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  1. A

    Aftermarket headlight issues

    Hi all just a quick question, I have recently upgraded my 19 plate T6 headlights to after market led projector lights with sequential indicators, the DRL bar acts as the sidelight but it doesn’t dim when the switch is turned to sidelight position ? Only when on headlight position, I have...
  2. G

    Poor FM/AM signal

    Afternoon all I'm in the process of fitting a new Alpine head unit, with the engine running the FM/AM signal is virtually none existing. Turn the ignition off it's fine, I've narrowed it down to the headlights coming on. I've recently fitting the THQ v3 headlights along with the LED bulbs. Has...
  3. 993porky

    THQ V3 Bulb adjustment

    Hi everyone I have recently fitted THQ V3 headlights and really pleased but I’m not sure everything is right as when I have lights on I seem to think they are bouncing, it’s when in traffic jam an nudging along behind other vehicles I always think when looking at vehicle in front of me that my...
  4. L

    Glowing number plate led lights?

    I noticed last night that our number plate lights glow In the dark, they are on really dim, has anyone else had this problem?
  5. Macmain12

    Illuminated bulb warning

    Hi Another small issue has arisen, im getting the bulb warning light, and the passenger side indicator is clicking fast, but yet there are no bulbs out, does this require plugging in VCDS, would this help to find these types of Faults. i have been toying with the idea of getting a New VCDS...
  6. C

    For Sale Transporter HQ LED Canbus H7 Bulbs New Unopened

    Transporter Hq H7 Canbus LEDs Un opened, brand new. £68 from THQ Can do them for £50 posted
  7. nigeltreves

    LED Numberplate bulbs

    Has anyone got any recommendations or a Link for LED number plate light bulbs?
  8. S

    H1 LED Canbus bulbs

    Hi, I've replaced my headlights for my T6 with these Transporter HQ ones. The dipped beam bulbs (H7) are LED and look/work great. However, the best bulbs available for the main beam (H1) as an upgrade when I bought the lights were Nightbreaker H1s. Although these are only used when I need to use...
  9. j4ckal

    Most reliable rear numberplate LED lights (barndoor)?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried a few of the different LED rear number plate bulb units for barn doors and if so which would they recommend? Currently got THQ supplied ones and to be honest they've never really worked from new. Been in and out a number of times, terminals cleaned, bent etc...
  10. S

    THQ LED bulbs give uneven coverage

    Hi, after bit of advice from fellow members regarding headlights. I have the V3 DRL headlights fitted on my T6 with upgraded bulbs. Problem is the lights don't appear even when turned on (when shined against a wall etc). Looks like the driver side has more projection than the passenger which...
  11. G

    Sold 12v blank and some led interior bulbs

    Hi, Whilst having a clear out I found a 12v blank and a couple of packs of led bulbs! £5 delivered Pic:
  12. moomin-j

    Sold THQ LED Front Fog Light Bulb Upgrade

    Bought from THQ & used for approx 2 months prior to changing for yellow bulbs. Same as these: https://transporterhq.co.uk/vw-transporter-parts-styling-accessories/vw-t5-t6-headlights/t6-lights/vw-t6-led-fog-light-upgrade/ £25, collect from next weeks T6 Forum meet at Brook Meadows, Sibbertoft...
  13. Pedro20001

    T6.1 H15 LED bulbs not working

    Hi all, I've just purchased a set from xenonsonline as recommended and when I installed the rhs bulb it throws an error code and doesn't light up. Has anyone come across this? I cleared codes with carista but they return. I have only installed 1 bulb not both but didn't presume this would affect...
  14. Barley53

    Sold THQ H7 LED bulbs

    A set of Transporter HQ led H7 bulbs, box opened but the bulbs have never been used. According to the THQ website, they will only fit THQ headlight units (all versions). THQ are currently selling these for £65, I'll post them to the UK for £45 or collect from Royston, Hertfordshire for £40.
  15. T

    For Sale Thq h1 led bulbs

    Brand new sealed in box. Will do for 25£ posted, or collection from Dy13
  16. Hanzs

    Dust caps over LED lights in H7

    Hello, Thomas here from The Netherlands, I recently bought a 2016 Multivan. I recently bought LED PHILIPS Ultinon Pro9000 light to replace the halogen for H7 dipped beam on VW T6 2016. The lights fit fine and the light pattern is also good. But that is before I fit the dust caps. The dust caps...
  17. Drhoge

    For Sale Morimoto 2 Stroke 2.0 LED bulbs.

    H4 replacement. Brand new - unused. Comes with anti flicker units. Bought these with the intention of getting a cheap set of H4 headlights from eBay and trying these in them as a project, but never quite got round to it. £100 posted.
  18. M

    Philips Ultinon LED H4 Pro6000 - Germany Approved

    Hi All. Has anyone here fitted the Philips Ultinon LED H4 Pro6000's? Im in Germany and they are approved for the 7HC van. Philips claims they are canbus fault free, but...... 1. switching the high-beam both flash (pull) and constant (push) methods immediately gives Bulb error light. 2...
  19. GavMc P11GT

    Are Halfrauds winding me up?? Poor DAB signal: powered aerials, LED bulbs and Dash Cams

    So I’ve been a bit miffed with the DAB quality in the van checked all connections with the mirror antenna in the mirror it’s self and the door. All seems well however I’m not running the standard head unit I have a Kenwood and they claim that the driver side door mirror is no good even though I...
  20. G

    Reversing light. Canbus system

    Looking at replacing my single poor p21 reversing light bulb for led replacement. Is the reversing light part of the canbus system. Or can I use any bulb.