1. S

    [RESOLVED] Stance+ Proline coilovers knocking

    so I've just had the stance+ proline coilovers fitted to my t32 and a day later im getting a knocking from the front shocks more of a banging when driving over any slight bump in the road or cornering the shocks are hitting the stops, its not enjoyable to drive, I've tryed adjusting them and...
  2. MBA77

    Stance + Ultra Front Knocking on T6

    Hi Everyone, I know that there are a few threads on here mentioning this very problem but I cannot find an answer. Fitted Stance + Ultras to my 2017 T6 Multivan and have experienced a minor knocking noise in the front ever since (mainly at low speeds and also when turning into carparks...
  3. W

    T32 SoLow coilovers knocking

    tuesday i fitted the solow bilstein coilovers to my 2016 t32, drove it every day from tuesday and was all fine untill today (sunday) where they started knocking badly from the front, so this afternoon i checked everything was tight and it was all fine, so then i stripped the coilovers back out...
  4. TransporterTim

    Knocking noise from n/s/f

    Hi everyone I’ve been having an on going knocking issue from my my16 t6 for a while now. While it was in for service at VW they noticed my n/s/f damper was wet and had failed. I had this replaced on my extended warranty I run 30mm eibach springs and have done since new. I’ve been back a few...
  5. J88arv

    Help: Either Top Mount Or Spring Gone

    Hi all just been to Kwick fit and was advised my passenger side shock is either knackered or the top mount and the other side is going in short it knocks like a bitch continually and needs sorting as it’s doing my head in. can anybody shed any light on similar experiences or advise on how to...
  6. GS1980


    Hi all, has anyone had the Twin-Adjust-Projekt-Sensitiv coilovers fitted... I’m intrigued to know if there as good as what they’re made out to be. I’m currently on H&R 40mm lowering springs and thinking about just adding the Koni dampers... as opposed to the above.
  7. Stevemcc

    Bilstein B14’s Knocking Rear Any Help Please

    Hi all , so bought the B14’s and been on for around three to say really not happy with the banging,knocking on the rear So removed the rear shocks and refitted standard shocks and no more knocking Spoke with bilstein and they say I need to shave 4 bits of metal down on van at top...
  8. Cb83

    Rear Knocking/rattle What Could It Be?

    I have a strange rattle/knocking coming from the rear, it's pretty constant, I've been underneath a few times now to see if I can find the culprit and have noticed that a) the cup that one of the springs sits on looks very worn, and b) a piece of plastic shielding/cover looks to have been...

    Still Knocking On My Rear B14s

    okay guys been a few discussions a couple of months back and posts on this topic... I fitted them myself, and there seems to be a knocking whenever I go near a bump... I’m comparing these coilovers to those on my Audi TT track car, which are don’t give off any rattles or noise .... here’s...
  10. Lee newton

    Knocking On Full Lock

    hi everyone just need some abvice. I have a horrible knocking nose when I full lock to the left and the right. Any ideas what I could be :(:(
  11. mini_bear93

    Vanslam Knocking

    Recently fitted a set of 5Forty VanSlam coilovers last weekend. Got the dreaded knocking coming from the rear suspension... It almost sounds like the spring is loose more so on the near side. This is happening on lower speeds and when cornering. I have checked over all the corners and could not...