heated seats

  1. W

    Sold Front passenger seat ( heated ) with seat base. £800

    I have a front passenger seat and base for sale. The seat is heated, no armrests, but all the usual adjustments. From a ‘69 reg Kombi T6
  2. J19WMK

    Audi A6 Seat upgrade

    A really fun job. Swapped the standard 2+1 set up for some A6 Audi S-Line seats. Total cost was about £400, and considering the VW drivers seat will probably sell for £600+ it’s a great modification to make! The THQ seat adapters made it a really simple job.
  3. S

    Heated Seats T6.1 - Only just detectable.

    Hi Guys I have a T6.1 Camper with leather covered captains seats. The seat heating even when full on is only just detectable. On other cars I’ve owned in the past the seat heating is quite toasty on full and you are in no doubt that they are working. Do I have a problem, or are yours the...
  4. Albel

    Double seat - swivel + heated

    Hi all firstly never had chance to say thank you for letting me join the Forum. I am now a proud owner of a t6.1 in pure grey and have spent the last few night looking at the pages to answer most of my questions So now for the dilemma I really want to put a swivel base on both my drivers seat...
  5. Dave F

    Heated seat install help (aftermarket)

    Can anyone tell me where the yellow and red wire goes Also as the red wire has an inline fuse do I have to connect it to a fuse in the fuse box or just direct to a live . Cheers
  6. nomislotsirb

    Will heated seats flatten battery?

    We have heated captains seats. Amongst the wife and I, I am the nominated driver to do the early morning and late evening runs to take our daughter to swim training. I fear my attempts to push for a diesel heater will fall on deaf ears whilst she's uses the argument that the heated seats are...
  7. K

    T6.1 OEM Heated Seats retrofit

    Anybody retro fitted OEM heated seats? If so what parts are required other than the AC/switch unit, heated seat module, loom and heat pads. Anyone got any part numbers?? Thanks
  8. carlg

    Sold 2016 T32 204PS DSG Kombi Highline Twin-door. £25495 +VAT

    My van will be coming up for sale in the next few weeks. One owner from New T6 Highline kombi T32 204 Dsg 55250 miles 66 plate late October 2016 Just been motd no advisories Full vw service history (going in next week for major service), usual highline features. 19" TSW chicane wheels all good...
  9. J

    Swivel seat base and heated passenger seat

    Got a heated passenger seat recently, also have a swivel base just trying to work out how to run the cable to stop it twisting up etc. Anyone done it before ??
  10. R

    Sold T6 Double seat heated & folding simora

    Used for a project now no longer needed , vgc as only used as a occasional mobil office . Base has been drilled but can be plugged iv included all photos. Would like this gone ASAP so priced to sale at a firm but fair £220. Bristol Area
  11. Crazymind

    Cooled seats

    Anybody attempted to install/upgrade to cooled seats? Driving in hot weather is something I really miss from my old car…
  12. Donk

    Heated Seat?

    I have this front passenger captain seat with 3 connectors underneath. Does this have the heaters in - one of the connectors? Selling it so want to advertise it correctly.
  13. p6raf

    Heated seat wiring

    My van had heated seats but having had to change them, long story, the replacements are not. I've bought heating elements which are now fitted. All that's left to do is wire them in. Attached is the original plug. Can someone tell me which is the live? Also the generic elements do not have an...
  14. M

    For Sale Swap my heated 2+1 captains seats (semora fabric) for your non heated 2+1 captains seats.

    Hi, I’ve decided to sell the van and purchase a new one. As a result I’ve got a set of semora 2+1 with captains seat that’s heated for swaps. Must be semora fabric. As wish you sell the van on standard. These are from a t6 although in my 5.1 currently. £200 plus your seats ONO I’m in the West...
  15. F

    Heated-seat retrofit with illuminated buttons

    I have a T6.1 Van and fitting heated seats and to light up the switch when the lights are on I need to find a dash light wire. Can anyone tell me an easy dash light wire I can tap into? Also looking for a Ignition on Accessory wire to tap into.
  16. BikerPa

    T6.1-Double passenger seat OE heating reinstatement (removed KV swivel) wiring connectors AWOL [RESOLVED]

    As per title 20' T6.1 with Kiravans double swivel fitted by converter (who are being less than helpful as I bought S/H & don't want to know) I've removed the swivel base to reinstate the factory seat heating (as prefer that to the swivel) but can't find the incoming wiring connectors for the...
  17. D

    Sold T6 Simora double bench Folding seat Heated for sale £400ono

    Hi all, Have a heated folding double bench for sale. It has the bracket with more recline for comfort and it’s heated. Anyone interested? Thanks
  18. R

    Heated seats thermistor

    Hi, will OEM heated seats from a T6 caravelle still work if you don't connect the temperature sensor (thermistor)? Thanks in anticipation Rich
  19. p6raf

    Swapping Single heated seat for Double without heat

    My T6 has 2 single front heated seats. I'm swapping the passenger side with a double bench but the seat i have sourced is not heated. Does anyone know the part number for the bench seat element?
  20. M

    Failed seat heater elements

    Hello all, I have a 2016 Caravelle and the front seats are the leather/suede type. The seat heaters have failed on both seats. I tried to claim them against the 3rd party warranty provider but they have declined saying as both seats have failed it shows they have worn out. The seats are...