1. Martinw

    Looking for a reliable servicing/repair garage in the Horwich or Bolton area

    Hi, wondering whether anyone can recommend a decent garage in the Horwich/Bolton area for servicing and any repairs that crop up from time to time? Thanks.
  2. Macmain12

    Understanding VCDS faults

    Hello Can any one shed Light on my latest scan Please, Friday,23,June,2023,18:15:20:49226 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4631.4 Data version: 20230421 DS346.2 VIN...
  3. Matt_camps

    New to me but not to the forum

    Hi, Might look familiar to some already but picked this up last Thursday from Sackmycook on the forum. Have loved the van so far, managed to get to the lakes on Thursday night and find a quiet campsite even with it being half term which was a surprise! A clean today and its back to looking...
  4. HerdyT6

    Hello, meet Herdy from the Lake District!

    Hi everyone Nice looking forum We picked up our first transporter just a few weeks ago. Lovely 16 plate candy white T6 startline that came from Scotland originally. It’s had some love in its life from previous owner/s with a Kombi conversion, detachable tow bar and socket, as well as sound...
  5. B

    Service options Lancaster/Kendal/Settle

    Hello, Would be grateful if anyone has recommendations for a garage to take care of our 16 plate T6. Needs servicing and would rather not bother with main dealer if at all possible. Cheers!
  6. P

    DC-DC Charger & Electrical Mods - Fitter wanted Yorkshire

    Hey! Newbie here. Just wanted to say hi and that there’s some great info in this forum that I wish I'd come across it earlier! We've just upgraded to a converted T6 (2018 Highline) which has a CBE 180 management system installed, which I believe utilises a ‘smart’ inbuilt VSR charger. CBE 180...
  7. Ambrose

    North West Tow Bar Centre

    Shopped around to have a detachable tow bar fitted and ended going to Welcome to North West Towbar Centre Stockport | Established 1984 - North West Towbars Manchester as it was just down the road from me. Dropped it off this morning at 11am and got a call just after 1pm to say it's ready for...
  8. GONA66

    Auto Electrician - Lancashire area

    Looking for a quality company to fit 4 way dashcam etc , preferably in the North Lancashire area . Anybody had any experiences or recommendations ? Don't mind to travel a reasonable distance. Ta in advance.
  9. tinctina

    easter wild camp

    hi easter is coming, trying to find a out of the way place around 70 miles radi of stockport away from the hoards who will be out. Any body got a place for me wife 2 goldens and a campervan cheers oilman
  10. B

    Decent spots to stay in the van near Preston?

    I'm on a 4 day course soon in Preston and don't fancy the 2 hr commute from home. Any recs for somewhere to stay in the van - campsites, pubs with overnight parking? I've seen the lay-by stopovers and dodgy car parks on the usual apps. Would rather go legit for peace of mind.
  11. D

    Auto electrician - northwest

    Had this unit fitted 12month ago linked up with solar panel. Not technically minded but not 100% satisfied everything is working as it should. I'm after an auto electrician in the North West area who is familiar with this system that can check everything over. I'm located Littleborough OL15 and...
  12. Roblee

    Loud metal to metal noise.

    Hope I can explain, when we go over a bump theres a loud metal to metal noise, it doesn't do it all the time, it's fine when on a straight road. The noise only comes when the road is bumpy. Its on the front drivers side. Thanks Rob
  13. Latchmo

    Preston VW Commercials

    Started our holiday today: 10 days mountain biking and enjoying our Kombi-camper in Scotland... Half way up the M6 and a horrible noise emanates from under the bonnet. I stop, google for somewhere to get it checked, find VW commercials is 10 miles away, and carefully drive there... (holding my...
  14. DanPlumber

    ADS, Preston, Lancashire - mechanic / garage

    Can anyone recommend anywhere decent in lancashire Ideally Preston for my t6 Having big problems with it today Leaking coolant and would rather take it to a t6 mechanic ideally Thanks in advance Praying it’s just a split Jose of something Could do without this
  15. T6Jay

    Ghost II installer NW?

    Can anyone recommend a good mobile installer, in the NW (Chorley/Preston) for these? In light of the recent thread about problems with a T6.1 install, even better if your recommendation has done your T6.1 without issues! I wondered if fitting a T6 ghost II to a T6.1 could cause these sort of...
  16. gazmacuk


    HI Guys, Gazmac here, not currently an owner of a van yet, but me and Mrs Mac are on the prowl for one. We have been fans of all things VAG for a number of years, and owned an array of different cars, but now its time for us to get a van and enjoy the outdoors more than we already. I will...
  17. fezza68

    Hunter Recommendation In Manchester.

    Anyone recommend a good hunter wheel alignment place in manchester?. Had the solows fitted and want to check the tracking now etc.
  18. T

    Found 17" Spare Wheel

    Having fallen victim to spare wheel theft I am looking for a replacement. Looking for a 17" wheel with legal tyre load rated for a T32. Steel, alloy, rusty, scratched anything considered as its only a spare. Cheaper the better, cant afford to keep supplying scum with new wheels and tyres. I'm...
  19. J

    Dmf Replacement Cost T5 Dsg

    Hi I have a 150,000 mile T5 in lovely condition but its rattling badly and I know from hearing the sound online its the Dual Mass Flywheel, Does anybody have a rough idea of cost to replace being a non warranty job . Im based nr Preston Lancs.
  20. C

    Hi All, New Member From Lancs

    After much research and a few late nights on this great forum, I finally took the plunge. I've moved on my Merc E class estate and picked up a 2018 grey T6 Kombi dsg swb 150 highline from Liverpool VW van centre. (Who were excellent) I shall be using my van for my work in the carpet trade as I...