1. DWS

    For Sale LED Side repeaters T6

    Brand new never used. Black/ smoked pair of side repeaters for T5/T6 bought from chill jam vans. I believe these to be sequential but can’t find any further detail. £55 posted.
  2. J19WMK

    Dynamic Indicators

    Quick, easy and cheap install. Guaranteed to give your van a more unique look.
  3. Jonnoa

    T6 Side Repeater wiring

    Can anyone advise me where the side repeater wiring goes through to the loom and how best to access it. It seem that an animal has chewed through the cable on both sides as when I remove the repeater the cable is no longer attached. Have been advised that the Front Wings may need to come off to...
  4. Adam H

    Fast blinkers Possible causes

    Not sure if this is totally random or related to the cold weather recently, but all of a sudden my indicators are blinking quick after about 2 seconds of the indicator being put on. It's both directions, but I go outside, both front, back and side repeaters are blinking at a normal rate...
  5. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 Fitting new wing badges

    Since getting my new van and having the @BognorMotors gloss front end i couldnt help but feel the wing badges looked a little out of place These were the only bit of matt plastic around the front of the van so thought they needed to get gone so got myself a set of gloss black/chrome bulli...
  6. A

    No near side front indicator light - T5.1 2010

    Hi, wondering if someone can help. I've no power coming in to the n/s front indicator. All the rest of the indicators are working fine. The external light warning light on the dash has also shown up. The van is a camper and I recently fitted T6.1 rear lights upgrade and included fitting reverse...
  7. Trouts

    Sold Genuine T6 OEM Side indicators.

    i've upgraded so these are no longer needed and 'i need to tidy up the garage' all clean and working OEM side indicators off of my 2016 Kombi. £10 plus postage. *I'm travelling south later this week though if anyone wants to meet up.
  8. B

    Hazard warning lights stuck on

    Hi Guys found this place by necessity ,but looking forward to many posts and having a good deep read through the content . anyways , I have converted a 2016 T6 . I noticed before I brought the van into the shed that the hazard warning lights were coming on by them self's but didn't pass any...
  9. Heath1984

    T6.1 Coloured Side Repeater Trims

    Really struggling to find anywhere that supplies these or even a tutorial on how to do it yourself?
  10. F

    For Sale Dodo Mat DEADN single roll - NEW

    Hi, having recently finished our van, I am listing a bunch of items that are surplus to our conversion now. Here is the list of items for sale and I can post them all (prices are without postage): - Dodo Mat DEADN single roll (brand new) - £60 (Only needed one roll from a twin pack)...
  11. B

    Nearside indicator signal not working

    Passenger side indicator not working all the others do just that one are the indicators on separate fuses each side ? . I've changed it to a new bulb but still no good any ideas thanks .
  12. T

    Indicator CAN emulator

    Hi, wondered if anyone can help... we are trying to use the indicator feeds as 'triggers', unfortunately the voltage is not stable (drops to as low as 4V). We can use a pulsed 12V, as a trigger, but not as low as 4V. We have utilised a CAN emulator for a radio upgrade (ignition etc), but this...
  13. K

    No hazard, indicator or brake lights

    Hi, my first post so be gentle haha. I have 2 lights on my dash a bulb and the abs symbol and now have ho hazards etc. I have checked all the bulbs and they are ok and all the fuses look ok. Any help would be appreciate
  14. T

    THQ V3 indicators are too dim!

    So, like many others I have a set of thq v3 headlamps. Brilliant lights, great improvement. But. I really dislike how dim the indicators are on bright days. I've been looking at solutions to this, but thought I would ask the collective on there thoughts.
  15. 22jeffers

    Random Dash Lights

    Hi all A couple of days ago I noticed my rear diff and seat belt warning light come on at the same time. I’m not quite sure about the rear diff light but the seat belt light was dim. I was wearing my seat belt and when I unplugged it the seat belt light illuminated double the brightness. But...
  16. S

    Indicator and hazard fault

    Hi guys, I had a blown fuse on rear lights found 2 fuses blown and sorted the fault, however I think when pulling all the fuses out to check them all I may have put one back wrong and now lost my indicators and hazards does anyone know where its location is on the fuse board so I can check...
  17. GARY Doe

    Indicator tick tock sound volume

    Hi All, Just read that the clicking sound for the indicators comes through the speakers so in which case can it be turned up as I have hi frequency hearing loss. Thanks in advance to the clever ones
  18. LT2019

    For Sale T6 Highline side repeaters With bulbs Matt Black OEM

    Matt black side repeaters taken from a 2018 T6 highline Fully working with bulbs £25 Collection Birmingham or postage £3
  19. LakesT6

    Sold T6 genuine VW chrome repeaters / indicators

    I have for sale a pair of genuine VW T6 chrome repeaters, they are used but in great condition. Removed due to a change of direction with the van :rofl: £25 posted.
  20. Andysmee

    Problem with aftermarket puddle lights connected to door lock on 2019 T6

    Could someone with puddle lights do a check for me....switch your engine on and open your door to trigger the door puddle light. Then use a screwdriver or long nose pliers to latch the door latch and trick the door into appearing closed, the puddle light should go off. First look at the light...