kill switch

  1. D

    Kill switch / quick question about wires and that

    Morning all I'm in the world of pain that is a 1500 page PDF of all of the possible combinations of wiring anyone could ever imagine might have been needed for troubleshooting T6 electrics. I have gleaned so far that SC56 is the magic fuse that's needed to start the van. If I follow the black...
  2. T

    LB Isolation

    I am something of a newbie; I have an Victron Orion 30A DC charger and lifepo4 battery. The van is a daily driver but the leisure battery will only be needed about once every month for a weekend away. Do I need to put the DC charger into storage mode for the weeks that I will not be in need of...
  3. D

    Isolating Leisure Battery

    I have a 2 year old T6.1 manual that has developed an engine issue (diesel warning light flashes & power drops when accelerating). I've bought a Carista and to my surprise the only faults are 16777020 - 'function restriction due to service communication interruption'. (9 instances - putting...
  4. slybacon67

    battery isolator and solar power

    Hi have recently added solar charger and battery monitor system to my camper and even though their is a split charge relay between starter and leisure battery i was wondering if i should fit a mechanical isolator, my reasoning for this is 1/ not sure it would or could but i dont want to take...
  5. Stay Frosty

    Battery isolator...

    My head's spinning after looking at the various leisure battery installs and while many aspects are starting to appear as obvious I see pictures of owners installs featuring a battery isolator. My question is what is the isolator actually isolating ie. is it the incoming starter battery or the...
  6. N

    What is this? [Kill-switch isolator]

    Excuse my ignorance/stupidity but what is this please? Is it anything to do with isolating the camper electrics such as the leisure battery charger or something? I didn't want to press the red button ( well actually, of course I do) IMG_3436 by Nigel G, on Flickr IMG_3435 by Nigel G, on Flickr
  7. drew_greenday

    Ancillary 12v supplies cut-off switch?

    So my van has been sat for a few weeks and the battery is dead again. Its a fairly new battery and this is getting expensive now. I'm thinking of adding a VSR attached inbetween the +ve and the outputs but leave the van electrics permanently attached, so this will be the amp, sub and cable...
  8. j4ckal

    Leisure battery drain. Could a relay cause it? Or other issues

    OK, this could end up a little long winded... I have a 110(iirc)a/h leisure battery charged by a ctek ds250e going to a 12 way fuse box. It feeds, fridge permanent 12v, tap/in tank pump, ceiling lights, map reading lights, usb's, cig lighters. I rewired my leisure electrics this year to add a...
  9. Dellmassive

    Valence U27-12XP Lifepo4 Lithium Battery -- How We Done It --

    Valence U27-12XP Lifepo4 Lithium Battery -- How We Done It -- with a lot of members having these batteries now, the other thread was being swamped. so this is just about these batteries . . . Valence U27-12XP Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Lithium Werks provides safe, reliable and mobile energy...
  10. A

    Circuit Breaker to isolate leisure components?

    Hello, I was considering using one of these instead of a MIDI fuse coming from my Leisure battery to the main fusebox for the leisure circuit, my thinking being that I can manually open the breaker and remove the need for a separate isolator switch if I want to disengage my camper electrics...
  11. S

    Isolator Switch between Batteries and Chargers?

    Quick question. I have installed a CTEK 2050SE DC-DC charger. Its all running well with no problems. I will install an isolator switch between the leisure battery to the camper 12V electrics, but I was wondering is it worth installing a second isolator switch between the vehicle battery and the...
  12. Chris Joyce

    Leisure battery wiring

    Evening folks. I have recently bought a leisure battery amongst other things from TravelVolts, (great service) The battery is a leoch 120agm with M8 bolt style terminals. Is it acceptable to connect multiple wires directly to the bolt or would it be better to convert it to a traditional post...
  13. G

    Leisure Battery Isolator Switch

    I’m currently fitting a leisure battery with a split charge system, at present the leisure battery will only be supplying LED lights and 4 USB/12v sockets, is there any need to fit an isolation switch for the leisure battery and if so where would I wire it in? Thanks
  14. Phippy

    What Size 12v Cable?

    Happy new year all! I have a question regarding wiring which I hope someone can answer; I’d like to run a cable under the floor from the 12v leisure battery on one side to a kind of electrical hub/switch box(?) on the other side. The idea being I can wire any appliances (water pump for...
  15. Vince

    Led Strip Lighting Interior Rear

    Dear forum, I want to put strip LED lighting along the inside ceiling edge of the rear of my transporter. LED strips of 10m are easy to find and cheap on ebay - although don't mind spending a bit of money on quality. Question is, and I'm clueless with electrics, - can I just wire into...
  16. B

    Jump-Start the Vehicle Battery from the Leisure Battery?

    I have my leasure 110ah AGM battery under the driver seat. It’s charged with a Ctek split charger also under the seat. I don’t have the room under there for the Smartpass unit. But given that a hi amp cable is already there from the starter battery positive to the Ctek. Can I put just a high...
  17. True Romance

    Cherry Red Lwb Kombi To Camper Conversion.

    Thought it was time to start posting progress on my kombi to camper conversion. Brought it with HiLo roof and part electrics already done. So mainly just the interior to sort out.
  18. Ann3x

    Electrics Planning - Opinions

    I'm planning the 1st fix of electrics for a Kombi to Camper conversion and thought I'd put the plans down here to see if I'm making any major mistakes and see if anyone can answer a few questions i have. Base Van: T6 T32 Kombi 4motion Factory Leisure Battery (think this is a 75Ah AGM) Factory...
  19. X

    Fire Extinguishers

    What type of extinguishers are you guys using in your campers? So much conflicting info online it's hard to know what's best. Some say powder is best others say you won't be able to see anything after a second with powder. Some say AFFF suitable for all types others say not suitable for...