heated seats

  1. M

    For Sale Swap my heated 2+1 captains seats (semora fabric) for your non heated 2+1 captains seats.

    Hi, I’ve decided to sell the van and purchase a new one. As a result I’ve got a set of semora 2+1 with captains seat that’s heated for swaps. Must be semora fabric. As wish you sell the van on standard. These are from a t6 although in my 5.1 currently. £200 plus your seats ONO I’m in the West...
  2. F

    Heated-seat retrofit with illuminated buttons

    I have a T6.1 Van and fitting heated seats and to light up the switch when the lights are on I need to find a dash light wire. Can anyone tell me an easy dash light wire I can tap into? Also looking for a Ignition on Accessory wire to tap into.
  3. D

    For Sale T6 Simora double bench Folding seat Heated for sale £400ono

    Hi all, Have a heated folding double bench for sale. It has the bracket with more recline for comfort and it’s heated. Anyone interested? Thanks
  4. R

    Heated seats thermistor

    Hi, will OEM heated seats from a T6 caravelle still work if you don't connect the temperature sensor (thermistor)? Thanks in anticipation Rich
  5. p6raf

    Swapping Single heated seat for Double without heat

    My T6 has 2 single front heated seats. I'm swapping the passenger side with a double bench but the seat i have sourced is not heated. Does anyone know the part number for the bench seat element?
  6. M

    Failed seat heater elements

    Hello all, I have a 2016 Caravelle and the front seats are the leather/suede type. The seat heaters have failed on both seats. I tried to claim them against the 3rd party warranty provider but they have declined saying as both seats have failed it shows they have worn out. The seats are...
  7. W

    T6 Heated seats retrofit to T5 Caravelle.

    Hi, new forum user. Just fitting t6 seats, with heating to t5 facelift model without heated seats. Read quite a bit from previous posts but all seems a bit daunting. What is the simplest way to get these working.
  8. Y

    Heated Seats and Blower not working

    Hi All, I'm a new member on here so bear with me. I have been trying to install front parking sensors and was picking up my live supply from the heated seat circuit. I have managed to blow the circuit somehow but having searched all the fuses down, cannot find the right one (I have looked in...
  9. Lmuk17

    Sold 2017 Simora rear bench. Front seat SOLD!

    Hello! Looking to sell seats from my 2017 Kombi. Hardly sat in as the previous owner had it from new and used it for commuting. Not really sure what they’re worth so I’ll say £400 each and go from there.. Collection Swindon. Front double seat. Folding & heated. Good condition but the base has...
  10. Texxaco

    Heated seat not working.

    Afternoon All, My passenger captains’ heated seat is non functioning. Would anyone be able to shed any knowledge on where I should start with this issue? Do the heated front seats work on separate fuses? Thanks Tex
  11. M

    Caravelle - heated seat module location

    Hi good people anyone of you knows where is heated seats module ?
  12. AndyP68

    Sold Front Passenger Bench Seat, Heated, Simora Pattern.

    As per tittle, in good condition, located in Gloucester. £170, I know £170 is maybe optimistic so obviously open to offers.
  13. S

    problem with seatbelt alarm

    Hi anyone can help answer this I would be grateful I have just bought and installed 2 new captains seats for my Kombi t6 they came from egoist van off Ebay and appear to be in perfect condition (hence my advert selling my 2 seats). The new ones are on factory swivels and are heated which my...
  14. D

    Found Heatpads for double passenger seat

    Longshot, but does anyone have working heated seat pads for a double seat please? Need to book in for service so will order a genuine set if nobody has them. Dan
  15. B

    Caravelle Heated Seats Problem - High setting

    Hi All, Just bought my first VW T6, a Caravelle 67 plate. I seem to have a problem where the passenger heated seat seems to be on HIGH regardless of setting. So setting 1, 2 and 3 seems to switch on full heat. I would say that it is almost hotter that the driver seat on full power...
  16. Andyr12

    Aftermarket heated seat-pads under seat skin?

    I would like to have heated seats in the van especially the bench for my wife however I realise the expense is out of my reach at the moment. I have seen the cheap pads that sit on top of the existing seats but look so bad. My question is could I put the pads on the existing seat then fit a...
  17. G

    Fitting heated elements in non heated seat

    Hi, my van has oem heated seats. Currently has a double passenger bench. If I switch to a single passenger seat, is it possible to source/fit the genuine elements and plug etc to make the heated seat work if I locate a single that's not currently heated ? Any help and advice appreciated and...
  18. andythom188

    Sold T6 heated Simora captain seats with armrests

    Driver & passenger heated front captain seats with armrest always had vw seat covers on so very good condition got taken out of my van at 23000 miles will throw the vw seat covers in aswel as no use to me as wont fit new seats £1500
  19. monkey66

    connecting up heated seats from a T6.1 to a T6 Highline

    I just fitted some heated captain seats from a t6.1 panel van into our 2019 t6 highline. The seats I've removed were not heated. I attached up the seat-belt sensor connector fine, and left the heating loom dangling. I read on this thread...
  20. T

    Various questions

    Just in the process of sorting a van out and was looking at going down the factory order route but thats going to take quite a while by the look of things so contemplating a cancelled order or pre reg etc. I've seen a couple that aren't a million miles away, one item I want is heated seats so...