1. T

    THQ V3 indicators are too dim!

    So, like many others I have a set of thq v3 headlamps. Brilliant lights, great improvement. But. I really dislike how dim the indicators are on bright days. I've been looking at solutions to this, but thought I would ask the collective on there thoughts.
  2. 2

    Random Dash Lights

    Hi all A couple of days ago I noticed my rear diff and seat belt warning light come on at the same time. I’m not quite sure about the rear diff light but the seat belt light was dim. I was wearing my seat belt and when I unplugged it the seat belt light illuminated double the brightness. But...
  3. GARY Doe

    Indicator tick tock sound volume

    Hi All, Just read that the clicking sound for the indicators comes through the speakers so in which case can it be turned up as I have hi frequency hearing loss. Thanks in advance to the clever ones
  4. LT2019

    For Sale T6 Highline side repeaters With bulbs Matt Black OEM

    Matt black side repeaters taken from a 2018 T6 highline Fully working with bulbs £25 Collection Birmingham or postage £3
  5. LakesT6

    Sold T6 genuine VW chrome repeaters / indicators

    I have for sale a pair of genuine VW T6 chrome repeaters, they are used but in great condition. Removed due to a change of direction with the van :rofl: £25 posted.
  6. Andysmee

    Problem with aftermarket puddle lights connected to door lock on 2019 T6

    Could someone with puddle lights do a check for me....switch your engine on and open your door to trigger the door puddle light. Then use a screwdriver or long nose pliers to latch the door latch and trick the door into appearing closed, the puddle light should go off. First look at the light...
  7. Jordan250

    Travelinlite DRL Bulb Upgrade

    Has anyone fitted the H4 bulb upgrade from travelinlite? VW T6 Transporter Upgrade Headlight Bulb Kit & Led Fog Upgrade 15 Onwards | eBay Are they worth it over the standard bulbs? Or worth holding off until i can afford some aftermarket units. Many thanks Jordan
  8. J

    Indicator Connector Missing

    Hi Guys, I’m wondering if anyone can help here, I took delivery of my converted van on the 21st of March, it’s been sat on my drive way and hardly been used, it was only when my 6yr old son was in the van and I was out side that I noticed when he pressed the hazard warning button the side...
  9. Ads_Essex

    Sold Travelin-lite Gloss Black Cover For Side Indicator Repeater

    As per the title, I have two new and unused indicator covers that I no longer need. I think the RRP is £15. £5 posted? Also have side indicators, if anyone is interested..
  10. bullracing

    Sold Pair Of Genuine Chrome Indicators

    I have just ordered a set of dynamic travelin-lite indicators so I have a set of genuine chrome side indicators from my Shuttle. £27 posted for the pair, paypal fee extra. There will be a slight delay while I wait for the new indicators but getting a post up.
  11. bullracing

    Black Bulli And Side Indicator Trims

    Is there such a thing as black side indicators (genuine vw) and Bulli badges as those in the shop? If not has anyone with them able to confirm if the trims might be removable for painting? I wouldnt mind the sequential ones too but I cant have everything. The right colour over a flash suits me.
  12. C

    Indicator Problems

    Lost driver side inidcators, passenger side works fine. Tried the fuse layout diagram but no fuse seems to be blown. are the sides fused separately? do the hazards bypass indicator fuses?
  13. carlg

    For Sale T6 Indicators

    For sale is a pair of T6 side indicators As new no marks or scratches . £20
  14. St4n99

    Right Side Repeater Problem

    Hey everyone . Just noticed today my right side repeter was flashing fast on my dash so had a look outside and all repeaters are fine and working normal and aslo fine with brake lights applied . . No fault codes found ,I'm thinking hazard switch myself as AV had similar problem with my car but...
  15. In a state

    DRL off with Indicators

    I can't seem to find a how to on how to do this on VCDS...can anyone help? 2018 T6 Highline. Ta
  16. Craigo

    Led Sequential Side Indicators

    Yesterday I found some led sequential side repeater indicators for the T6 somewhere on the internet, but now can't find where I found them. There was video footage of them in action and they looked awesome. I'm pretty sure they were in the U.K. and about £49 a pair.. Anyone able to help my...
  17. A

    indicator bulb replacement

    I am in the process of upgrading bulbs on my 2016 t6 Any tips on the nsf indicator bulb Replacement Do I need to remove the headlamp and if so does the bumper have to come off
  18. Craigsom

    T6 Side Repeater removal

    Hi All, could anyone tell me how the side repeaters come out, I want to fit some chrome caravelle ones (as pictured) but want to be sure I know what I am doing first :-)