1. ashmul

    Can t6 auotlock with keys inside?

    Hi Folks, some people have said it may happen that Eos my T6 will auto lock after a while when the keys are still inside, Im very likely to do this as some point so just wanted to check if it does do that and if so can I deactivate it?
  2. U

    Locks keep unlocking

    Hi Need some idears on why my internal door locking button is not locking all the doors?.The doors are all shut press the button and it keeps popping up ! Any idears would be great 2019 T6
  3. N

    Carista Drive Away Auto Locking Not Working

    Hi All, looking for some help with the auto lock when moving function on Carista as I cannot get it to work. I have a 22 plate 6.1 Highline. I first tried the standard app, managed to get into the settings for auto locking but nothing happens when I set the options to yes. I then tried the Beta...
  4. R

    Locking issue [Resolved]

    Hi All, We’ve got a 2018 T6 shuttle which has developed an annoying (a mild understatement) issue. Basically, you lock the van either via the fob or via the key and after a few minutes to a couple of hours it goes mad and unlocks and locks itself repeatedly. The windows usually end up down as...
  5. P

    Double noise when locking/unlocking

    Hi everybody, I have a 204 TSI DSG 4 Motion T6 with one sliding door and rear barn doors. When I close/open the doors with the remote control, there is a double noise as if the doors were closed/opened twice. It happens also if I use the key in the driver lock, but it doesn't happen if I use the...
  6. abunnyuk

    VCDS - Auto lock/unlock not working (SOLVED)

    I've enabled both the auto lock and unlock adaptations on my T6 LWB Shuttle with a genuine VCDS HEX-2 but neither of them are working. I've also verified in long coding that the change was made: Other changes such as big MPH, needle sweep, and parking sensor volume have applied...
  7. GavMc P11GT

    Deadlocks / Safelock not working on our T6

    So as the title suggests we seem to have no deadlocks on the van! They used to work!! there’s various VCDS tweaks been done while we have had the van just the usual stuff needle sweep etc We have been through all the long coding helper and cannot see anything untoward! Any clues? If I lock...
  8. S

    T6.1 Locking only the cab but leaning cargo doors unlocked

    Hi All, I’am new here, I just took delivery of my new Transporter T6.1 and I was wondering how to Unlocking only the cab but leaving cargo doors locked ? If anyone can help Please. Many thanks
  9. Q

    auto lock door with speed - not working (VCDS)

    HI I have just bought a 2017 SWB T6 Kombi There is no convenience option on the MFD I used VCDS v18.2.0 and went to Control module/ 09. cent. elec. / adaptation I then chose the auto lock function and it was already enabled I also enable the feature for unlocking when key out Neither of...
  10. J

    Locking doors and switching alarm sensors off

    Hey all, Have a caravelle and struggling with the internal alarm sensors when we sleep in it. If I’m inside and lock the van using the key, the alarm goes off when I move. I can lock all the doors separately which doesn’t enable the alarm but then the tailgate is unlocked which I don’t want. I...
  11. T6Jay

    T6.1 Lock button for sleeping / leaving dogs inside / windows open How-To Guide

    I need a button in the rear of the van to lock the doors, without arming the alarm, as many seem to have fitted on the T6. Credit to @Willoughby for figuring this out on the T6 here; https://www.t6forum.com/threads/locking-doors-from-the-back-of-the-van-stop-me-before-i-do-something-silly.3939/...
  12. macaha

    2020 Caravelle child lock fault and windows not working

    With only 3500 k on the clock I am having a couple of issues. First was the drivers window not always wanting to go up ,it would reach a point then retract, dealer advised me to spray WD40 which didnt work. I have booked the van in for repair however its a 4 weeks wait list, today the passenger...
  13. M

    Internal Door Locking not working

    Anyone experienced any issues with the internal door locking? Had my van about 6 weeks and can't get the internal door locking to work. When I press the switch it initially locks but then immediately unlocks, almost as though a door is open (but it isn't!). The van locks ok with the key from...
  14. Sonny B

    Inner switch unlocking but not locking

    Hi All, A quick question please. I have a 67 plate T6 102 Highline camper conversion and a fault has just appeared with the drivers door internal lock/unlock switch (the one above the mirror adjustment switches). Basically it will unlock the doors but when pressed to lock the doors nothing...
  15. a5cyt

    Drive off locking

    I’ve bought the Carista app and I’m looking at lock on drive off. It gives two methods of locking on the app. Does anyone know what they both are?
  16. S

    Hi Im New To This Site

    need advice on how go get in my van with keys locked inside
  17. marmite monster

    Windows keep going down on their own

    So come home from work sit down and my keys are in my jeans pocket. The key fob is getting depressed in my pocket and dropping the windows on the van. This has happened so many times on all the t5/t6 vas I've owned resulting in wet seats etc. Is there anyway to remove the window dropping...
  18. marmite monster

    Disable Comfort Locking ?

    Hi guys anyone know what to do on vcds to turn off comfort locking ? I keep sitting down with the keys in my pocket and the windows drop down...all the time it’s driving me mad. many thanks si
  19. OllieGBR

    [Guide] Barn Door Lock Mechanism Removal

    I’ve asked and I see a few others also asked about removing the rear mechanism to sound proof and insulate the door. Most have decided not to, fo good reason - it looks complex! Nothing ventured, nothing gained - I decided to give it a go this morning; I played around with a few clips and...
  20. Deaky

    Door Lock And Unlock Button's In The Back

    Anybody have a link to or know where I can get a 786 Ohm resistor to do this mod. I can't find that value anywhere :thumbsup: