1. B

    Planar D2 heater problem

    Hi, I have a "no connection" message on the control unit, heater was working up until now. Batteries fully charged and fueel ok, checked the wiring loom and couldn't see anything obvious. Any ideas please
  2. AdL

    No air.. Getting at the Night-Heater

    Having had our van for just a couple of months I turned on the heater for the first time in anger the first time this week. Lots of air blowing noises, a very slight smell of diesel, no warnings or errors shown on the controller - but NO heat. The heater seems to be underneath the floor below...
  3. iprice606

    Planar Heater Modem

    Hi I am hoping you can help me with the modem for my Planar heater in my VW Camper can. I had my van conversion completed and handed back yesterday. The one job the conversion complaint left for me to do was set up the modem. I have downloaded the instructions and followed them and had it...
  4. S

    Planar Night-Heater faulty ?

    Hi I have a planar heater in our van which as 2 vents the one in the back is blowing warm air but I wouldn't say it's that hot even with the temp set too high and there is a vent in the front passenger side which is blowing cold air is that normal I'm not too good on instructions but I thought...
  5. 3crispies

    Autotherm Planar code fault

    Fitted new heater at weekend and wont fire up just shows code 15 (under voltage) and display on controller of 10.8v. Charged battery and tested at terminals at 13.2v have an extension for controller so now have 2 sets of the planar fiddly plugs. Has anyone had issues with these 4 pin plugs. Been...
  6. Gavinsky23

    Sold Planar - OLED 7 Day Controller PU-27

    I have a planar/Autoterm PU27 LED controller which I just used to test my heater when installed so still has the film etc on it and is essentially new. Good upgrade for anyone that has the standard basic controller. these look to be about £85, anyone interested for £60 before I put it on eBay...
  7. hatjoepeg

    Planar Pete

    Pete came to our house in Kent today and fitted a Planar diesel heater Great guy, cleared a light fault while he was with us (because he could!) and did a first rate neat job. Gave me a really clear lesson in operating it and programming etc and offers a full telephone back up.
  8. M

    Planar Diesel Heater - Road Debris, Water Ingress and a Warning From History.

    Guys Recently had an issue with my Planar 2kw diesel heater PU27 Display kept showing the following error. Sometimes when you get this - its a case of checking two things 1) Has your leisure battery been low/ flat 2) Disconnect the control unit and re-connect it Putting these things...
  9. M


    Dudes My planar is p.p.p.playing up and before i strip it all down I'm gonna ask the forum - as always, somebody many have come across this which will save me a bit of time. Obviously I can fit these little blighters and im familiar with most of the error codes but this is showing "no...
  10. M

    Planar heat output is poor

    So I fitted a planar 2D heater to the T6. Fitted it to the instructions but the heat output is disappointing to say the least. How hot should the air blow from the vents. Mines measuring 46 degrees, feels less powerful than an hairdryer! No error codes but the output temperature doesn’t change...
  11. Mark Woodhouse

    Which night-heater?

    I'm looking at fitting a ebrspacher or webasto night heater and wondered if anyone has fitted either and can recommend location to fit and which one is best to go for, I currently have rib bed and insulated but no kitchen unit fitted as yet
  12. Andyf

    Planar Night-Heaters.

    First off all Happy New Year to all Do any one out there use a planar heating system Are they good or bad ? At moment we just use a small fan heater and carnt justify approx £1000 fitted Thanks in advance Andy :rolleyes: