1. a5cyt

    Drive off locking

    I’ve bought the Carista app and I’m looking at lock on drive off. It gives two methods of locking on the app. Does anyone know what they both are?
  2. S

    Hi Im New To This Site

    need advice on how go get in my van with keys locked inside
  3. Josh Corps

    Windows Going Down

    For a few days now I've been coming out to my van and my windows are down. I thought I'd just been leaning on the key or something so though nothing of it. last night I made a point of locking the van and putting the key on the side and checking the windows were still up but they went down...
  4. marmite monster

    Disable Comfort Locking ?

    Hi guys anyone know what to do on vcds to turn off comfort locking ? I keep sitting down with the keys in my pocket and the windows drop down...all the time it’s driving me mad. many thanks si
  5. OllieGBR

    Rear Door Mechanism Removal

    I’ve asked and I see a few others also asked about removing the rear mechanism to sound proof and insulate the door. Most have decided not to, fo good reason - it looks complex! Nothing ventured, nothing gained - I decided to give it a go this morning; I played around with a few clips and...
  6. Mick

    Can't Switch Off Movement Sensor

    Hi, When I leave the dog in the car I switch off the internal sensor by pressing the switch which sits on the door pillar to the left on the drivers side. An orange light usually comes on, you lock it and the dog can't set off the alarm when he moves. It's stopped working. Still under warranty...
  7. Deaky

    Door Lock And Unlock Button's In The Back

    Anybody have a link to or know where I can get a 786 Ohm resistor to do this mod. I can't find that value anywhere :thumbsup:
  8. Wills

    Locking Van Situation

    This has occurred twice, the 1st occasion was mmmmm, maybe I didn’t..... Today it reoccurred in the rain!!! Scenario: I lock the van and walk away.... When I return both door windows are 1/3 open but doors locked. Is this a locking setting?
  9. Barley53

    Advice Please Regarding Remote Unlocking

    Hi, I'd like to be able to unlock just the drivers door of my T6 with the first click of the remote, followed (if required) by a second click that would open the other doors. All possible in cars I've had or have, e.g. my current SQ5, but I can't seem to work out the coding (if it exists) for...
  10. Briston

    Stopping Alarm Working While Sleeping In Van

    Hi all, is there a way of stopping the alarm going off when I am sleeping in my combi. I know there is a switch on the b pillar that I believe is meant to stop it but as soon as I move it triggers?? Any pointers as to where i am going wrong??
  11. B

    switch / light behind drivers door???

    Good evening all, as I sit in my highline drivers seat, there is a toggle switch just to my right behind the drivers door, does anyone know what this is it for, don't want to press it encase its an ejector seat button. Thank you for you time
  12. Willoughby

    Locking doors from the back of the van. ~ Stop me before I do something silly :P

    Hi All Soooo. I have a long weekend and plan to do some bits and bobs on the van to make it more of a camper. One of them is to have a go at adding a secondary central locking lock/unlock buttons for the back of the van. Plan is to tap in to the switch on the driver door and run a switch in...
  13. andys

    Central locking switch

    Just had my T6 for acouple of days and couldn't find the lock/unlock button on the drive home so left it til I had a day off work to figure it out. Anyway, it seems it's not there! I've got central locking activated by the key, but the area above the mirror switches where the manual shows the...
  14. Rob

    Auto locking

    has anyone managed to activate auto locking when driving yet please?