1. SAF1981

    T6 Glove Box Light

    Hello Has anyone installed an LED light into thier T6 glove box and where did you source it? I've only been able to find a T5.1 light that is activated by a switch when the lid opens /closes from Traveline Lite. Thanks in advance
  2. OllieGBR

    Outdoor Awning Light

    Merry Christmas everyone! I want to put an LED strip light that will sit underneath the awning bar. So, on the outside of the van - will need to be waterproof and switch from just inside the can, to the right of the sliding door. Has anyone fitted one? Experiences? Are there alternative options?
  3. J

    Multivan T6 - Front Sidelight

    Hi T6's members, here is the front side on my Multivan T6, I am keen to replace the bulb of the faulty sidelight (only right side is working), as follows: My mechanic reckons I need to bring the van back to the Dealer, but I am not keen for that. Any easy way to access the bulb? Do I need...
  4. Sabre

    Tailgate Lighting

    Here's a question, might help with a project dilemma that's bugging me... If you have lights on your tailgate for when the door is open so you can sit at the back, do you have white light or colour changeable lights? Is there a better colour for not attracting flies and moths?
  5. Phil Harris

    Anyone Adding Leds To Awnings?

    attached photos, anyone done something similar?
  6. Vince

    Led Strip Lighting Interior Rear

    Dear forum, I want to put strip LED lighting along the inside ceiling edge of the rear of my transporter. LED strips of 10m are easy to find and cheap on ebay - although don't mind spending a bit of money on quality. Question is, and I'm clueless with electrics, - can I just wire into...
  7. M

    Auxiliary Lights

    Hello, I have a 2018 T6 whit LED headlight's and is planing to mount a 52" LED bar on the roof rack. So the question is where do I find either a +12v or a -0v high beam signal to tap in to to control the relay for the bar? Ps. The English might not be the best, but bear with a Norwegian....
  8. S

    Interior Lights Stuck On

    I have a problem with the interior lights in my t6, the only way I can turn them off is manually by switching them all to the off position. if I set them to turn on when a door is open they’re stuck on but no door is open and nothing comes up on the dash to say other wise. Could anyone help? Cheers.
  9. Pauly

    Adding footwell lighting

    I am in the process of adding footwell lights to my van and seems like its pretty easy to do, im looking at making up some plugs/cables to make it plug and play with no wire cutting/joining just factory connectors for everything. Wondering if this would interest anyone else as before i fit it to...