led bulb

  1. C

    For Sale Transporter HQ LED Canbus H7 Bulbs New Unopened

    Transporter Hq H7 Canbus LEDs Un opened, brand new. £68 from THQ Can do them for £50 posted
  2. S

    THQ LED bulbs give uneven coverage

    Hi, after bit of advice from fellow members regarding headlights. I have the V3 DRL headlights fitted on my T6 with upgraded bulbs. Problem is the lights don't appear even when turned on (when shined against a wall etc). Looks like the driver side has more projection than the passenger which...
  3. G

    Sold 12v blank and some led interior bulbs

    Hi, Whilst having a clear out I found a 12v blank and a couple of packs of led bulbs! £5 delivered Pic:
  4. moomin-j

    Sold THQ LED Front Fog Light Bulb Upgrade

    Bought from THQ & used for approx 2 months prior to changing for yellow bulbs. Same as these: https://transporterhq.co.uk/vw-transporter-parts-styling-accessories/vw-t5-t6-headlights/t6-lights/vw-t6-led-fog-light-upgrade/ £25, collect from next weeks T6 Forum meet at Brook Meadows, Sibbertoft...
  5. Pedro20001

    T6.1 H15 LED bulbs not working

    Hi all, I've just purchased a set from xenonsonline as recommended and when I installed the rhs bulb it throws an error code and doesn't light up. Has anyone come across this? I cleared codes with carista but they return. I have only installed 1 bulb not both but didn't presume this would affect...
  6. Barley53

    Sold THQ H7 LED bulbs

    A set of Transporter HQ led H7 bulbs, box opened but the bulbs have never been used. According to the THQ website, they will only fit THQ headlight units (all versions). THQ are currently selling these for £65, I'll post them to the UK for £45 or collect from Royston, Hertfordshire for £40.
  7. T

    For Sale Thq h1 led bulbs

    Brand new sealed in box. Will do for 25£ posted, or collection from Dy13
  8. Hanzs

    Dust caps over LED lights in H7

    Hello, Thomas here from The Netherlands, I recently bought a 2016 Multivan. I recently bought LED PHILIPS Ultinon Pro9000 light to replace the halogen for H7 dipped beam on VW T6 2016. The lights fit fine and the light pattern is also good. But that is before I fit the dust caps. The dust caps...
  9. Drhoge

    For Sale Morimoto 2 Stroke 2.0 LED bulbs.

    H4 replacement. Brand new - unused. Comes with anti flicker units. Bought these with the intention of getting a cheap set of H4 headlights from eBay and trying these in them as a project, but never quite got round to it. £100 posted.
  10. M

    Philips Ultinon LED H4 Pro6000 - Germany Approved

    Hi All. Has anyone here fitted the Philips Ultinon LED H4 Pro6000's? Im in Germany and they are approved for the 7HC van. Philips claims they are canbus fault free, but...... 1. switching the high-beam both flash (pull) and constant (push) methods immediately gives Bulb error light. 2...
  11. G

    Reversing light. Canbus system

    Looking at replacing my single poor p21 reversing light bulb for led replacement. Is the reversing light part of the canbus system. Or can I use any bulb.
  12. Mrcl

    Crafter Bulb Upgrade - LED

    Evening all, Hoping someone can help with this as information seems sparse: I have a VW Crafter MY18, and the standard bulbs in the headlights aren’t the best and look dated, want to upgrade them to white/led bulbs including sidelights and DRLs. Does anyone have any information as to what I...
  13. E

    One dipped beam not working [Resolved]

    Driver side dipped dream not working. It's not bulb because i tested it replacing passenger side. There is warning on dash and errors on vcds. 3 Faults Found: 50990 - Unknown Error Code Unknown - 014 - Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 01101110...
  14. Pedro20001

    Led reversing bulbs bringing error message on rhs only

    Hi all, I've purchased a set of error free led reversing bulbs from travelin lite and the rhs one is throwing up an error message. Lhs is fine. They sent another pair out and that's the same. It's a 2021 t6.1 panel van. Any ideas or recommendations please as they look amazing and work fine...
  15. W

    LED/HID bulb conversion now MOT failure.

    Hi All, there is new MOT guidance for motorcycle saying that bulb replacement is now an automatic failure (but not if the whole unit is replaced on an MC) and I see that it is the same with the car & pax vehs MOT manual at 4.1.4. Compliance with requirements, stating: "Existing halogen...
  16. Pete24

    DRL not working after fitting LED bulbs [Solved]

    Hi all, We have a 2015 T5.1 and a few months ago I fitted some LED bulbs to the DRLs and side lights - they must have been cheap crap as they have given me a couple of issues. First off, one of the side light bulbs failed (as did the same bulbs in the rear number plate light!), so I have just...
  17. DarrenTT

    T6.1 led front driving/fog lights

    Hi all, tried a search for led driving bulbs but only found suitable for t6 and older. I hate the yellow driving lights as I’ve got the led headlights. Does anyone know of a direct suitable replacement that will not give me bulb errors? Tia
  18. Curryzz

    side-light LED bulb recommendations?

    Hi, I’d like to upgrade my 501 sidelight bulbs to LED. In the past i’v noticed they didn’t last that long or become faulty. I’m sure technology has improved by now. Any recommendations for a good bulb / product? Thanks in advance Paul
  19. smilie121

    Installed THQ V3 Headlights with HID and LED

    Just wanted to share and shout out I fitted a set of THQ V3 about 3 weeks ago - so far very happy with aesthetics and light output. I installed a H7 HID kit to the protectors after doing some homework on this forum and installed the latest LED light to the reflectors. The light output versus...
  20. Minimucks

    H7 LED DRL lamp upgrade

    I've trolled through the world of lamp upgrades and not quite found the info I want. I'm looking for a lamp upgrade for my h7 drl bulbs. It would be nice to go from orange to white without any dash lights appearing. Does anyone have details for a decent pair of lamps that are guaranteed to...