heated seats

  1. StudleyGlass

    For Sale Vw Captains Seats With Recaro Backs Leather/Alcantara/Red Stitch. OEM. Heated

    I have my original factory heated seats which i had re trimmed by vision upholstery complete with Recaro Back foams. They have been trimmed in Black Nappa leather with Alcantara backs and base seat. stitching and logo in red. The passenger seat has not been used really, its brand new. drivers...
  2. R

    Heated seat pad install??

    Hi all first post on here so take it easy I have a kombi high line 69 reg had a quick look under drivers seat and there are some wires are they used for heated seats and if so what’s the process for installing the heat pads as in would they plug into these wires then a switch on dash or is it...
  3. N

    VW T6 OEM heated seat wiring diagram (wanted)

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the factory heated seats on a t6? Looking to get some factory seats wired in but need to establish the wiring on the factory seats. It doesn't have to be to the oem spec with the dash control panel, it could be via a aftermarket kit with switches. Just...
  4. rtg1200

    Golf Heated Seats w/ OEM Panel

    Morning, I've fitted some Golf R heated seats in my T6 , but for a complete job would really like the heated elements to work, even better if it could look oem. This is the type of heater panel i have now, but without the rear window button as its a panel van. This is the type of panel i would...
  5. LakesT6

    Heated seats and warranty

    I’ve had a search but couldn’t find anything definitive, has anyone had a faulty heated seat and had it sorted by a dealership under warranty? My drivers seat has stopped heating up, passenger side it still good. Van has done 30k and is just over two years old, driver on the heavier side :rofl...
  6. Lowlec

    New mods.....heated seats

    after purchasing my t6, top of the bucket list was a pair of comfy heated captains seats ready for conversion to a camper.my mate put me on to a guy who imports caravelle seats from Germany,so once installed the drivers seat was formally a passengers seat.so these are seats that I purchased.....
  7. 911dude

    Heated Seat retrofit - cheap?

    Hi, looking at a 2nd hand T6, wanted heated seats but doesn't have them. Does anyone know if the wiring loom is a standard item with the facility for heated seats so they can be added if needs be at a later date or if different looms are fitted depending on spec ? Thanks
  8. Robert

    Heating Seat Failure And Repair

    My drivers seat heating has stopped working. After quick check with resistance meter I have discovered very high resistance (few kΩ) in the drivers cushion element, backrest element was still okay (few Ω) Next thing was to carry out some research and establish faulty component part number. It...
  9. D

    Heated Front Seats defective

    Hi everyone Both front heated seats are not working I’ve accessed the fuse maps on this site (thank you) and I think I’ve found the fuse which appears sound. Is there an updated fuse map I need to find? Or any other ideas before I have to take it back to vw? Thanks in advance
  10. F

    Heated Seats defective

    Both my heated seats stopped working a few weeks ago. The dash switches still light up and all the fuses are working. I suspect there's a master relay for both but I could do with some help if anyone can???
  11. OllieGBR

    Heated Seat Upgrade Options

    Morning all Heated seats are next on the agenda, I’ve looked at a few but wondered what experiences you’ve had. I’m keeping the double passenger chair, is there a specific kit that heats and fits both of these narrow seats for example? A member on this forum used these, any other options or...
  12. Dellmassive

    T6 T6 Heated Seats circuit diagrams 2019-12-02

    T6 Heated Seats Circuit
  13. 1275MIN

    Heated Double Seat not working after being swapped

    Hi chaps, I’m new to the VW scene. This year I purchased a 2016 Kombi 150ps. The van has factory fitted heating seats however the passenger chair has been changed to the bench style seat. The dashboard switch for the passenger seat now does not work as they have put in a switch on the side of...
  14. K

    Non-OEM Heated Seat power supply..

    Afternoon All, As it gets colder I was thinking about getting this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01LEPPUMM/ref=cm_cr_othr_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8#cm_cr_carousel_images_section for a toasty bum. I was wondering if I chopped the end off and wired it to a piggy back in SC49 for the 12v socket...
  15. Kev23

    Heated Seats Stopped Working

    For some reason my heated seats have stopped working, i know the passenger one was working the other night as the girlfriend had it on. Any ideas where the fuse could be or if it's connected to something else? Or any ideas of the issue? Thanks
  16. T

    Trying To Retrofit Heated Seats To T5.1- Need Pinouts For Switches

    Hi, I’m trying to retrofit genuine heated seats to my 2015 T5.1 high line. I’m using the kufatec loom 41613 but the wires to fit into the seat switch Ac panel are already filled 12& 13. Does anyone have access to a wiring diagram so I can check. It’s standard ac with the 3dials and the heated...
  17. Lmuk17

    Golf Heated Seat into a T6?

    Hello! I’m new here! Sorry if this has been covered, I did have a search but no joy. Recently bought a T6 and I’m wanting to do the bench to single passenger conversion. The prices I’ve seen are ridiculous so looking down the route of retro fitting Golf seats Does anyone know if it’s possible...
  18. SteveCole

    Heated Seat Help! Kufatec Loom

    Hi all, This is my 1st post to the forum, and I was hoping this would be a handy how to but instead I am after a helping hand. I have had my T6 Kombi for a few months now and I have decided to retro fit the genuine heated seats, in the summer :whistle: Not seen a full how to so I thought I...
  19. P

    Swivel AND Heated seat?

    Evening all A little help/advice needed. My van is fitted with a double passenger and the usual drivers seat. Both are heated. Is it possible to fit a swivel to just the drivers seat? Can’t seem to find anything that suggests either way. As I don’t think I can fit a swivel to the passenger...
  20. D

    Plugs Under Front Seats?

    Hello guys, just upgraded the seats and was wondering what these plugs are for on the new ones. I'm guessing airbags, but hoping heated seats.