray with my house key and couldn't get it off. I painted...
  13. K

    Painting My Bumpers

    Some serious sanding but its getting there
  14. Lukavell

    Caravelle Lower Interior Colour Code

    I've searched high and low but no luck. I'd like to match the upper plastic parts to the lower parts with some plastic dye. Anyone know the colour code? It's almost black but not quite.
  15. A

    Retrimming A Pillar Covers

    Question for those who've retrimmed their own with the imitation suede (Milano/alcantara). Did you cover them with the fabric direct or did you put a layer of foam underneath to even out the surface?
  16. LambethBoy

    Cherry Blossom Plastic Painting!

    Yep...! Cherry Blossom!! Has anyone tried staining their plastics with this shoe cleaning stuff?? Have a look on this Facebook page and scroll down to see some amazing changes in people’s dashboards! Thinking of trying it on my lower beige dash and possibly door cards. But has to be the product...
  17. Base1388

    Sun Visors And Grab Handles - different colours

    Hi all in interested to find out please ! Are there any other color options for grab handles and sun visors and their mounting brackets ?? similar to the T6 door cards many of us change to caravelle or shuttle as they nice dark grey or black I've seen many wonderful black headlining done...
  18. dubdub

    Front door cards

    Hi all, I've read lots of posts about dash upgrades or re trimming but has anyone had their door cards done? or been brave enough to attempt anything themselves. The standard cards are just soooo plasticy id like to do something with them but I've had quotes of around £1000 a pair to retrim in...
  19. Nick Kerin

    Lower-Dash colour change

    I have just bought a T6 and the lower dash is a beige (Hanging!). VW say there is nothing they can do with it. Problem is the rest of the cab is black/dark grey/light grey. Beige does not belong. Does a Caravelle lower dash fit? I am having it converted to a camper so I want it right. Does...