h&r coilover

  1. V

    Coilovers: SoLow or H&R

    Hi guys Mines a T30, on RR 19”, tyre setup is 245/45 front and 255/45 rear. I’m torn between two types of coilovers, HnR or SoLows. I don’t intend to do hub mod or top mount. I basically want to throw them on at the lowest level I can without causing issues. I have been bitten by cheap coilovers...
  2. DCC

    KW or H&R at 60-65mm ?

    I’ll keep this short and sweet, what would ride better kw variant 1 at their lowest or H&R set at the same height ?
  3. Bondyt6

    H&R coilovers knocking [Resolved]

    Hi All I have a 2016 t6 which I bought with h&r coilovers fitted, their is a knocking noise when driving at slow speed, especially when I reverse out of the drive. I have checked it and all looks good, has anybody had any experience with h&r coilovers and maybe had the same issue? I am...
  4. C

    How high is too high (when you're low)?

    My van came with a set of H&R coilovers installed. I'm 99% sure they are the standard drop ones: https://still-static.com/product/hr-normal-coilover-kit-for-vw-transporter-t5-6-t32-f-50-80mm-r-40-70mm-bilstein-front-bilstein-fixed-rear-clamp-hub-brackett/ I'm not a fan of having a huge drop on...
  5. Jay

    Squeeky bum

    My bus seams to have developed a squeaky bum. Mainly when going over small bumps at slow speed. I had h&r coilovers fitted last October by @CRS Performance. I know its had to diagnose with limited info, but would this be more likely to be the suspension bushes squeeking. I haven't had a chance...
  6. Stevio

    For Sale 2017 H&R Coilovers

    Hi Guys, These have come off my fathers 2017 caddy when he first purchased it. Only done a few thousand miles. He put back on the original springs and shocks when he aquired the van as he found it a bit low for towing etc. Anyone interested let me know please. Offers welcomed. :) More...
  7. Stu1974

    Review: H&R Coilovers + ARB

    I just want to thank Steve Hurley and his guys of CRS Performance. What a nice and friendly guy. Had my T32 4 motion DSG, B14’s removed today ( they are horrid) and replaced with quality H&R adjustable coil overs, along with front and rear H&R Anti roll bars and bushes. WOW. The van drives like...
  8. catfood12

    New H&R/Koni adjustables from CRS

    I bought my 2018 PV used at a year old privately. The first owner put a Maxx adjustable suspension kit on. Looking at their website, it's a cheap kit, but adjustable front and rear. It was OK, but I felt the front springs were too soft. The rears were great though. I had to adjust the front...
  9. D

    Anyone rate H&R Coilovers?

    Looking to buy a set of coilovers . Had b14s in the past but looking at the h&r monotube coilover kit . Can anyone tell me how they are please.
  10. S

    What first, wheels and tyres or lowering and where to divide the budget

    So I just sold my old camper van and after deductions from the accountant I've been left a not unhealthy £2800 to spend on the T6 What I want to achieve is lowered significantly, decent wheels, rear spoiler and hopefully something for the front spoiler. So do I drop £1350 on Solows a grand on...
  11. Skip

    Lowering T32 Suspension with CRS Performance

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, sorry for one of my first posts being so long but I wanted to give a full review of @CRS Performance I collected my Silver T6 Kombi a month ago. The first thing we wanted to do was get it lowered. We were happy enough with how the standard suspension felt but wanted...
  12. VanDamMan

    CRS Performance UK

    Very pleased today ...had fitted Koni dampers fitted with EBC yellow stuff pads ......Quick..Friendly..and listen’d to my needs......my T32 204 auto had a habit that it wanted to lift the front end and spin the wheels when pulling away (Steve. Recommended adjusting the lift on the dampers...
  13. Leigh

    Sold H&r Coilover Kit For T32 (including 4motion)

    Removed form a T32 having covered only 5k miles. Kit is complete front & rear with all the bits ** THIS KIT WILL FIT T32 ONLY - Including 4Motion ** £695 ovno (Picture is of actual kit)
  14. CRS Performance

    Latest development from CRS Performance

    After many months of debate on the best low suspension for the Transporter buses, we have eventually taken our development to another level. Over the last 6 months we have shown that probably the best all round kit with sensible drops is the KONI shocks and H&R spring kits (correctly spec'd)...
  15. .50

    Koni Active Dampers and H&R -40mm Springs

    Ever since I have had my 2017 T30 Kombi I have found the ride to be quite harsh. I fitted -40 Cobra springs to the standard dampers more to just reduce the arch gap above the wheels than for comfort. Like me, many people over the years have asked, "how do I make my Transporters suspension...
  16. M

    SoLow, B14 or H&R coilovers?

    Hi , i am looking to lower my t6 t32 combi and possibly fit some spacers. I have 20 inch alloys fitted and not sure how far to lower it by and how thick the spacers need to be . Any advice would be welcome !
  17. P

    H & R Ultra Deep

    So thought I would share my experience to date 500 miles on the H & R deep coilovers. My previous transporters a T5 & T5.1 have both been run using coilovers, both a variation on V max and while I had no issues with these the front was never as low as the back, ride quality was ok over 50K...
  18. andythom188

    H&r Deep Coilover Kit Anyone Got Them On Their T6

    just been looking at the H&R deep coilover kit 100mm-130mm drop has anyone got them on there t6 bit pricey at just over £1600 but nearly double the drop of b14