DC-DC Charger & Electrical Mods - Fitter wanted Yorkshire


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Newbie here. Just wanted to say hi and that there’s some great info in this forum that I wish I'd come across it earlier!

We've just upgraded to a converted T6 (2018 Highline) which has a CBE 180 management system installed, which I believe utilises a ‘smart’ inbuilt VSR charger.

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Its only after driving around a bit and having a flat starter battery that the whole DC-DC issue has come to light and the potential problems of having VSRs installed on Euro 6 engines, which I assume has caused draining of the starter battery and poor charging of the leisure battery. (I used to have a T5 with VSR and no issues so didn't question it – could never afford anything newer!).

The conversion place has said they’ll fit one under warranty, but I don’t have much confidence considering they were caught out in the first place and can’t see them fitting anything half decent. We’re off down to the south of France for the Autumn and just don’t want to have any more battery issues.

So, the question is, does anyone here know anyone who could help, or recommend places that have dealt specifically with these systems and can modify the existing system (or replace) with a DC-DC charger, and with 100% in what they're doing. Located in North West or anywhere within a couple of hours of Manchester or Leeds.

I’m working away so haven’t really got the time, and ultimately electrical knowledge, or of cable routing through the cab to fix this with confidence at short notice.

We are looking at something like the Renogy or CTEK with solar input so we can add a panel at some point too. We’re also after a 1500W inverter as we’re unlikely to be hooked up much – if at all.

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For info, battery is under drivers seat and cabling runs behind units into controller (I think!)

Can post a few pics if needed.

Cheers for the help!
There’s a guy on FB under the name VTUB campervan electrics who Is mobile but based in West Midlands. Never used him but his work looks very neat and he does some good installs.
Might be worth a word.
That’s great, thanks for the tip. Does look decent on the fb page. I’ll get in touch and see what he says.