1. C

    220k is it worth it?

    Hi new to this forum & VW. I’ve been offered a T5.1 ex rac van has a rock & roll bed in the back no other conversion, it currently has 220k mileage. It’s a tidy van with FSH & selling for £12k, no MOT failures or advisory’s. I would love the van but I’m concerned about the mileage as I’m no...
  2. A

    High mileage transporter for biking duties. Good or bad idea…

    Considering a SWB 68 plate transporter start line, higher mileage than I would normally look at however I know the van has been well maintained. It’s sitting at 140K, are there any specific things I should be looking at that may be ready to give up or things to look at on the service/repair...
  3. G

    If a t6 shuttle has limited service history

    If a 9 seater 2018 shuttle only had 2 years of service history, one being this year and the other a few years ago. How much would you say in your opinion would that reduce the asking price by if the asking price were 30k. Bearing in mind the 30k is about the going rate with the mileage and spec...
  4. Jonesy123

    Odometer reading different on VCDS/Calista

    Hello again.. Bit of knowledge that surely can't offend any of my fan club. Just genuine help. And this may also have been discussed....and yes I know some of you are experts already.... But the forum is for newbies also. I had a customer email me last week about a van he bought with 63k on...
  5. P

    High Mileage but many new parts...

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or guidance on buying a van with high mileage. I'm looking to get my first T6. Have seen a really nice example that has 153k on the clock but has a FSH, had a new gearbox and clutch fitted 2 years ago and new cambelt and water pump last year...
  6. P

    Carista - Transmission mileage much higher than engine mileage - what's going on?

    Hi all, I picked up my 2019 T6 204 DSG last week and ordered a Carista OBD which arrived yesterday. Out of interest, I've been going through all the menus and looking at the information and noticed a huge discrepancy between the values for Instruments/engine mileage (both exactly where I...
  7. T

    OBD 11 DSG milage vs odometer

    HI, Just got an OBD11 tool to do a DSG reset and checked the transmission millage and it's showing really high, so I'm wondering if someone has done an odometer re-set or something on it. dash shows 89,000km van is 2017 transmission milage shows 409,755km driving strategy transmission...
  8. N

    How can I tell if the recorded mileage is genuine

    Evening I hope I can get a little advice from members ?? I am looking at buying a 2017 T6 with new conversion. Paid deposit but as we all know if it’s too good to be true generally is. Mileage states 38500 but had a new clutch at 34000 and new cam belt and pump apparently due to an oil leak It...
  9. MarcoUK

    Advise for high mileage

    Hi all, I ma close to put my cash on a 2020 T6.1 LWB super basic (just business pack) with 65k from a VW dealer. It is priced £19,680 + VAT. This will be a compromise since I would like DSG and tailgate. I am planning to use it as daily and only driver, week ends away (sliding bench/bed on the...
  10. V

    Would you buy a t6.1 kombi if you were a travelling sales rep

    Hi all I am looking again at buying a 6.1 kombi from somewhere like Leighton vans but just thinking would it be suitable for me. I travel all over the south east mainly on motorways as a sales rep and do about 25k miles per year. I currently lease a car personally but would buy the van through...
  11. Saffa365

    Mileage seems low

    Hi everyone I just found a 2017 T6 highline it’s at a vw main dealer Apparently the van was originally used in the building industry but there is no more info on that It has full service history But the mileage is only 12k does this sound right or am I overthinking this Thanks in advance
  12. J

    T6 leather steering wheel & gear knob wear!!

    Hi guys Im after some advice please Just upgraded my t5.1 highline to a 67plate t6 highline Both have leather steering wheels and gear knobs My t5.1 had 60k no wear visible , But the new t6 clearly has what looks like wear on both the wheel and gear knob but only 27k on the clock?? Should I...
  13. D

    New Van with high miles or Older Van with low miles?

    Hello. I had hoped to have got a van by now but I keep dithering and convincing myself that I need a different option. The main hurdle is whether to get an older van with lower miles or a newer van with higher miles. My budget is 16-20k., so it seems to boil down to a 14/15 EU5 with 50k...
  14. D

    Verify mileage on imported T6

    A German guy moved to Sweden and brought his car with him. Its a T6 Multivan with only 15000km on the odometer. Seems very legit but is there any way to verify the milage somehow. The car has not been serviced yet so no service history. Since the car is imported to Sweden and got a new...
  15. 480bhp

    4 Years, 95,000 Miles Stick or Twist

    I thought i'd give my thoughts after 4 years of ownership and 95,000 miles covered, they may or may not be relevant to anyone. Looking back over old posts, i didn't realise the discontent i had for that van at times, so it would be a fair reflection to give an overall picture of my ownership...
  16. paradigm

    Higher Mileage, Newer Van: Cost/benefit?

    A subjective question really but I am torn between 3 Kombis: '19 Plate, 15 miles Highline DSG, fairly basic (reverse camera and folding mirrors) '17 Plate, 30k miles Highline DSG, Electric twin sliders but otherwise fairly basic About £3k difference with the '19 plate being the dearer of the...
  17. W

    Buying a T6 with high mileage

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a June 2017 204 DSG Shuttle but it has 83,000 on the clock? Initially I dismissed this van due to the mileage but I'm now thinking it may not be so bad? Any thoughts on this and other things I should be looking out for? Should it of had a cambelt change and how often...
  18. C

    Who's done the most miles in their T6?

    Got my T6 150 Kombi back in September 16. Have now just passed 36,000 miles in it. What mileage are you all on now? Anyone passed 50k yet?
  19. GoatBoater

    Show me your Odo!

    I'm wondering whether I might have the highest mileage T6 on the forum. Just being nosy really - who fancies posting their mileage and saying a bit about what a typical week of driving looks like? I'll show you mine if you show me your first :D