1. J

    T6 leather steering wheel & gear knob wear!!

    Hi guys Im after some advice please Just upgraded my t5.1 highline to a 67plate t6 highline Both have leather steering wheels and gear knobs My t5.1 had 60k no wear visible , But the new t6 clearly has what looks like wear on both the wheel and gear knob but only 27k on the clock?? Should I...
  2. D

    Rock and a Hard Place

    Hello. I had hoped to have got a van by now but I keep dithering and convincing myself that I need a different option. The main hurdle is whether to get an older van with lower miles or a newer van with higher miles. My budget is 16-20k., so it seems to boil down to a 14/15 EU5 with 50k...
  3. D

    Verify mileage on imported T6

    A German guy moved to Sweden and brought his car with him. Its a T6 Multivan with only 15000km on the odometer. Seems very legit but is there any way to verify the milage somehow. The car has not been serviced yet so no service history. Since the car is imported to Sweden and got a new...
  4. 480bhp

    4 Years, 95,000 Miles Stick or Twist

    I thought i'd give my thoughts after 4 years of ownership and 95,000 miles covered, they may or may not be relevant to anyone. Looking back over old posts, i didn't realise the discontent i had for that van at times, so it would be a fair reflection to give an overall picture of my ownership...
  5. paradigm

    Higher Mileage, Newer Van: Cost/benefit?

    A subjective question really but I am torn between 3 Kombis: '19 Plate, 15 miles Highline DSG, fairly basic (reverse camera and folding mirrors) '17 Plate, 30k miles Highline DSG, Electric twin sliders but otherwise fairly basic About £3k difference with the '19 plate being the dearer of the...
  6. W

    Buying a T6 with high mileage

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a June 2017 204 DSG Shuttle but it has 83,000 on the clock? Initially I dismissed this van due to the mileage but I'm now thinking it may not be so bad? Any thoughts on this and other things I should be looking out for? Should it of had a cambelt change and how often...
  7. CRD

    Who's done the most miles in their T6?

    Got my T6 150 Kombi back in September 16. Have now just passed 36,000 miles in it. What mileage are you all on now? Anyone passed 50k yet?