THQ LED bulbs give uneven coverage

Hi, after bit of advice from fellow members regarding headlights.
I have the V3 DRL headlights fitted on my T6 with upgraded bulbs. Problem is the lights don't appear even when turned on (when shined against a wall etc). Looks like the driver side has more projection than the passenger which makes night time driving still poor even with the upgraded headlights.
Anyone else have the same issues?
First thing is to check that you have the bulbs seated correctly.
I'm guessing those are fitted with halogen bulbs?

I tried about every different type of bulb in mine. Halogens and LEDs before concluding that HIDs were the best. Halogens were by far the worst. Even worse than the OEM H7s they replaced.
Have you asked THQ for advice? That would be my first port of call.