1. LeeroyRoberts

    4motion Haldex Service

    Hi, Are all 4Motion’s on the Haldex system? just been reading about the HALDEX Service?? Which I knew nothing about, so now a bit worried as I’m not sure when/if mine has been done. Would this be picked up on The All In Service Plan as it’s not long been in for a service. Thanks
  2. L

    Education on haldex required please!

    Hello Gents, I am preparing for a project and at the moment wether buying an all wheel drive T5 or try fitting the whole all wheel system from the donor car is the question. What are the capabilities of the older I guess it is the first generation Haldex system fitted on the early t5's? What...
  3. D

    Independent dealer warranty issue

    So, I recently bought a 2019 Caravelle 4motion from an independent van dealer based about 200 miles from where I live. This was sold to me with a 3 month warranty as stated on their website and when I questioned how the warranty worked, the salesman explained that it was through a warranty...
  4. VesselPal

    Haldex oil missing

    Just did the first haldex service on my T6. After comparing the volumes of the new and old fluid I noticed that 1dl was missing. Did that in anyway damage the clutch / pump? Its done about 60.000km.
  5. mmi

    [T6_measured] A Comparison of 4Motion traction modes

    4Motion Adaptation channel - MAS06098-Acoustic measure wiring logic STANDARD / INCREASED TRACTION / REDUCED NOISES T6/T6.1 Haldex clutch has an adaptation channel which presumably changes clutch clamping behaviour. The channel can be tweaked with various tools. Conditions for the measurements...
  6. D

    T5.1 4motion haldex pump replacement

    I've got errors from my haldex pump so I've bought an oil, filter and pump kit to swap all of this for new. Just had a look under the van and was wondering if anyone has any tips to disconnect the plug for the existing pump? The wiring goes up over the haldex unit so getting to the plug seems...
  7. M

    Has the dealer changed the Haldex oil?

    Hi All, T6 4motion has just been in for service, just over 3 years old and on a service plan. In addition to this they said the Haldex oil was due changing and the brake fluid too, at a cost as not included within service plan. On getting this back I can see no sign of the drain/fill plugs on...
  8. B

    T6 4motion haldex wiring loom

    Hi all, looking for details about the wiring loom or a flow diagram of the haldex. I'd like to connect a controller box to be able to manually switch the haldex on/off etc. The T5 had a connector in the left D-column. Is that still the case with the T6? Thanks in advance! Ben
  9. G

    T5 transfer box issue (4motion)

    Hi, I had a look under my T5 this evening (2007 2.5 4motion) to find a nasty surprise; the transfer box is pretty much hanging off. It’s clear that the bracket has snapped and shaft joint needs replacing but I’m assuming the TB should be bolted on solid as that bracket looks too flimsy to be...
  10. Unimog

    Haldex drain plug

    Guys, I set out to change the Haldex oil in my rear diff and clean the gauze filter. But I am confused as to which is the drain plug. From pictures on the web of Gen 5 units the drain plug is below the control unit. But I can’t see a drain plug on my unit, but there appears to be one further...
  11. D

    2016 T6 Bevel Box And Final Drive

    Hi All, I have a 2016 T6 Transporter with 4motion, just serviced the engine and transmission and was going to service the haldex, final drive and bevel box. to my surprise I could not find drain bungs for the diff or bevel box just ports to check levels. been told that these are fill for life...
  12. D

    Haldex pump fault

    Just had a full service and have been told that there are 26 haldex faults on the system . Been told its wiring or the pump so got it booked in for investigation next week. Is this s common issue ? 180 t32 4motion 2016
  13. F

    [Guide] 4M Haldex Pump Screen Cleaning

    Anyone here cleaned the pump screen on the haldex unit or is there a how to somewhere? Is there really no filter or just vw considering it a fit for life unit? I ask as I can find many site selling a gen 5 haldex filter unit.
  14. Glenn Board

    Change The All-wheel Drive Coupling (haldex) Oil 4 Motion

    Hi, the dealership is trying to get me to change the all-wheel drive coupling (Haldex) oil at 80,000 miles, is this really necessary, can you advise please?
  15. LambethBoy

    Carista Haldex Settings

    Anyone had a play with these yet?
  16. LambethBoy

    Has Anyone Changed Their Haldex Settings?

    Not Used Carista for awhile and saw these new settings. See pic. Not sure if I Should be messing around with it?
  17. D

    Euro5 180 And Haldex Service Intervals

    Hi newbie just about to purchase a Kombi Euro5 180 4motion. What are the service intervals for the timing belt and Haldex fluid change please?
  18. B

    Service Schedule, Not The When - The What?

    Looking for service information on what gets serviced and when... Have seen the post that explains when you should get it serviced (mine is on the flexible system but will be doing it annually) When I was looking into these vans the internet seemed to think the 4motion haldex should be done at...
  19. Crowajingalong

    4motion - Which Variant

    Hi all I am new to the forum and about to purchase a 4Motion T6 with rear mechanical diff lock for a bit of outback travel. Can anyone please advise which 4Motion variant the T6 has - Haldex clutch, Torsen diff or lockable centre diff. I can’t find any info on it? Much appreciate.
  20. A

    Haldex Or Torsen?

    Hi all, Which one uses Transporter T6 150bhp 6 speed manual 4 motion? Thanks.