1. O

    Heaters Planar, Webasto, Eperspacher Cheap?

    Anyone any experience of dealing with these guys (in Russia?). Heaters4you - Heaters For You As we all know dealers normally charge the max the market will take. Obviously a little concerned about sending my dollars to USSR when they don't advertise business address. But anyway any of you...
  2. OllieGBR

    Planar Diesel Heater Fitting

    Has anyone fitted one of these units? Searched the forum and can't find any reference. I'd like to mount it under chassis, just not sure what the options are and it's raining outside:whistle:
  3. K

    Diesel Heater

    I'm thinking of fitting a diesel heater to my van for the odd day out when it's a bit chilly. Can't really justify the cost of a brand new erspacher or webasto given the amount it would get used so looking at either a second hand one or going down the chinese copy route. Apart from Ebay and the...
  4. Andyf


    First off all Happy New Year to all Do any one out there use a planar heating system Are they good or bad ? At moment we just use a small fan heater and carnt justify approx £1000 fitted Thanks in advance Andy :rolleyes: